Friday, January 28, 2011

"No Time, Never Got a Thing to Wear"


While we're not out of winter just yet, the lighter mornings are enjoyable. A touch bracing perhaps, but it's light, yay! Lots of folk seems to be enjoying the brighter evenings, but personally, I like it dark around 6ish. I dunno, for me at least, there's something a little bit magical about the night. Sure, summer's fun, but dark night holds something else that a warm summer evening doesn't. Still, that's one of the good things about living in a temperate climate, we have seasons. Okay, a lot of rain, but seasons none-the-less. :-)

It was Chams the other night and although we had nothing special planned it turned out to be a packed evening. A few new faces popped along - which is always good - and despite slashing my finger open, carrying a chair of all things, all went well. (Ed: how Rock & Roll is that? :-P)

I got there early and put the chairs out as per. It only takes a few minutes and it means no-one else has to do it. After that, upstairs to get changed. This time around was I was in the mood for feeling a bit more glam than usual. Plus, I had my presents from the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones to try out. A eye & cheeks palette from Clinique and a spiffy new bracelet. Not sure if you'll get a photo of said look as in all the confusion, I clean forgot my camera. Luckily Sophie and Val were on hand to save the day. Thanks ladies! :-) Seems the pattern on my tights has fallen victim to the flash. Perhaps a bit more Photoshopping is in order :-)

The other day I was lucky enough to get a five quid voucher from Boots, so that made a new nail varnish - summer pink! - a bargain. That was a rather nice pastel colour and I've noticed that Coke are giving away a free nail varnish (from Nails Inc) too. I don't drink it, but I know Mrs J does, so perhaps something for each of us eh? :-)

Maddy and Bobby gave me the rundown on the trip to Pink Punters. Sounds like they had a really good time and it was cool to hear they enjoyed it. There was talk about going up to Leeds later next month. That's not too far for me, so I'm considering going. Somehow a group of us ended up in the kitchen talking complete comedy nonsense. Conversations about man gifts ("mifts?") for Xmas and computer games from yesteryear (Amstrad CPC anyone? No? Ask you dad :-D ) I don't think I'll be risking looking for 'trannytube' on the interwebs though. :-)

Come the end of the evening it was time to pack away and get changed. As we did so, Maddy or maybe me - I'm not 100% sure - observed that were else would you see a group of chaps removing their make-up and stood about in their smalls? Oddly, I feel completely at ease with the Chams massive. I can't say what it is, as normally I'm a bit shy over anyone seeing me in my smalls. Hell, it's not like I've got some Adonis physique to show off, in fact, the more clothes on the better! :-D But jokes aside, there is level of friendship and perhaps understanding that's missing from other relationships. Maybe it's a 'no secrets' gig. Friends here know me as Richard / Lynn and it's a complete non-issue. All good and things to be grateful for eh?

Give or take a few days, it my sixth year of going to Chams (see here and try not to laugh at tranny lyric cliche number 4 :-D ). Not that maths is one of my strong points. :-) Bar that first meeting, we've been at the current venue for all of that time. Lots of people have walked through those doors. Some have stayed, many have passed through, but what's cool is a number have gone on to become friends. If you're reading this and you're not out and about, if you do get the chance to visit a social group, please do take the chance. You never know what the future might hold.
Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Got the Time by Anthrax ]

Friday, January 21, 2011

"Do you remember the good old days,
Before the ghost town?"


I trust all is well with you and yours, yes? It's been a bit of a quiet week so far. Well, work has been busier than usual, but then I guess that is everyone getting away from the Christmas holiday feelings and getting back into the swing of it. Well, it is nearly February :-)

Home-wise, everyone is well and truly on the mend. There is that old line "so long 'as you've got yer 'elf (health)". Like a lot of well worn and well loved phrases, it's true. After a dose of a bad cold, it's good to be able to get up in the morning and feel ready to face the world. Okay, that's not strictly true, I've never been a morning person. :-) At least, not for getting up - I'm fine to party away until the wee hours!

I did manage to pick up a few bargains in the week. Not for me - as way of a change - more for my sister and other ladies in my family. I stumbled upon some bargains during a lunchtime shopping trip, so I snapped those up and stashed them away for birthdays later this year.

This week saw the a new series fronted by Mary Portas about the quality of service given to us by the high street. Now, there are some horror stories, that's true, but there are also some angels out there. The local branches of Boots are very good (IMO), as are Debenhams and John Lewis too. Oh and the irony of someone slipping on a wig and changing their make-up to not be spotted wasn't lost on me either ;-)

Nottingham's Primark is as bad as it was shown on the TV - it's a bit like a cross between a tube station, an in-action tumble drier and a jumble sale. Provided you can find what you want, good luck finding someone to take your money. I don't tend to buy from Primark because of the queues. There are times, at least off-peak, when you can do it and it's a bit like walking through a giant wardrobe. There's so much stuff - mostly everywhere - but few shoppers and even fewer staff.

