Friday, March 28, 2014


Hi folks,

I'm sat here nursing a very large mug of tea, wondering how I should start this post off. Silly really. I've been here a few minutes, mulling over how to get going, when really, it's probably just best to get stuck in. Stream of consciousness, seat of the pants, hang the editor, etc (Ed: Oi!)

Today, was one of those proverbial rays of sunshine when everything just seemed to click into place and all is good with the world. I had the good fortune to have the morning off and lunch with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones, as we had an appointment in town with the bank. Nothing serious, just checking on the family piggy bank and the good news is that, if all goes to plan, we'll be shot of the mortgage in six years or so. Strange, at one time, six years seemed such a looong time. But, now, time seems to go quickly. Maybe it's an age thing?

Talking of aging, Sophie, Rebecca and I were chatting at Chameleons the other night about trans activities and how how long you've been 'on the scene', seems to change things. You know: the going out, the travel, wanderlust even, etc, After that sudden burst and want to do everything, you sort of.... well, settle back down. We're all different ages and on different journeys - Rebecca and I are very much occasional birds (so to speak), whereas Sophie is full time. Yet, that aside, we all seem to have done the coming out, going out, going out as much as possible and then the calming down bit too. In previous years, I would have been sat here, wondering about Invasion and thinking if I was missing out. Now, not so much. Sure, it looks like the girls are out having fun, but I don't feel like I'm missing out. I think I've found my place in socialising with friends at the group and the rare trip out here and there. Perhaps it is best to enjoy the life you have, rather than yearn for the things you don't.

My ear is healing fairly well, so it's a slow countdown to the remaining weeks, until I have the other ear done. Then again, that'll be another six weeks or so, before I can think about changing them to something a bit more fabulous! It did feel a little odd, not put on my clip earrings this time around. It's been a little odd having it in all the time, but in a nice way. It feels... as I posted earlier... a bit like when you paint your toenails. It's just something for me - like having a tattoo? - in that it might be publicly visible, but I wanted my ears pierced because it gives me the choice over my looks.

I did get a little bit of ribbing at work, but it was all good natured and well, I guess my co-workers remember the beatings from last time and they were suitably muted about the whole thing ;-)

BTW, I feel I should add an explanation to the photo on the right. Alexis - a fellow blogger over at Crossacting - politely challenged me to do a photo in a different style to what I'd do normally. It was fun, although I did feel a little silly while doing it. Mind you, I'm used to acting the fool, so it's no great shakes. I guess my main concern isn't looking daft, but looking.... cheap.... or worse, one of those 'so schexy' photos that aren't. Well, I hope the tongue-in-cheek snap to the right goes some way to achieving a comedy stance.... even if my backside looks hoooge.

"Caution: this transvestite is reversing... beep... Caution..." :-)

Right. I'm off to distort another gravity field and I'll catch you all later on.

Take care,

Friday, March 21, 2014

Six to eight weeks


All is quiet in the Jones Towers.... Little Miss has gone to spend the evening at Granny's, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is playing a treasure game on her laptop and - oh, there goes the peace - Wee Man is playing some type of Zombie apocalypse team shooter. :-) Me? Oh, I've sneaked upstairs to (p)rattle off another weekly post.

Some of you may have read about or maybe tagged in the No Make-Up Selfie meme that's going around Facebook. It's all in a good cause - well, two in my mind. Helping to raise much needed funds to fight cancer and, also, showing people what others look like sans make-up. There have been a few discontents muttering, but in the main, I think it's gone well. I noticed with some wry amusement that some men have taken it upon themselves to post an in-make-up selfie (see what they did there? :-) ). I've thought about it, but I think donating might be a safer bet. Mind you, I do have a snap Alison took of me in a lumberjack shirt, no wig and full make-up. Perhaps a tad too much? I think the idea is to raise funds, not scare the crap out of people. ;-)

Regular readers will know that the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I had a chat about earrings t'other week.... Today I managed to make it into town and achieve part one. I'm very happy. Part two will (hopefully) happen in six to eight weeks, depending on how the healing process goes.

