Friday, November 29, 2013

A little bit of serendipity


It was all a bit of a rush to get ready the other day. Not because I had a lot on, but... well, if you're anything like me - and let's hope not for you sake! :-) - there are days when I just can't seem to get organised. Oddly, I had sorted everything out the night previous. Mainly because I have this feeling that if I added the what to wear factor into the getting out of the door equation, my tiny mind would collapse under the strain. Oh, first world problems eh? :-)

But, eventually, I got into gear. Maybe I should have had a shave earlier in the week, as no doubt the tramp beard I was sporting meant a much more careful defuzzing than usual. Lessons learned eh? :-) I managed to read a chapter of The Witches to Little Miss and all was good before I head out. I'm a bit worried it's a little old for her, but she seems to be enjoying it and no nightmares just yet.

I got to the Centre without too much trouble and after dropping off some nibbles for the Xmas party, I was off upstairs to get changed. Yes, the Xmas party is early - it being Novemeber and all - but there's a reason for this. Firstly, we wanted as many of the regulars to be able to make it as possible. Secondly, a trans Xmas do in December can often clash with work shindigs, or school plays, etc. So, early start for us!

Maddy turned up - yay! long time no see, etc. I was going to give her a hug, but not when I was stood in my smalls. There are somethings that are just not right. :-) Kath - a new visitor - popped in, so we had a brief chat. Midway through getting changed, Sophie came up to say hi and then Alison brought some new visitors along. Although thankfully, she did not invite them over the threshold while The Ugly Sisters were getting ready. :-) For the record, Sophie was already ready, so the Ugly Sister joke does not apply! (Ed: backpedal harder, Lynn! :-P )

I'd brought along a bodycon dress, but it didn't quite fit right. I think I may have pulled it a little lower than I should. So one for another test run and if that fails, off to charity it goes. I thought about my wrap dress, but wanting some variety from earlier, I settled on the old favourite: a dress from the 90s. Yes, I have stuff so old, it's practically vintage. Okay, vintage Asda, but shh! :-) Chuck in some fancy tights, a lace cardigan and some false eye lashes and I was good to go! BTW, the lashes were a bargain! I had a money off voucher and Boots have a buy-one-get-the-second-at-half-price deal going on. Well, it would be rude not to. Sadly, my lash applicator gadget has yet to turn up, but fingers crossed that'll arrive before Christmas.

Downstairs, the event was underway and luckily, I'd remembered to pack an old MP3 player for some background music. I wandered about and caught up with a few people here and there. I had a lovely chat with a brother & sister (no names - well, no, they did have names, I'm just not going to give them out :-) ) about him wanting to start transitioning. It was the usual case of being nervous and I totally get that. I was saying to D & A that coming to a new place is scary and doubly so when you're not sure how people will react to you. We had a bit of a chuckle about silly stories and D's sister said "I wish I had a bum like yours". I'm assuming she means big :-) You may wish to intone that's no moon, if you like. Part DNA, part padding and that was the ice broken.

After that, I managed to grab some nibbles and get a seat next to Carole (who I've found works not too far from me) and Isabelle, who was wearing her new wig from Glitz & Glam. We had a good laugh and a chat about coming out to partners, life, etc. I managed a chat with Rebecca too. All good fun!

As usual, time had run away from us, so there was just a chance for some snaps and then it was time to put all the fabulousness back into the box for another fortnight.

All in all, it was a very good night and dare I say, just about perfect. So good when that happens.

Take care

Friday, November 22, 2013



Gah. I'm so tired today. Little Miss has been kind enough to share her cold with me. It's a strange thing about being a parent. Are kids' immune systems better, or do they shrug off minor ailments as they've got too much stuff they want to do? Does the virus hone its attack due to the 50% DNA tip off it received from the last victim? That, or I've just got a man cold ;-)

Talking of kids, Little Miss will be six years old this month. How quickly time passes...not that I remember all of her growing up, just fragments. Which, so I read, is how memory really works. A few key terms and your brain fills in the rest via imagination. Her cousin, who was a baby when the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I got married, will be sixteen in a few weeks. Sixteen! Ah, it doesn't help if I put an exclamation mark after the word, it's still a surprise :-) I wonder if it will as much a surprise when our two bundles of joy reach that age? Hmm.

