Friday, December 31, 2010

"I'll rip it up to shreds and let it go."


How was Christmas? I hope it went well and if you were with family, that it wasn't too much of a trauma. :-) Things went well here and the planning over early Xmas shopping - not to mention the speedy wrapping - all paid off. The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones did rather well, by her own admission, not mine. Wee Man was all made up over the amount of Lego he got and Little Miss? She was happy playing with her toys too. Throw grandparents into the mix and a good meal and really, I think we did pretty well.

On the present front, Mrs J surprised me with some early gifts. "You'll have to open these on Xmas Eve." They turned out to be some rather nice - and non-male - gifts: a pretty bracelet, some Clinique Take the Day Off and a eye/cheek set too. All very pretty. Wow. I was pleased as punch with those. Honestly, and maybe this sounds overly dramatic, but I'd always hoped that one day, I'd get such gifts at Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful of items I receive.... but these? They are more special to me as I think it shows that Mrs J is okay with this side of me. And yes, I did spoil her rotten in the present presentation. But then, what are wifeys for, if you can't spoil them once in a while? :-)

Funny how dates fall eh? My last blog post was Christmas Eve and here we are a week later, on New Year's Eve too. Well, subject to when you're reading this! :-) 2010 has been a bit of an odd one. A few ups. Certainly some rather unpleasant downs - speaking personally. Yet, looking back, it's not all bad news. Sure there are government cuts, but both Mrs J and I are still employed. The kids are doing well and our parents - considering their age - are also ticking along.

It is, of course, the end of a decade too. I won't go into a huge long list of what's kicked off. I'm sure you had your own personal histories that mean more to you than what I'll prattle out. ;-) I'll leave the media to pick over the bones of the last ten years and, to be fair, they'll make a better job of it than me. :-)

if I look back at the start of the decade, I was nearly 30 and only a few years married. Skip forward ten years and now we're a family. I don't mean this as a crowing exercise, more a case of feeling how lucky I am. I hesitate to use the word 'blessed' because you know me and religion. :-) Unlike that closeted guy I once was, I'm able to be open with those close to me. I get to go out - in Lynn mode - and just enjoy life. I've had the good fortune to go clubbing or go on social evenings. Events I'd dreamed about when I was young and really, I thought would never happen. I suppose it may sound shallow if you look at the idea of living for one social event to the next, but it's not that. It's a balance: I enjoy guy stuff too (just not sport or cars) and the tranny stuff is the other side of the coin. It's a chance to express all sides of me, rather than having to lock a portion of me away and keep it hidden. I think most of us know that's a right pain. :-)

I've got a great bunch of friends from Chameleons and there's you guys here in the blogosphere too. It all helps and it all makes it worthwhile. I find purpose through it and while it's been tough on occasion, pushing on - rather than giving up - has paid out massively. Sure, there have been some dark times, but we all have to walk through the sh** once in a while. So long as you learn from those events, are they always a bad thing?

To close, good luck to you all for the future and take care!


[ Today's lyric: When I Grow Up by Garbage ]

Friday, December 24, 2010

"If only for today, I am unafraid..."

Hi folks,

Only a few more hours until the big day eh? Excited yet? Panicking over those last minute gifts or reading up on tomorrow's massive cook-a-thon? That was 'cook' by the way and nothing rude, but lets move on eh? :-)I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I hope that 2011 is kind to your and yours. If Christmas isn't your bag - socially or religiously - then happy holidays if nothing else :-)

The presents are all wrapped and stashed. The TARDIS like fridge freezer is packed with goodies, ready to be baked & primped as the hordes descend tomorrow. I've had a large G & T  (Ed: hic), so it's time to finish off a quick blog post and then put my feet up for the rest of the evening. Despite the huge amount of wrapping done recently, we are now 100% sorted for tomorrow. I hope the kids like their presents - I think that's the main drive behind Christmas. Making it special for those dear to your: the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones, Wee Man and Little Miss. LM is tucked up in bed and she's still a bit wee to get the hang of what it all means. Wee Man on the other hand, he's been a bit up & down over it, I guess it's hard to wait so long for something as exciting as Christmas. I hope he's not disappointed.

