Friday, May 27, 2011

"You may ask yourself, 'Well, how did I get here?'"

Hey folks,

I am glad it's the weekend - and a long weekend at that. Let's hear it for bank holidays. :-) If there's one word that could sum up this week, it would be: frantic (Ed: "like Harrison Ford I'm frantic"? ;-P ). One of those weeks were the work levels increase steady and surely until you've got more plates spinning than... umm.. someone who spins a lot of plates for a living. Still, it could be worse, I could be bored and that's awful ;-)

So work is building up (again), although I did get some feedback on the job I didn't get. A few things to think about. Perhaps ironically, improving my communication skills. It seems I've got the necessary bits and bobs on paper, but I need to make it more obvious to those not in the know. Well, lessons learned eh?

I think it was Tuesday when I was driving to work and I caught an interview on Radio 4: The Choice. It was with a chap who was a gypsy and he also happened to be gay. He was saying that at the time of his youth - 70s or 80s I think - it wasn't the done thing and he felt he had no choice but to leave. It's probably on Listen Again if you fancy your chances on a rewind and you can make your own mind up on the story.

I found Mr Walsh's story very interesting, moving and a little sad at the same time. Sad in that he felt he'd never fit in and his only choice was to leave. Not just leaving his family, which is one thing, but to leave his whole way of life and move into a culture that he - by his own admission - said he knew next to nothing about. I won't say that my own upbring was anything like his. I had a quiet, middle class upbringing via two lovely parents who were rather liberal (at least compared to some of my friends' parents).

As the interview ended and I drew up to park the car, I began to wonder how many big or little choices we make that push us down a particular route. There are - obviously - those large decisions such as changing jobs, moving house, starting a relationship or having kids. But there are also those little ones, like changing your route to work (and being early/late), the random happenstance of meeting an old friend because you decided to go into a particular shop.

I guess part of the thing with choices is living with those decisions and as the famous lyric points out - regrets, I've had a few - and I've wondered, if you could go back and change a choice: what impact would it have on your life and if you changed one thing, would it drive you to change another? There's a Twilight Zone episode in the making. ;-)

It was time for Chameleons this week and with all that was going on with work, I wasn't quite in the frame of mind to go along. I had packed a bag and while I wasn't 100% happy with my choices, I had 2 - 3 outfits sort of planned. Yet, as Thursday dragged by, I couldn't quite get the enthusiasm to get all dolled up. Instead, I went in Bob Mode. You know what? I'm glad I did. I had a really good night just chatting and laughing with friends. In some ways, it was better in that I didn't have the faff of having to ensure all my make-up was off, nor having get changed at the end of the night.

Funny, I suppose, all those thoughts of the past where you can't find the time to dress and when it's handed on a plate, you shrug and move on. Trannys, eh? You just can't please them :-)

Stay safe,

[ Today's lyric: Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads ]

Friday, May 20, 2011

"There's a better life and you dream about it, don't you"


I think it was around Tuesday that I drove by a lorry and the large advert on the side, kick started my brain. Sadly, whatever witty and erudite post I had planned, fell foul to memory failure and a busy week. Ho hum. I suppose that's a bit like the dog ate my homework. I do find the lapses of memory frustrating and no doubt that's one of the reasons humanity invented writing. :-)

Not much on the trans front his week, so if that's your main reason for visiting, move along as there's nothing to see here. ;-) Other stuff, health and family are fine. Work is not so good, or more accurately, work was okay. There I was bumbling through another week and soon the day of the interview was upon me. Notes memorised, shoes shined and suit suitably suity, off I went. Only, I didn't get it.

I know that there are some jobs you are just not ready for and I also know that there are other folk out there more talented that yours truly. However, when it's an internal gig and you know that the application date has been put back to encourage more applications, you start to hope you're in with a chance. Or at least I did.

So, yeah, I didn't get it and yes, I am cross about it. I've downgraded the mentalist status from very cross to just cross on account of the large Pimms perched to my right. I have lined up a feedback interview, so I guess we'll see where I fell flat or otherwise. Thing is, this is the fourth time I've missed the mark and I begin to wonder it's time I moved on.

Still, all those thoughts aside, it is the weekend, the sun is shining and the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is cooking a delicious smelling tea for us both to enjoy. Time to put away concerns about organised faffing and concentrate on the important things: family, friends and food.

Chin, chin!