So, not much to report on the trans front this time around. Chams is next week - and it's the Xmas Do - and a friend has PM'd me saying she'd like to catch up. It has been a while, what with holidays and general stuff. I'm rather looking forward to a chat, 'cos while Facebook is okay, it's not the same as meeting up with a good friend.

At the last meeting, Sally from Glitz & Glam, was telling me about a gadget to help put false eye lashes on. Now, I'm a bloke and I do like a a gadget. :-) I had a quick look on Amazon and I've ordered one. It was a little over a quid and you can't get a coffee at work for that. Not, that I buy drinks at work, I'm too in touch with my Scots DNA for that to take place ;-) Anyhoo, I'll let you know how I get on. With a little luck, it - and another of Mrs J's Xmas presents, will arrive shortly.

I'm off for a hot bath and a read of my book. If I have any more Hot Lemon Cold Relief drinks, I'm in danger of seeing the Matrix. :-)

Take care,

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tea + biscuit = brain power?


After last time's memory fail, I thought I'd sit down and get some ideas out of my head early on. I don't know about you, but if I'm a bit tired, it's the wrong time of day, or I'm hungry, my brain just seems to pack in - at least, from a creative angle. Okay, you could look back at those as a triumvirate of excuses, or I like to think that they're things to be avoided if I want to Get On With Stuff.

Making a Stand

Given that, I made sure I had a good strong brew and a biccie - surely the fuel of the British! - before I got the Chameleons leaflet business sorted out. That's all been printed off, checked and now handed over. The few people I showed this to at the group last night seemed pleased with it. By luck, rather than judgement, the redesign of the web site means that the photo showing the group is smaller. This means that there's a little more anonymity for people involved. Sure, we're cool with who we are, but that doesn't mean all of us are ready to sing it from the rooftops just yet. :-)

While getting ready, I had a chat about this with Alison and we were saying how varied the trans spectrum is. I guess a lot of us are wise of this, but there are lots of people who aren't. What I mean is, I think there are a lot of misconceptions about trans people. Yeah, there are folk who do it for kicks - but, there are folk who'll do anything for kicks, that's not just a trans thing. I was saying last night, that if that is your bag, sure, enjoy yourself, just a) don't expect me to join in, b) don't speak on my behalf, and c) don't send me a friend request if you're into 'schexy time'.

Does that make me a snob or a bigot? I hope not and I'd like to think it doesn't. Note that I'm not saying the above behaviour is wrong or that I look down on it. It's more I just don't want anything to do with it and it's more the stereotype - rather than the person - that bugs me. But then, maybe looking at it from other angles; maybe I'm a boring middle-of-the-road part timer. :-) Too straight-laced for (ahem) fun, but not brave enough to be full-time.... Neither of which I believe, the latter two are cliches and I've never heard either view point.

Alison has expressed an interest in being the Chams Ambassador - (Ed: With these dull leaflets, the Ambassador is really spoiling us! Ah, that reference will miss a few folk outside the UK ;-D ) - and I guess we'll see what happens in terms of duties on the big day itself. In other news, I think I am actually going to be able to make this time around. The other meeting has been moved (result!), so I'll be sitting in the wings as an interested party, not trying to give myself away when it comes to question time.

Night Out

I did triple check the calendar this week, just to make sure it actually was Chameleons this week. It seemed like a long time since my last visit and despite the faffing about - packing, shaving, travel - I really enjoyed it. It did take me a while to get ready, mainly because I couldn't really decide on what to take. I'd taken a dress, various colours of opaques, two tops and three skirts. Of the latter, one I really wasn't sure about (I think it's just not me - too short), one is fine with dark opaques and the third (picture - thanks Izzy!) was - as Goldilocks said, just right. :-)

Sometimes I'll take things along to retry them and add them to my that's-going-to-charity collection. Oh, the new loose powder from Boots? Worked a treat. A lot easier to use that my old one [ Note to self: must get my finger out about writing the reviews on the useful stuff ]