Talking of Xmas gifts (Ed: ooh, seamless link there Lynn :-) ), I was out with Mrs J and visiting friends the other week. It was a couples do at a local restaurant and while most of the men folk sported jumpers and shirts, the fair sex wowed with knitted dresses or more fitted numbers. Mrs J had gone with skinnies and the gifted boots (thanks Sophie!), so she looked particularly fab - and yes, I did tell her. Anyways, talk got around to Christmas shopping and keeping in mind this was only last week, the majority of the men-folk had yet to buy anything. "Well, I don't really like shopping..." Well, yeah, maybes, but suck it in and get busy! This is Christmas and not trawling the shops/Internet doesn't send out the right message. Funnily enough, I'd finished *ages* ago and when I recounted this tale, so had Maddy and a few others. As Mrs J said: Give me a considerate tranny any day. At least my gifts are on time and on trend. Bless her! :-)

Sticking with the tranny theme, last night was rather good - to use a typical bit of Brit understatement. It was the last meeting of 2010 and considering how close it was to Christmas Eve and a liberal sprinkling of snow, we had a very good turn out. I got their early - a little too early it seemed - and I had to ring the caretaker to pop along and open up. I didn't have to wait long and once inside, I set up. The heating had been off, so it was a bit nippy. Furniture and lights sorted, it was off upstairs to get fabulous. I'd brought along two dresses - something old, something new - as well as two sets of shoes & a pair of boots. Well, best hedge your bets. I was pleased with the new dress (see piccy) and decided to go with the higher shoes. I wasn't sure about my ability to dance in them, but hey, in for a penny eh? Maddy and Alison turned up - the latter looking rather glam in a black outfit + boots and pink tight. Maddy said she wasn't going to come along - due to other commitments - so it was a nice treat to see her (thanks for the card BTW!).

Back downstairs, folk started drifting in. I handed over a small pressie to Sandi & Tracey (for all their hard work and help during the year), said hello to a few friends. I did remember to bring the boots along for Kate, but it seemed in the rush later on, she forgot to take them home (oh well!). I bumped into Sophie, who was rocking a rather nice long black number and cute furry coat. Sandi had brought the music system along and me the laptop, so a few tunes were queued up and we had time for a spot of dancing. I was surprised that my heels were easy enough to dance in, maybe it's a tranny thing - you get a head for heights? ;-)

Towards the close of the evening, we had the obligatory photo shoot and as ever, just a bit of larking about. Kate had said she had trouble relaxing for a photo and smiling. Well, if there's one thing we can do at Chams, is act the fool(s). Not sure you'll be hearing the advice of 'say cheese motherf***er' in Photography Monthly, but it did the trick and a (natural) smile was there for the snapping. Click. Sorted. :-)

Chocolates and biccies snaffled, thank yous and goodbyes said, it was off to brave the cold of the night and back to our respective homes. All in all, a lovely way to end a year of meetings on.

Take care & happy holidays!

[ Today's lyric: Take My Breath Away by Berlin ]

Friday, December 17, 2010

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Festive greets! :-)

I hope all is well with you and yours. All sorted on the shopping front? Personally, I'm done. The Jones Massive have pulled together - no, not like that - and the present cupboard is fuller than Jordan's bra. Present-wise, there's lots of stuff for the nippers and quite a lot for Mrs J too. I guess I like to spoil all of them and it's only money right? It's just the wrapping to get out of the way and I'm not really looking forward to that. :-) Still, on with a few choice tunes and just get stuck in.