It's funny, and this may seem like a little bit of an oversell.... but it's something I've dreamed of. Yes, I know that's a bit nuts, but there are times when I've made myself up and then reached for my trusty clip-on earrings. Much as I think there are some good clip ons (see Claire's Accessories), there have been times when I've looked at other designs, then realised they were beyond my reach and pushed such thoughts aside. After all, dwelling on what you don't have? That can take the shine off your day. Better to enjoy what you do.

The actual process was, surprisingly fairly painless. I'd have the top of my ear done with a piercing needle some twenty years back - somewhat painful, even after a numbing spray - and I was expecting the lobe piercing to feel the same. Perhaps naively, I expected a piercing studio to use a needle again, but this time around, it was a gun. Maybe that was due to the style of earring, or fleshy parts don't hurt as much as cartilage - I don't know. I'm far from an expert! A quick clunk and it was all over.

Looking back, just before I hit the post button, I looked back at the Ever Lovely Mrs J's reaction. She just smiled warmly - in that way that makes me smile - and said it suited me. Perhaps part of the joy isn't just that I have achieve a dream, but that she fully accepts me. Maybe that's the reason for my good mood more than anything.

Take care,

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Quiche From Mars


This week's Blogger Challenge is to talk about food. Where to start with this one? :-)

People's relationship with food seems, to me at least, as varied as there are people. It's - not to be Master of the Obvious - something we cannot go without. Okay, if you're a sparkly faced sun dodger, maybe you drink, you fictional pedant, but it's still food, even if it's not eating :-)

I've been fat, I've been too thin and now, I'm probably on the heavy side for my height. The thing is, I love the varieties and wonderful combinations of flavours, scents and textures that there are in the culinary world. I'm not a portion size queen: I'd rather have quality than quantity. The Every Lovely Mrs J is of a similar mindset, we'd both happily sit and enjoy a small, but very tasty meal, than go to an all-you-can-eat gig.

I find other people's views on food very interesting. It seems strange that food can be politicised: vegan, organic, GM, intensive, etc. Then there's the pseudo-science diet BS that floats around and occasionally makes its way on to the TV as a valid lifestyle choice. The Ever Lovely Mrs J works in science and in the same way I see a Hollywood film showing computer technology and I roll my eyes, so it happens too with Mrs J and some of the crap that's peddled as nutritional expertise. Not that we judge in our house... until it's been peer reviewed ;-)

Then there's the gender of food. Now, I don't mean Sausages are from Mars, Quiche is from Venus. I remember being at school (single sex grammar - really I should be an MP :-P ) and hearing the choices available if you didn't want to play army. Sorry, did I say play army? I meant to say 'Student Cadet Force' where you march around the playground, roll about the mud, shoot and.... play at being in the army.

Where was I? Oh, choices. One of the lads in my class said, I hear the High School are having cooking lessons. Cue a few choice remarks some some of the boys and a somewhat surprised reaction from the form master. To his credit, the lad said, well, if we can't cook for ourselves, what happens when we leave home, or go to college? Are we supposed to live on chips? Good on him and yes, I did offer a few questions to those who though living on chips was a good idea :-P. Sadly, due to clashes with other lessons, the cooking never came to pass. But I mean, really, roll about in the mud and be shouted at, or be in the warm, make something delicious to eat and hang out with girls? Is this even a question!? :-) Perhaps there are some girls who looked longingly from across the street and wished they were allowed to wear army camo, shoot a rifle and roll about in the mud. Who knows.... :-)

So, no, I don't consider cooking to be a girl's hobby or woman's work. From a cynical point of view, a person needs the ability to be able to look after themselves. To not be able to cook, clean your own home or look after your own clothes? That's a pretty poor state of affairs IMO. What's wrong with being able to run a house or look after kids? But then, maybe I'm biased. ;-) That's not to say I like cleaning or Hoovering, but that's 'cos I'm lazy :-)

Obligatory Report and Photo from Thursday Night Out

All went well going to Chameleons this week. I wasn't too late leaving (the kids were all fine for an early bath, story and then Lovely Mummy J tucking them in), and I had my outfit choice down to one. Well, one-ish. I had a top I wanted to test and I also wanted to know if my office dress would still fit.

We were due a visit from a jewellery vendor, but they didn't show. I checked the group's email and found out that they had transport problems. So be it, these things are sent to try us, I guess. Oh, talking of jewellery, I popped into town after my interview to get my ear pierced. While the place was open, there was too long a queue, as I had booked just a half day off. So, no dice - or earring - but with luck, there will be time next week.

