Friday, January 27, 2012

"Do what you what you want,
till you don’t want it anymore,
(remember who you really are)"

Greetings and felicitations,

A day off today which made a nice change... well, a change from the two previous weeks of being on a sick note, but let's move on eh? :-) So, first week back at work over and done with. Okay, one day physically at work and then - because of lack of transport - working from home.

Now, I don't mind the odd day at home working remotely. It's nice to get out of the office and have uninterrupted time to get stuff done. But, in all honesty, I missed being in and being part of the banter and general hubbub. I remember Sartre's famous quote 'Hell is other people' and the article the accompanying article by psychologists disproving it. :-) We're social creatures and not having the interaction - and no, I don't think Facebook replaces it, that's still text - is a bit... well, lonely. That's not to say 'oh, poor me', it's more an observation than a cry in the dark. Anyway, we've got lights in our house ;-)

So being in let me catch up with workmates and friends (Ed: yes, there's a difference :-P ), clear some of the paperwork and email cruft that had built up while being away. A small box of choccies were slipped to the desk of the lady who'd kindly stopped to help on the day of the crash. No, note and no she wasn't there. I suppose a low rent version of 'all because the lady loves milk tray'. Not that they were Milk Tray and if you're not a child of the 80s, I guess you're wondering WTF is Lynn on about? :-D You'd not be the only one. :-)

It was Chams time again (yay!) and despite me being in two minds over taking clothes, I did thinking it may be for the best. Sophie was kind enough to offer me a lift and off we went, chatting away as per and dodging mad Audi drivers. We got in just before 9 and off I went to get changed.

Now, my arm's been on the mend and I've been doing okay without my sling for most of the week. I did struggle to get my bra and shapewear on a bit, but Alison was kind enough to help my zip up my new dress (from Very in the sale). Anyhoo, as I was late - because let's face it, it takes me an age to put my face on - a few folk popped up to see how I was getting on, bless them. So there I was, half made up laughing and joking with Alison, Rachel, Sam, Sophie and Val. Honestly, it was very touching that they'd popped along to see how I was. It really put a smile on my face.

The evening rolled along as per, although we had one new face along: Rhiannon (hello Mrs!). She was staying not too far away, so she'd decided to make the effort and come along. I saw Helen chatting away, so I ducked out to make a brew and hoping to find a gap in the conversation. Time passed and soon our paths crossed. We had a good old chuckle about things and that's another cool person I've had the good fortune to meet thanks to this blogging thing. I also had a very nice email later on, but I won't say anymore! :-)

No sign of Maddy this time around, although a quick TXT meant she was okay, if not 'in da house' with the trans massive . She's been doing some storming work with posters for Invasion.... which isn't very far away either. Ooo, a night out. Just what I need!

Just time for a quick photo session - hey, we're trans, it's what we do! - and then it was off to get changed and go home. All in all, a good night and I was glad I made the effort.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: What You Want by Evanescence ]

Friday, January 20, 2012

"In the satisfaction stakes,
It's like sitting on the number nine bus"


So, last week on sick leave before I go back to work. It's been different being off it physically, but with it mentally. What I mean is, when you're ill, like with flu or a bad stomach, your brain is a little all over the place while your body attempts to get over the situation. This time around, despite an amount of 'ow', I am fairly with it, so it's been good in that I've been able to catch up on reading and enjoy life in the slow lane. Taking the dog out for a few long walks - well, at least when it wasn't chucking it down - and it's been good being home when the kids come back from school. Okay, so I can't run around after them, but you can get involved. Help them do a bit of baking, sit with Wee Man and offer advice on the computer game he's stuck on. That sort of thing.

Despite all the time away and being on my own most days, there's been zero trannying. Having a busted shoulder doesn't make you want to swing the cupboard doors wide and revel in the fashions of this and yesteryear. :-) Still, something to look forward to as I recover. I have also missed Invasion (it's tonight), but what's good about that, is that there'll be another one next month and with luck, the weather will be better too. Having a break from dressing up / going out has made me cool down and worry less. Perhaps that's the opposite of how I feel I would feel, but right now, my energy seems to be tied up in getting better and taking it easy.