I had the good fortune to visit a friend during the week and in addition to lots of laughter and plenty of cake snaffling, there was a wee bit of item exchange. I offered Sophie a long black dress. I think that was gorge, but I just don't fit into it. Mainly as it's a 12 and I'm not. :-) I wasn't really a swap event, but Sophie was kind enough to offer me a rather nice pair of leather boots. The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones took an interest in the latter and I think I've lost those to a more needy home LOL. Still, it's good to share isn't it? :-) Then again, maybe I should have wrapped them up. Doh! :-D

For a wheeze I had a look on the eBay Outlet and a rather nice dress caught my eye from Very. I've never ordered anything from them, but I really liked the look of it and at only 20 notes, I couldn't say no. That's tapped into the PayPal funds a little, but hey, it's Christmas and a girl's got to have something to wear right? :-D I've just tried it on and while it's rather body-con, it's a nice little purply pink number. Tis the season to be gorgeous..... and also thankful. Funny, coming out from under the cloud, I can see and enjoy the good things in life. I don't mean the material goods, although don't get me wrong, I do like my creature comforts. No, it's family and the fun/love they bring. Sure, it's hard work sometimes, but I think it's really worth it. Funny, there are two blokes in my social circle who are going through divorces right now and it's taking their toll on them (understandably so). That makes me count my lucky stars and hold on to them.

Next week will be the last meeting of Chams until the New Year. Larks, 2011. How quickly that seems to have rolled around eh? There'll be a spot of dancing and perhaps some fish & chips to keep the cold at bay. No sure what music I'll be inflicting on the group, but something will come to mind no doubt.

I've also got the week off because of the way my work holiday has fallen this year. Wee Man's school will be closed now, so I'll have him climbing the walls as the excitement builds towards the big day. Hopefully, all will go to plan and maybe we'll manage to catch a film or maybe play in the snow if the weather turns. Hell, I've managed to source a new sledge, so fingers crossed for just enough of the white stuff to cover the local hills.... but not enough to shut the roads. We've got a number of folk coming round for dinner. :-)

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Meredith Wilson ]

Friday, December 10, 2010

"So looking for answers if only one,
Turn my back the urge has gone."

Hey folks,

I look at the white space of the input form and lots of ideas flit around my head. Trouble is, holding on to one long enough to get it out and on to paper. :-) The snow seems on the way out as the weather just about returns to normal. Not more icy windscreens and life-in-your-hands walks along the pavement. Well, at least until the next big snowfall :-)

This week was shorter - work-wise - than usual because I had a few days off. One to look after Wee Man as he wasn't 100% bless him. He - and then us (natch) - got hit by the heavy cold that's doing the rounds at the mo. Still, it was only a 2 - 3 day thing and he's over it now. The day after that, off for some Christmas shopping to make sure I've got enough for the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones. I think I'm just about there on that front. I also managed to grab Maddy some bangles from Outfit. A bargain at only a fiver. Sadly, they were not the silvery ones I said I'd get, but they seemed to go down well enough. A collection of various patterns/colours to mix & match with an outfit.

I had an interesting email come in the other week. Something from asking to look at what they are up to and then to hold off until the big launch of National Dad Week (this week in fact). I guess it was fairly automated, but I wouldn't say it was spam. Apart from that being rude, it's also inaccurate. I've had a look at the site and it seems all about advice (in a good way). The campaign is about getting Dad's involved with looking after the nippers. There's that old chestnut about trannys being who they are because of a distant father. Not sure I buy that. Personally, my money is on how your brain is formed in the womb. I think I posted about that much earlier. Anyways! I don't know if it's a personal thing or a tranny thing, but I do like time with the kids. Funny, anecdotally, or to put it another way "with no scientific basis at all" (LOL), I hear from trans friends that somehow they seem to get this role. Sometimes as the dad, or other times as comedy uncle who is good for a laugh. What truth there is in any of that, I wouldn't like to say, but if you've got a view on that, I'd love to hear it. Anyway, the site has some interesting videos on there and it's not like they give you a manual when it comes to bringing up nippers. ;-)

