Friday, June 23, 2017

Tea power


Do you find that you talk yourself out of doing something? Okay, sometimes this is a good thing (do I really want that second pint at lunch?), but if you're anything like me - and you have my sympathy if you are! :-) - there are times when fortune favours the brave.

So it was yesterday. I had the good fortune to be working at home (Yay! No meetings!) and as I worked through my Do List, I wondered about Thursday night out. The weather was a lot cooler and yet, I wasn't quite in the right mood for it. Indeed, in many ways, I was revving myself up for just going along in Bob Mode. Summer can be - shall we said - a challenge to your average bloke in a dress, as shapewear, slap and a wig do not make the best for cooling down. :-)

Hence, this:

If you're British and faced with a shall I / shan't I dilemma, it's best to make a cup of tea and think it through.

The above was then followed by:

A cup of tea later, and I was painting my toes. I thought that even if I do go in Richard mode, at least I can enjoy having a pretty colour applied. It's not for display, it's for me. I've mentioned this before and as the varnish dried, I finished my tea and moved on to pack a bag.

I think tea is the reason the Brits had an empire. It's only when we switched to coffee and soft drinks that it all went squiffy. ;-) On the plus side, at least we're not invading places anymore. When the ice caps start to go, the tides rise and the planet is less than welcoming; make sure the Brits get extra tea. :-D

So, suitably energised I finished off my report, and before long, Little Miss and the Ever Lovely Mrs J returned home. Skip on a few hours and I was off early to Chameleons.

It was a quite evening, although enjoyable. We had some returning new folk - always good to see - and someone (Dani) visiting for the first time. Sometimes Chams can be quite a hubbub of conversation, so pretty much having a singular group chat (if that makes sense) is a change.

After much laughter, silly stories and occasional forays into more serious topics, it was time to tot up the books, pack up the tables & chairs, before the obligatory photo shoot. This time, Val and I were joined by Diane, Dani and Nicole.

The quieter nights mean there's fewer takings, but Summer is always a lean time for us, but Autumn won't be far away, and the fabulous and faithful will return.

Happy days!



  1. Fab top Mrs, I bailed out of a Rhiannon night this week due to the heat - just too much for my make up! Must get to a Chams night soon... x

    1. Thanks, Rhi. I don't blame you for cutting back, it's been far too warm for that kind of malarkey! :-)

      Be good to see you, although I think waiting for cooler weather may be wise. :-D

  2. I drink tea all the time, but it has yet to give me the urge to paint my toes. What am I doing wrong?

  3. I never talk myself out of anything, [Ed:] does that for me!
    [Ed: No I don't!]
    Yes you do!!
    [Ed: No - I - do - not!!]
    Oh yes you do! You end up turning the blarney full on so I forget what you talked me out off!
    [Ed: That be a lie that be! .. You'll have a cup in your hand?]
    Tea? I thought you'll never ask..
    [Ed: And what colour will madam be applying on her toes tonight?]
    The same colour as the lippy MrsA bought me last week..
    [Ed: Ok. If that wasn't a cliffhanger I don't know what is..]

  4. Hasn't moved to painting my nails (yet) either, but certainly is the take stock / make a decision drink of choice.

    1. Need a decision? Put the kettle on :-)

      I wonder if nail varnish prices will drop, as the season turns? Fingers crossed.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Only when the varnish has dried, otherwise things get messy..