Oh, talking of interviews, the job wasn't really me. It's pretty much the same money that I'm on now and more slightly more third line support work than I'm doing now. The prospects look okay, but the hours (which the agency had failed to mention) and the nature of the business felt.... not quite me. Those doubts aside, it seemed okay and the interviewers were nice enough (even if one kept leaving to due 'a system issue'). The easy part is, I've not heard anything from them, so I guess the job's not mine. Fair enough, that makes the decision to move so much easier :-)

Thanks to Alison for taking my photo. It seems my love of food means that I haven't managed to slim into my office dress. Ah well, maybe more walking and less eating are in order.

Take care,

Friday, March 07, 2014



Tiredness: which is not what I'd planned to write about today, but it seems a strange, sometimes sneaky, beast. It's the end of the week and, as I've said before, I find there's a certain level of magic about the weekend. Perhaps it's the idea of promise; that you've a whole three nights and two days to do what you want. Anything from reading, lying about, to walking, going swimming, baking, cooking, visiting friends & family, to the more everyday necessities of grocery shopping.

Yet tonight, I nodded off on the sofa. I was comfortable and I felt my eyes start to grow heavy. Now, there are a few things in life I can resist and a few that I can't. On the list of irresistibles are - in no particular order: chocolate, a walk in good weather, talking, the perfect pair of black heels,  and staying awake when I'm sleepy. The latter, well, that seemed to hit me like a warm blanket and zzz, I was gone.

Twenty minutes later and - eh? Oh. I was just resting my eyes. Time to start the bedtime routine for Little Miss and now, I'm beginning to perk up a little. I think I've always been a night owl. But, what about you, dear reader? Morning person, night owl, serial napper or wide-awake until bedtime?

Job Stuff

A little more on the job situation: you know last time I got an email from an agency about a possible new job? Well, this time around I had to do a technical test. I'm not a fan of on-line tests, I'll be honest. I find them a little black & white, rather than being able to fully explain yourself.

Anyway, I'm through that test (second top score out of the ten candidates), so I'm in the queue for an interview. The funny thing is, I'm still not sure I want the job. I guess it's nice to be in a position, where I could take it, or leave it. I'm not in a rush just yet.

Blogger Challenge: Nail Polish

Nails. Not the hardware variety, but the partially protective things at the end of your fingers and toes. The things that grow too quickly when you're away from some clippers, and seem to break or shrink, when it's time for a fab night out.

I don't like mine too short because back when I used to ride a motorbike, too short nails meant my gloves would dig into my fingers. Somehow paradoxically, having my fingernails a little longer than blunt-flat, meant this didn't happen. I got used to keeping them like that.

If I go out, to Chameleons, or otherwise, I pretty much always wear nail varnish. I'm not sure, but I guess it's a bit like lippy. I don't feel fully dressed without having my nails done. Perhaps it's a useful method for making my man hands feel less....well, man-like.

I've got quite a stash of colours and shades, and the Ever Lovely Mrs J dips in to the collection, when she wants her toenails painted during the summer months. Of course, if Mum's having her toes done, so Little Miss also wants hers doing too. :-) Still, they both sit nicely, we chat about stuff and everyone's happy.

Although I find some nail art cute, or clever, some if it doesn't quite work for me. I've never tried it personally. I guess the issue is mainly time. By the time my nails are dry, I'm already heading out and for the short period of time I am out and about, it hardly seems worth spending extra time applying dots, stripes, or glitter.... although I did do the latter one Xmas. I did like that look. :-) No, I'm afraid it's three-in-one as the base, two fast drying top coats and, if I've got time, another swish of three-in-one to lock the polish.

Nail Wraps have had a brief spin on the high street and I tried some from Boots for a Xmas party. They went on okay, but you do have to be careful when applying them and I think a coat of three-in-one base/protect/topcoat wouldn't go amiss either. While I wouldn't use them every day, I think they're nice for a big night out, or if you fancy something funky to break the mood up a little.

I've tried false nails in the past, but they're not really me. Strange, because they'd solve the problem of removing all traces of polish! :-) If you do fancy trying some, the KISS Range is pretty good and the sizing is very good. Some come pre-glued and if you're really careful, can easily be reused.

Take care,