In other news, it was time for Chameleons once again. This time though, I didn't take any of my fancy outfits. Oh and before you reach for the back button, I didn't go in the nuddy either. That would be far too scary. :-) No, I think it was a combination of being busy (shops, kid care, groceries) and having shaken off a cold, that I found myself thinking: Meh. I went along anyway - certainly to catch up with friends and to help set up. I thought long and hard about outfits, but no, the pull just wasn't there. To be honest, it was rather nice not having to hurry home to get a close shave, bung the bags in the car and go through the motions of all on / all off at the start/end of the night. Instead, I sat around and had a good long natter with friends until it was time to pack up. The evening was pretty quite, but a better word might be intimate. Just a group of friends clustered around, enjoying mince pies (yum!), good conversation and lots of banter.

I did take my camera along - as Sophie was sporting her new boots - to do the honours, but those snaps won't be on here. That wouldn't be fair really. That reminds me, we had a new girl come along (Ruth) and it was her first time out. Hopefully we didn't weird her out too much and I'll post on the forum about passing the snap along. Photos done and everything packaged away, I waited for Alison to get changed before dropping her off. She'd chanced taking the bus and as it's not too far out of my way, it would be rude not to offer a lift.

All good really! Oh, one last thing - as Colombo might say - I'm off to see the quack this Monday and I guess it'll be interesting to see what he has to say about the pill situation. Just the other day, Mrs Jones was saying that I was back to my old self. I must say, it's a good place to be and the big drive to dressing lots and lots has faded away as I've mellowed. Fingers crossed it stays like this.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: The Island, Part One by Pendulum ]

Friday, December 03, 2010

"Oh the weather outside is frightful...."


Funny, I can't think of that song lyric without thinking of Die Hard. Guess it's an age thing. :-) How's things with you out there in blogland? All good I trust.

For those of you outside of the UK, we've had quite a large amount of snow. Despite Hollywood showing a British Christmas as flowing sea of pure white drifts, the truth - as per - is somewhat different. Mostly November/December is dark, cold and mostly rainy. Except for this last week anyways :-) This time around the snow has been pretty heavy and it's been unusually cold too. Certainly a lot colder than a more typical November.

Speaking personally, I think we got off pretty likely hear in the East Midlands - maybe its the power stations? ;-). Sure the drive was snowed out, but we're not far from the main road and as I live near a large village, Wee Man's school remained open. Little Miss got just the one day away from Nursery, but that was no biggie. I've not taken them sledging yet and given that it's been dark when we've got home, we've yet to make a snowman either. Talking of family, the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones was around and about near my workplace, so we met up and had lunch together. One of those rare treats. Much as I love the kids, sometimes it's nice just to be a couple for a little while. Talk, laugh and enjoy good food and good company. It certainly made my day.

While a few folk in the office have been shivering in coats, I find that my tranny powers aren't all bad news. Certainly, an amount of fashion flexibility mean you're not fussed about the whole "I can't wear that" mentality. So, on with a good pair of leggings or thick tights beneath your jeans to keep your legs warm. I knew those extra footless tights would come in useful. :-) Mind you, I did find myself putting the better quality ones to one side. After all, you wouldn't want to snag a pair of your best ones would you? :-D

I bought some snow boots earlier in the year - for that trip aboard in March - and now I'm getting the use out of them. Sure, I may look a wee bit too metrosexual in them, but knickers to that. My feet are warm and dry, that's the main thing. Probably a lot more so than the young lady I saw walking through the snow in heeled boots! I don't know if that's brave, dumb or just plain stubborn. :-)

One of the stranger things I've notice about the old snow boots is the noise they make as I walk. They remind me of more glamourous footwear. They're not like my work shoes or trainers, so on some odd subconscious level, I find myself adjusting my walk. Not so much the tranny stereotype of throwing in a wiggle, but more a slow down in pace and less striding or mooching. I do know heels alter how you walk and lets face it, when you're dressed up, you don't want to be stomping around the room. It just seems kinda wrong. I suppose it's a fine line between that comedy mincing about and graceful movement. :-)

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Let it snow by Cahn & Styne ]