I had a good long chat with the Unusual Suspects. All good stuff. Oh, I was relived to find out that I hadn't sent Isabelle's photos to the wrong email address. Phew! Pippa had been kind enough to get in touch with Glitz & Glam (v. trans friendly). They're a... what? beauty accessory company? Yeah, let's go with that, based up in Chesterfield. Anyway, Sally, the owner of, G&G were kind enough to pop along with plenty of stock (make-up, nail varnishes and some quality wigs). I think business went well, which is good for G&G and good for the group. I do feel a bit guilty if a vendor comes along and no one buys anything. Luckily, that didn't happen this time. I spotted something that the Ever Lovely Mrs J would like, so that's going into her Christmas present stash. I did try a new wig - just for fun - and while it was rather nice, I wasn't going to buy one with the current one being so new.

That reminds me I need to get in touch with Hot Hair and I've not managed that. Then there's a question about Boots coming along - something for the New Year. Talking of the latter, the Xmas party will be at the end of this month, so there's a bit of that to do. We run the event early, so that it avoids any clashes with work dos or school plays. We'll be having a fuddle - like last time - which works pretty well and I think that's in the bag now. Geez, there seems so much to do when you start writing it up. :-) I think I'm going to wrap this one up before I have a turn ;-)

Take care

Friday, November 08, 2013

The Enemy Within


It's a peculiar thing this blogging lark. I had meant to put some time aside this afternoon and get some thoughts down, before we went out for the evening. Of course, I didn't and now, my mind seems as blank as the text box in front of me. I'll plod on and see if the old noggin wakes up.


Last week I mentioned that a local University got in touch about their soon to be released trans policy. Ever the helpful mailbox fairy (Ed: nebby mare, more like), I gave them a ring and had an interesting chat about it. Well, at least I thought so and for once, I wasn't the one doing all the talking. Chams have been invited along, however, I can't see anyone attending. I know our usual GoTo folk are off sick and I'm of the Old School train of thought of never ask anyone something you wouldn't be prepared to do yourself. :-)

So, no, much as my imagination may soar at the idea of going along in Lynn mode, the practical aspects of me say that this isn't going to happen. I know some of the people who'll go going along, and as I've said before, there's more than me in this family, so outing oneself is not on the cards.

However.... Oh, [insert knowing look to camera here] I'm part of an Advisory Network, which is set up to help people with issues at work. The idea is people can contact you for advice on policies and choices, if they're having trouble at work. Stroppy co-workers, work pressures, feelings of discrimination, etc; that type of thing. We're not there to fight a person's battles, more advise them of what the options are and help them find a suitable route to fixing the problem themselves. Dare I say, it's all rather enjoyable and beats banging the keys together until the computer systems do what they're supposed to. :-)

Where was I? Oh yes, Advisory Network: yeah, I had an invitation drop into my inbox - along with the reset of the Advisory Massive. Looks like my cover is set and the item's in my diary. Woo! All I've got to do now is sort out some business cards and fix the Chameleons leaflet. No pressure then. :-P

Update: Oh, and learn how to read a calendar. /Sigh. It's not this month, but December and on a date that clashes with another work thing I can't get out of. I'm a bit miffed about that. :-(

Not this week, you numpty

Due to my inability to read a calendar, I was all revved up for a night out with the girls (!!).... only to be reminded that is still the start of the month and Chams is the second and fourth Thursday. Duh. Brain fail. On the upside, at least I found out before I trailed up to Nuthall. As a friend said, at least I've another week to decide what to wear. :-) Sophie kindly explained how the dates work using a programmer's reference, so now I understand. You have to stick to basics with us IT folk you know. We're not like the rest of your normal people. ;-)

I had the good fortune to be sent some Boots vouchers the other day, so I've started on a bit of Xmas shopping. I know the Ever Lovely Mrs J was after something fancy from there, so that's in the bag. There was also the need for some new toothbrushes (so rock & roll eh?) and some birthday items for members of the extended Jones Massive.

I also noted that No 7 had a new matte finish for nail varnishes, so that was one of the buy two get the third (cheapest) free. I'll road test that and get back to you on it. I'm rather looking forward to seeing the difference it makes on my older polishes. Little things eh?

Take care,

Saturday, November 02, 2013



I was going to make a gag about being a day late, but the punchline seemed a little rude. I'll leave it to you to assemble the rest. Hmm, no wonder the stand-up didn't take off. :-) If you want a reason - rather than an excuse - the Ever Lovely Mrs J and I were enjoying a rare evening out together. Well, it was our anniversary.

I'd also like to say thanks to you all for reading and commenting on this little corner of the web. Oh, and also to those of you kind enough for what you had to say on this blog's eighth birthday.

Put your feet up, mrs

Larks, it's been busy these last few weeks. To start off, the Ever Lovely Mrs J managed to sort out a break for half-term. The first half was some much needed downtime at our favourite holiday destination. There's no mobile signal and we love walking in the nearby woods, while the kids race around finding wands (clearly the Harry Potter books have had an influence) or building dens. All good family fun. The cottage has WiFi, so while we're away, we're as 'away' as we want to be. Not that I didn't take great delight in setting my Out of Office.

The days at the cottage went quickly and then we had a few days down in London. We had a hotel on the outskirts and then took the tube to see the sights of the capital. Neither the Ever Lovely Mrs J or Little Miss had been, and while Wee Man and I had, I was the only one to have been on the tube. So, a little adventure for us country folk. Luckily, we managed not to point or run screaming when the giant metal worm pulled into the station. :-) We even managed a spot - I managed not to say spell - in The Making of Harry Potter, which both kids loved. I took a few snaps and while they whipped about, we managed to slow them down enough to take some of it in. I enjoyed looking at the props, scenery and costumes. The talent in the creative staff is for me, somewhat mind-blowing. It's funny, in that some items are on the screen for mere seconds, yet the time to create them must have been much longer.

I'm unlikely to ever cosplay, however, if I did, I do like the character's outfit to the right, that'd be my choice. I'll leave it as a quiz to see who gets who it is. :-) As a side note, it's the kids' Xmas plays soon, so no doubt there'll be a call for some mug willing volunteer to assist in assembling suitable outfits. I think I missed my vocation. :-)

Closer to home

The trans stuff - as you can possibly imaging - has been rather quiet. Being away meant I missed the regular Chameleons meeting, but of course, the good news is that with it being regular, there's normally another one in a few days. What to wear? Well, best start planning. I believe we'll be getting a visit from Glitz & Glam and the vendor will be bringing stock for us to buy. Yay! Shopping. :-)

In other news, the local University has got in touch because they're planning on getting their policies sorted out for trans people. That's staff and students. They've asked if someone would like to represent Chameleons, or provide some material - flyers, handouts, etc - on the day. That would explain why the last hour has gone by while I knocked the old flyer PDF back into shape. Words, well, yeah maybe, but graphical design is so not my thing. If it's not right, I can always give it another go. I'm conscious that getting one of our number to pop along may be tricky, but I'll ask to see if anyone fancies it.

Paris Lees is also due to give a speech, so it sounds like an interesting event. I would like to go, although I do worry about being spotted. I am, after all, but a simple tranny cross-dresser, and this is supposed to be all about transitioning (or at least, that's how Personnel are selling it).  Yet, a little bit of me wonders if the trans policy forgets people who are trans, but have no interest in going full time? I'm happy being a simple cross-dresser - emphasis on the simple - and while I've no plans on going to work suitably attired, I wonder where CD people fit in the protection? Something to ask perhaps.

On another note, I met a new member of staff in the comms team and she wears more make-up than I do on a Thursday night. Not that I'm judging her. I wouldn't like someone judging me in Bob or Lynn mode, so I won't do that to her. Mind you, that's not stopped some male colleagues from making the odd bitchy comment. Hmm, men eh? :-\

No, it is more than I'm intrigued as to why she'd take that stance. From what I can tell, it is more fashion than cover up. A Facebook friend suggested it might be a confidence thing, and I can see that. I had to stop myself from asking about her false lashes the other day, how do you keep them on all day? I almost asked and managed not to. :-)

Oh, Chams this week, so best start up the petrol strimmer. :-)

Take care,