Friday, August 30, 2013



How time passes eh? Well, unless you're waiting for a download, the kettle to boil or a politician to get to the point. :-)

The Jones Massive have been away and returned. All went very well. Both The Ever Lovely Mrs J and the nippers enjoyed the holiday. Just a little cottage in the north; we're easily pleased. In fact, the lack of wireless probably helped. I certainly caught up on my reading.... and eating. Maybe another week of watching what I eat and walking more, will be a good thing. Still, lip up, eh, fatty? :-)

I'll be honest with you and say not much is going on at the mo - at least, from a trans perspective. I am beginning to miss the lack of fabulosity (the new metric unit to measure fabulousness ;-) ), but it'll be just a another week or so, before I'm back in the saddle.... or heels, more accurately. Quite looking forward to that, if I'm honest. It feels like a long month! :-) I have sort have kept my hand in, by watching a number of make-up videos (thank you YouTube vid makers!) and trying to learn from some of the transformation ones on the site too. A number of them are drag, which is cool, but not my thing. That's not to say I can't enjoy the talent many folk have and are willing to share.

Just before the holiday, Wee Man and Little Miss had a week away at my parents' house. You know how it is with kids, they get all nervous about going and then when they arrive, they leave you for dust. Still, I'd rather have that, then have them upset. That left The Ever Lovely Mrs J and I with time on our hands. We did what most middle class couples do... no, the other thing! (mutters: mind like a sewer, some folk :-P)... which was book a posh restaurant, read and then try to do all the jobs we'd put off during the summer holidays.

That reminds me, talking of holidays, I was very grateful for Mrs J sorting out the holiday, so while I was in town on my tod, I dropped into one the local art gallery, just to see if there was anything that caught my eye. I did find something I thought she'd like, but I couldn't decide on which colour to get. While I was deliberating, the shop assistant - a very pleasant young lady - and I got chatting. Mostly about accents, which is a pet love of mine, but we digress. I was asked if the item was for a birthday and I said no, just a thank you really. She made that 'aww' noise and then said I wish my boyfriend was like you. I said thank you and before I could shut my mouth, I heard myself saying, everyone says that until they see my shoe collection. Luckily, she laughed and the conversation moved on. Big mouth strikes again, as someone once sang. :-)

I've had a look on-line for some local wig retailers, but I've not come up with much so far. I was sad to see that Natural Image in Debenhams has closed. The staff in there were really nice and I had all bar one of my wigs from them. Still, maybe it's time to invite HotHair back to Chameleons. I think Pat was interested. I'm thinking of going a slightly darker colour. Fingers crossed I find something.

Take care,

Friday, August 16, 2013

Not so much the Great Escape, as a short respite.


Yes, it's holiday time again and the Jones Massive will shortly be on their way to somewhere in the exotic lands of the North East. It's not somewhere we've been on holiday before, so I'm full of hope that it'll be very nice. Lots of chances for long walks, some nice snacks and plenty of reading.

I just hope my in-laws haven't hidden the remote controls when we get back! :-D

See you later!

Friday, August 09, 2013

Don't forget your game face.

The Ever Lovely Mrs J and Wee Man are currently away. One's at Granny's, the other's away visiting friends. I hope I've got it the right way around. Otherwise, Wee Man's in charge of the car and is holed up in a Travel Lodge spamming the free wireless. This leaves yours truly at home with Little Miss, so it's been a very pleasant evening of Daddy / Daughter time. Making milkshakes, some colouring in, bath time and then a few stories as it's bedtime.

Mrs J is very keen on bedtime stories and it is very rare that either of the kids will go to bed, without a chapter (or small book) before they turn in. I know I enjoying making different voices for characters, but more, I enjoy the looks of excitement on their faces as we get to a good bit. It's been known for Wee Man to request another chapter because of a cliff hanger ending. Sometimes it can feel like a slog, but I think it's picking the right book to read to them. Happy memories for them, I hope.

I guess in days of old, I would now be all femmed up - and I use that phrase ironically - although, I can't quite muster the energy to do so. Not so much because I'm tired, or anything else, more, that I feel I don't have to leap at these rare chances to indulge. No, with regular visits to Chameleons, it's less of a panic to grab time. That said, I missed last night's meeting due to a family party (Mr Jones Senior was eighty, bless 'im) and it's been a while, since I've managed a fancy outfit.

Perhaps that explained the strange turn of the mind, that occurred earlier in the week. I got out of the car and grabbed my bag from the back seat, before walking through the car park. So far, so normal. However, I found myself walking differently. Back straighter, head up, rather than the usual half mooch / shamble I manage. Despite wearing jeans and a shirt, my mind was telling me they didn't feel like a man's summer shirt and jeans..... go figure. Seems even my imagination is gender enhanced ;-)

Was I acting up, channelling some feelings from within? I don't know. All I can say, is that as I walked to the door, if I held my eyes shut - something I don't recommend near stairs or in a car park :-) - is that I felt..... I felt as I did when I dress up. Something had clicked in my head and my walk, for want of a better word, felt like I'd switched on Lynn Mode. I know I carry myself differently when dressed, after all, it's not the done thing to stomp along in heels or mooch about in a wrap dress. :-)

Luckily, whatever brief sprinkling of transtastic magic dust evaporated as I put my hand on the door pull. A sign of game face on? Possibly, possibly not. I guess we'll see. Perhaps a month plus of single genderism isn't really me. ;-)

Take care,

Saturday, August 03, 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front....

.... which doesn't really make sense, when you live in the East Midlands. Unless there's a face off between the Potters Massive and the Dales Collective. Not to make light of rural gang violence. Cow tipping, cider running, it's a hotbed of inactivity. :-)

Hmm. Perhaps I shouldn't have watched Hot Fuzz before starting this post..... which is late. Friday was a little busy. The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones had car trouble and bless her, didn't get back home until late. I would have thought the breakdown people might have been a bit more speedy, considering she was on her own. Not that Mrs J is a poor, feeble woman; far from it, yet if your road side assistance prioritise people, I'd have hoped for better service. Thankfully, nothing bad - other than car problems - occurred.

Gabrielle, of the MyCDLife blog, was kind enough to complete her turn under the Our Different Journey spotlight. I posted a quick note on Facebook about it and the comments ranged from that's so familiar, and that's just how I felt; to the polar opposite of I don't have those experiences. I've paraphrased, but you get the gist.

One of the ideas behind ODJ, is that although there is commonality in trans behaviour, feelings and history. We, perhaps like the rest of any slice of humanity, are different. My hope is that.... no, my hopes are multi-fold: firstly, that if at least one person reads one of the stories and finds help through it, it was worth it. Secondly, ODJ acts as a store for the history of how people got to where they are now. I guess, last - but not least - I think there needs to be some good news (trans news) stories out there. You read so much negativity, that I think it's easy to think we'll never be fully accepted, or things will always be bad.

Cynic that I am, I am also a secret romantic. I think things for trans people will keep getting better. Each time someone comes out, or walks down the street, or shops for a dress in bloke mode, slowly we become less unusual and more everyday. Hell, I can dream. :-)

Take care,