Friday, April 19, 2019

Don't be a three card trick


For the sake of since decency, today's title has a bit of rhyming slang in it (hint: the last word). There's a risk of going down the rabbit hole about my love of wordplay, but let's skip that and stay on target, red leader ;-)

Not so long ago ShyBiker made a comment about good service and it made me wonder what it might be like on the other side of the counter. I've never worked in retail, well, unless you count operating the village tombola a few summer's ago, but I'm not sure that really counts ;-)

So, if I'm shopping - be that in Lynn or Richard guise - I guess I have pretty much the same MO. Be nice, treat the seller as a person, and see where the conversation goes. If they want a chat, that's cool, and if not, that's okay too. We're all different, right?

On that note, I was buying some clothes and a young lady was talking to her mum about a guy who'd walked up to her makeup counter. Said bloke had asked - in a not so pleasant tone - if they had a product in with "colour 32N" and, quite understandably, that wasn't much to go on. Umm, brand? A photo of the goods if you're not sure, or - shock news! - asking *nicely*.

For a mo, I wondered if this was one of our number, so I slowed as I perused the rail to hear the rest of the story. The bloke then gave the assistant a load of lip on how she didn't know her stuff. But said assistant kept her cool and did her best to calm him down.

I remember going to buy some more Clinique foundation a few years ago and it turned out they'd stopped doing that product. So, I knew what I wanted, only that they didn't sell it anymore. Oh. :-\ So, no photo or the very bottle itself is going to cut this mustard.

Okay, deep breath: "Righto. Given this colour and cover - is that the right term? - is there anything you'd recommend?" That seemed to do the trick and when I was asked if it was for me, I said yes - while inside my heart was thumping - and the assistant just nodded and carried on explaining the choices without issue.

So, how did Mr 32N do? He wasn't very pleasant, didn't prepare, and it took a few tries for the assistant to get him to listen about getting a photo of the old product. I guess, some folk just want the impossible, but, don't be that cretin eh? ;-)

How did Yours Truly manage? Well, I might not have got the exact same product, but I did get what I needed - new slap - and I learned a few things on the way.

Maybe that's the thing: be kind, listen, and be prepared to do your homework. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Take care,

Friday, April 12, 2019

Background checks


Occasionally I find myself looking through the T community's photos. Part of it is a level of curiosity to see how others do it. Plus, perhaps vague elements of feeling included by passing through and not feeling out on a limb, as it where.

Those who post, well, their ages seem to vary by the platform. So blogs, Reddit, Flickr, Tumblr, etc; they seem to attract certain folk. No judgement, just observation. Likewise, there's the variety of peoples' journies: some are starting out and are often shy about their new looks, others are more confident and are seemingly happy with the route they're taking. Personally, I think it's great to see people's progress as they learn to accept who they are and feel they are making the best of themselves. That's awesome in my book.

I will confess to a slight quirk...and no, it's not a pervy thing. YATGB is way more M&S than S&M. ;-) When people post a photo, some of the image's background of where they live is in shot. Being a nosey mare, I do look into what's been caught by the camera: furniture, pictures, ornaments, etc. Even the tell-tale electric plug sockets: UK, American, or mainland Europe? Then, if the person is outside, what about buildings, vehicles, or shops?

I wonder, what is the person's life like? Is it just them? Are they living at home or living with someone? Are they snatching time to be all of them, or is this more typical than not? Do their friends know? How many snaps did they delete to get the ones that they are happy with? Did someone help or was it all solo work? I suppose it's about either humanising them or exercising an overactive imagination.

Oddly, the majority of my shots are on the stairs at Chameleons HQ, so there's not much in the way of background to zoom in on. There are a few outside shots but not many, and of those that are, I think it's a case of finding a spot that works and not really prepping the area because time seems to be against me. Could it be that picking a location to not show things almost says as much?

Ah, a thought for another day, perhaps.

Take care,