One odd thing about being off, is the amount of sleep I've been having. I am a bit of a napper - indeed, if there was an Olympic sport for dozing off, I'd be quids in for a gold. I've only broken my collar bone and I'm about as active as I am at work (hour walk at lunch, or when at home, 30 mins then 45 mins in the afternoon), so finding myself nodding off mid afternoon came as a surprise. Perhaps it's to do with the messing about with insurance, accident reports and whatnot that goes on. I'm hesitating to use the word 'stress' as while it hasn't been plain sailing, I wouldn't say I've been chewing my fingernails over it. Not that you should, I mean, standards, darhlink, standards. ;-)

Today's lyric (see below if you're not an indie kid from the 90s) is because I decided to head into town for supplies. We were low on a couple of key items and with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones doing all the driving while I'm car-less, I decided to chance taking the bus. Now, we live out in the sticks and like our telecommunications, public transport is patchy at best. As I stood under my umbrella (ella.. ella) the bus eventually turned up. I was a bit miffed in having to wait, but then the thought turned around. Maybe it's not public transport being rubbish, but more like a lot of things in modern life, we're used to immediacy and having to wait seems an anathema.

Just the weekend now and then back to work. Mrs J and I will be looking at a nearly new car and then with luck, I'll be back on the road in February. Fingers crossed as I've missed having the level of freedom your own car brings.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Eat Me Drink Me Love Me Kill Me by Pop Will Eat Itself ]

Friday, January 13, 2012

"Ahhh, seasons change with the scenery,
Weaving time in a tapestry "

Hello one and all,

Larks, it's been warm of late. I've been out and about - well, dog walking at least - without a coat, hat or scarf for the last few days. It's making for a very strange January, as typically, it's rather chilly in this part of the world. Odd, as a few places - of similar latitude? - seem to have many inches of snow. Small mercies eh? :-)

So what's been going on? In some ways, not much - which given last week's incident, is just fine by me! :-D I'm signed off work while my arm and shoulder recover. I find it a little odd as mentally, there's not much wrong with me. Stop that laughing at the back! :-) Okay, what I mean is.... from a thinking point of view, my brain is mostly working, so I feel a bit like I should be doing something. That said, if I do too much - as I explained to Sophie last night at Chams - I get tired very quickly and my shoulder starts to ache too. Not good, so being signed off looks like it's a good thing. If I take the pain killers I've been given, they do make me drift off to somewhere pleasant... perhaps a little too disconnected as they make me feel like I've had two pints. Not sure that's a good thing. :-) So the upshot of it all, is I'm taking it easy and perform that balancing act of not stressing my shoulder, but equally, not leaving it doing nothing either.

Talking of good things, there's been very little sign of the Black Dog of late - and long may that continue! I think the time off, the regular exercise and even - dare I say it - the fact that we all walked away (well, staggered in my case LOL) from what could have been a very nasty accident, has been helpful in some strange way. With the lack of work pressure, I wonder if I should start to look for another job; one which I'm more interested in and is perhaps more interested in my than my current employer. That reminds me, my line manager was decidedly snippy when I told him about the sick note. Given that the majority of my job is keyboard based - hell, I'm typing this very slowly with just one hand, so going back just isn't an option until both of my arms work properly. Talk about making you feel valued eh? ;-)

A few months ago, I wrote to Frock Magazine - an on-line publication - to see if they were interested in submitted articles. Anyway, I got chatting with the editor over email and my article has now been published. My name in lights! :-D Joking aside, it's rather odd to see your name (well, not real name obviously) in print. You can read said item here and my bit is on page 62: Getting Away with It. It's about - mais, oui, shopping.

I've pretty much spent my time reading, taking the dog for walks so I'm out of the house, chasing the insurance process and trying to help the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones with house stuff. Mainly as with the latter, she's flat out - bless her - ferrying the kids hither and thither as I'm currently without a car. Oh, talking of cars, mine has been written off, bless its little black tires. I must confess that I do get attached to things and I was a little sad to think that we won't be driving it again. Shame, but it served us well and luckily, took the brunt of the collision, protecting us inside.

Sophie was kind enough to offer me a lift to Chameleons, so I had an evening out with friends. That made for a lovely change from being at home and it was great to catch up with folk. No cross dressing this time around; certainly not when it takes me long enough to get my socks on in the morning. I did have to repeat my injury story a few times, as folk are naturally curious and Chameleons are a caring bunch. It was a busy night and Mrs J had packed me off with a few bags of her old clothes to pass on. She's really done well with her diet - even with the Christmas temptations - and as we seem to have started the spring clean early this year, there was a lot of hand out. Some went, a lot didn't, but so it goes. I guess we'll be doing a charity shop run later this weekend.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon & Garfunkle ]

Friday, January 06, 2012

"you should watch - watch your stay here,
don't look out you're gonna break your neck"


Wow, first post of the New Year. I trust you had a good break over the festive period.

From a blogging point of view, I was all prepped for a nice, quite week and I'd been tapping my creative reserves over what to talk about. Well, it seems the hand of Fate had other ideas for this week. Sitting comfortably? Then allow me to explain.... :-)

Tuesday morning rolled around and as per, Wee Man, Little Miss and I were packed into my little car to head off on the school run. Off we went and then the next thing I remember is waking up - yes, waking up - with both children crying, we've stopped and a number of cars parked up around us. I tried to move and my body wouldn't really work - it was as if I was coming out of a deep sleep - groggy, disorientated, etc, but my body wasn't. My first thought was to try and get off the road, I mean, if I was stationary on a busy road, we'd get hit right? Plus, why were all these cars parked up? How odd! :-)

I tried to turn the ignition key, but the car flatly refused to do anything. The reality of the situation was slowly making its way into my addled brain. There were bits of glass in the foot well, my right arm hurt like Hell and the car I'd seen the distance was now parked - crashed? I couldn't really see - on the other side of the road nearby. Sh**! At least the kids are screaming, is that a good thing?

I remember saying to the kids that it would be okay and that we needed to get out. Bless them, they undid their seat belts and it was when I tried to move, a chap came up and told me to stay still and that I'd been in an accident. 'I need to move my kids,' I grunted, but he forced me to stay put and said that he'd put them in his car until the Police turned up. Events whirled around us as the Emergency Services turned up and did what they needed to do. There had been no fatalities (thankfully!) and from our car; I'd taken the hit being the driver, so both children were okay. Phew! Two passers-by waited with me while the paramedics did their thing; stuck me in neck brace, strapped me to a stretcher, dosed me up with various painkillers and off we went to Accident & Emergency....


So I'm on the mend with a broken arm and very thankful to be alive. As various friends have said, it could have been worse and they're right. It could have been a lot worse, but it wasn't and we're all alive. The kids are fine, I guess children are more resilient than you realise. Wee Man did have a cry when I got home later that day, mainly because he was worried about me going into the ambulance on my own. Little Miss? Oh, she was fine as she got a ride in a Police car. Kids eh? :-)

Talking of later, the chap who helped with the kids and to look after me, he called in on his way home. With no disrespect to the man, he was just a member of the public, there was no obligation to do so. I also spoke with the lady who stopped - no relation to him - and again, she didn't have to wait, but she did. They took time out of their day to look after someone - a stranger - because it was the right thing to do. I don't know about you, but I found that very touching and that line about restoring your faith in human nature? It rang true and deep. That's my binding memory of the event.

Work is off the cards at the mo - and yes, they've been good about the whole situation too - so I'm at home twiddling my thumbs. Well, one of them - the right one I have to keep wrapped up. :-) The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones has been doing her nurse routine and bless her, has been a saint through all of this. I'm frustrated that I can't do as much as I'd normally do. Plus we're now down to one car - because let's face it, if you live outside of a city, you need a car to do just about anything nowadays - but hopefully that'll be resolved at some point. Still, better one car than no car. That would be a massive pain.

As to trannying, that's well and truly off the cards at the mo. Trying to get a t-shirt on is one thing, hauling on a bra and various layers besides is just going to be a non-starter! :-D Still, a change is a good as a rest, so I'm told. Maybe I'll get to have both!

Anything for a few days off eh?

Take care

[ Today's lyric: Crash by The Primitives ]