[ Today's lyric: Nine to Five by Dolly Parton ]

Friday, May 13, 2011

"It's The End Of The World As We Know It
(And I Feel Fine)"

Hi everyone out there in t'interweb land,

 Argh, brain freeze. :-) Where to start? Well, it's been a pretty good week, all things considered. The weather's been good, the nippers have kept out of trouble, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones hasn't been over-worked and apart from a slight issue with the hound, all is good. Oh, and it'll be about a week or so, since I reduced the anti-miserabalist tablets and dare I say (Ed: Dare! Dare!) that so far so good. All in all, it's been rather quiet and relaxing. So there's not really a lot to report! ;-)

Given that I'd not been shopping for sometime, I decided to invest in some rather nice leopard print peep-toe heels. A bargain at under 30 quid, so I sent off for them. Sadly, it was one of those small eights, which I guess is a way of saying, it's a 7.5 but we'll flog it as an eight. :-( Back they went, although it did prompt me to go through my cupboard and see what I'd got in there.

Thursday meant a night out with the (t)girls as it was Chameleons once again. The numbers have been doing rather well of late, so doing okay with the rent of the centre. It's also good to see everyone chatting and having a relaxed time of it. For want of something to do, we had a bring and buy sale. I know I had a few items in my closet that I wasn't going to wear any more: a couple of skirts, a few tops, some boots.

Talking of boots, a certain lady - who shall remain nameless - brought along her new laptop and ran a quick picture show of all the boots she owned. Not so much in an ooo-look-at-me way, but more, I-think-my-shopping-has-taken-over way. :-) One hundred and seventy pairs....give or take a few.

Talking of technology, I'm still slightly in awe of what we seem to be capable of and just how quickly things just become the norm. I mean, I've been working from home for most of this week and with the use of Skype and other such gadgets, it's pretty much like being in the office.... only quieter and I get more done. Not that it's bad where I work, far from it, but there are times when you really need to get your head down and crack on with writing or catching up with certain emails. I've also switched to using Chrome as an experiment. Browser-wise, I'm not really fussed over the big three (IE, Firefox or Chrome) - just so long as there's an ad-blocker function. I suppose if I really knew my stuff, I'd block it at the router, but I'm lazy and after a day battling with servers and whatnot, I'm very much in user-mode: I'm happy to switch off and just use the technology. :-)

Where were we? Oh, yes, bring & buy. A few items went and that helped top up the funds a little more. Judging by the finances and what Sandi had to say, we should be sorted for a party this coming July. It'll be free entrance to regular attendees, which I think is rather nice. What didn't go, will go to a local charity shop, so really, everyone gets something.... sort of.

Outfit-wise, I tried for a summery look and a break from leggings + long top. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I try not to get stuck wearing the same thing. The heels are bright pink and while I love the kitsch colour of them, they're okay provided you don't spend time putting out chairs, tables, bring & buy or making the tea. Perhaps gladiators would have been a better choice. Oh the vanity!

One last thing, according to the Internet, it may well be the end of the world by the end of the month. I hope not, I've just paid the remainder of the family holiday. ;-)

Take care,

( Today's lyric: "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by R.E.M ).

Friday, May 06, 2011

"Would you have liked a present too?"

Hey all,

It's a well worn phrase around this here blog, but this week really has gone by in a flash. I *think* I can remember Tuesday starting and suddenly, it's Friday night. I'm sure it won't be long in that I'll blink and Wee Man will be visiting with his grandchildren. :-)

It was the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones' birthday just the other day and that, of course, meant shopping for pressies. Funny, but I do tend to worry a little when shopping for others. Yes, I do buy my nearest & dearest a fair bit, but it's not a scatter gun approach. There is a method to the proverbial madness: keep an eye on what they're using, listening out for wishes or spotting where their eye lingers in shops. Sometimes I even remember to write it down. ;-)

In some ways it's interesting- at least to me - in seeing the evolution of shopping and present buying. I don't mean early ones lacked thumbs, more than when we earned less, birthdays and Christmas could be tricky. You did have to think carefully over which gift you wanted to give. Shops or brands that would have been sought are either passed by, or are simply not there. I guess that as our collective wages have increased, so has the choice available to us. Perhaps it is the level of luxury that's been raised.

Do material goods make us happy? Sometimes, yes. Not so much the love of sparkly items, or 'no expense spared', but the fact that you've made an effort. Equally, shopping within a budget is more fun because you have to be creative. You simply can't throw money at the problem and when you do fall on the perfect gift, it's all the more satisfying.

On that materialistic note, I hope the weekend is kind to you.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Happy Birthday by Altered Images... and if that's not a suitable title for a tranny shop, I don't know what is ;-) ]