But what about the trans-side of this? Do you find you get better or worse service if you go out dressed? What about shopping for items in guy mode ? I do get some glib comments - even if I'm buying items for the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones - but I guess you give as good as you get (in a polite way) and it's fine.

Oh, having mentioned Boots and service, bless them, the make-up team have got back to me and we're now on for a Bit of a Do on 24th March. All I need to do now is pick up on Pat's work with Trends (wigs!) and see what else we can fill the evenings with.

In other news, Bobby (from Chams), shared a link in the group's forum. Seems the Leicester Chameleons have been interviewed by their local paper. It's an interesting read and - if I may say so - well written too.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Ghost Town by The Specials ]

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Get up, come on get down with the sickness"


How's things? Seems I've been at home more than I've been at work week. Mind you, is that really a bad thing? :-) Little Miss wasn't 100%, so I was house husband / caring dad for a few days. It was rather nice, even if she's now spread the love. Ah well. :-)

That probably explains why I went to Chams in bloke mode. Funny, I had been looking forward to going and I'd had a few thoughts on outfits. Yet, when push came to shove, I'd sort of lost interest. That's one the great things about going out regularly; the fact that I know there will be other times. Besides, I've got some more leave to take before the end of January, so maybe I'll get some glamour time later on? It was - somewhat obviously - the first meeting of the year, so it was good to catch up with friends and find out what Santa had brought them.

Thursday was rather busy for the group. We had been due to have a visit from a Body Shop rep, but she fell ill. I guess there must be something going round :-) It was also Tracey's birthday, so I made sure I got a cake in. We also had a new member turn up - Sally - so hopefully we'll be seeing her again.

In other news, I guess it's fairly obvious that I've updated the site's look and feel. I think the old template had been on for a good few years, so with an eye for a bit of out-with-the-old, a few CSS tweaks later and this is the result. One of the cool things about the new system is that you can have static pages. I've started to put bits on there that are sort of permanent. The obligatory 'about page', but also contact stuff and information for new readers. I like the idea of these fixed pages; chunks of information that aren't really post suitable, because they should hang around. Then again, I've been wrong before LOL.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Down with the Sickness by Disturbed ]

Friday, January 07, 2011

"Pack up your troubles,
Get your old grin back."


Back on to the grindstone eh? Ahh, that first week back at work. While it was good to catch with workmates, I can't say I relished the early mornings. Well, I say early, but to me, any time before 10am I class as early. Too much of a night owl I guess. Hopefully your return to work - maybe it was earlier? - hasn't been too fraught.

I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. The collection of Xmas choccies is slowly disappearing, clearly that's not helping the extra curves (Ed: she means fat) I seem to have developed. If my backside gets any bigger, I won't need the padding at this rate ;-) Sadly, the weight seems to go on my stomach all too easily, so it's back to a brisk lunchtime walk and trying not to eat everything in sight. :-) Oh the vanity eh?

The holiday break was just what me and the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones needed. Both of us are fully rested up and it was great to spend so much time with the kids. Okay, I did think when's Nursery open again? just the once, but that was more as we were running out of things to do. I think the kids were happy playing with their toys (or baking in the case of Little Miss), but they do need a bit of run-around-time. Time outside to blow the proverbial cobwebs away and get them to burn some off that energy they seem to have.

Next week will be a meeting at Chams (yay) and rather oddly, it seems like an age since I was last there. I've given Boots a call with some meeting dates, so hopefully something will be happening about a make-over evening at the end or the start of next month. Fingers crossed eh? The first one - if I can say this - went down rather well and was enjoyed by the tranny massive and the Boots staff.

Maddy was talking about a trip to Pinks and while I fancy it, my social calendar is pretty packed for weekend stuff, so I that's sadly a no. I'm meeting some on-line friends - you know the sort, people you've known for years over telephone/t'internet, but not met in the flesh. How weird is that? Anyways, we're having a meal somewhere in the midlands... seeing as it's, umm, in the middle :-) Hopefully that'll go well. Some of them know about my extended wardrobe already. Not that I'll be going in glam mode. I think that might be a bit much LOL. Besides, I don't want to put them off their food. :-)

So how about you folks out there? I know I've had on-line friends slip into the real world (mentioning no names). You had that too or do you keep on-line and real world separate? What about trans and straight friends? Mix and match or twinset & pearls? Actually, did that last line make any sense at all?! Best stop now. :-)

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle ]