Friday, August 27, 2010

"In Number 69 there lives a transvestite,
He's a man by day, but he's a woman at night."


The week gone has been a bit unusual. For a start, the house has been only half full as both the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones (Ed: TELMJ?) and Wee Man haven't been in. The latter was visiting his cousins and, as I write, still is, while *ahem* TELMJ is making her way back from a week long course somewhere down south. That's left me holding the toddler, so to speak. That's been nice, lots of father/daughter time: plenty of cuddles, a few books, an occasional snack and the odd tantrum. Her, not me, as way of a change :-) I think we are coming out of the Terrible Twos, so Little Miss's language has really come on. I've really missed Mrs J and Wee Man though. The place really isn't the same without them, but both will be back soon.

I suppose you'd be thinking that I'd be dressed up to the nines every night and snapping away with the camera. Well, in all, honesty, that only happened once and I didn't bother with the camera either. I spent some time getting an outfit together for Thursday (more on that later) and that's about it. Instead I read a few books, ignored the telly and caught with friends (emails, telephone calls, etc). I did paint my toenails on the Monday - that light blue colour I'm rather partial too - and it was nice to leave them painted all week. It's the little things sometimes :-) I suppose that might sound a bit odd to non-trans folk, but getting up in the morning and seeing a pretty colour on your tootsies, puts a little spring in your step for the day.

So Thursday? Well, it didn't come to pass. Often Little Miss goes to her Granny's on a Thursday night. That saves us travel during the Friday rush hour and I get an early start at Chams. Really, what's not to like? I had packed my outfit and, truth by told, I was looking forward to driving home in Lynn mode (like I used to). However, Granny wasn't well and clearly dropping the bundle of energy that is my daughter would not be right. (Ed: the good news is Gran's on the mend.) So, LM stayed home with daddy. Previously I would have been gutted/narked/stroppy about not being able to go out. Not so much this time, which makes for a pleasant change. Instead, I shrugged it off and dropped Sophie an email: fancy a brew, mrs? Okay, I may have put a bit more in it than that, but you get the gist :-) So while the Chams massive where doing their thing at the Centre, she and I were chatting about this, that and the other with plenty of tea and cake to fuel us on into the night. I'd like to add that that was in Bob Mode and again, not having to go through the faff of getting changed at the end actually added to the evening. It's funny in that when I started going out - from a tranny point of view - I was quite guarded about my real name, job and where I lived. Now, okay, I don't go shouting it from the rooftops, but I feel more relaxed about it at least with people who've gone from acquaintance to becoming friends.

I did buy far too much cake, so some of that went to Nursery as a thank you for squeezing Little Miss in at the last minute. The staff were made up by the unexpected surprise and having come out from the gloom - at least for the last 4 days - it made my day seeing the smiles on their faces. Again, little things eh?

Talking of cakes and all things nice, comment was made about keeping trim. I know I do watch what I eat and try to get a bit of exercise. So it goes for a few (male) friends but also a number who don't. I wonder if being trans, you watch your weight more because female fashion is orientated towards the lither end of the scale. I do find it a bit annoying that many shops will stop stocking items above a UK 14 or UK 16. Seems a bit daft when the population seems to be getting taller and bigger. :-)

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Neighbourhood by Spaced ]

Friday, August 20, 2010

"You can fight the sleep but not the dream"

Hi everyone,

This evening I'm unusually tired and for that reason, and hopefully that alone, I'm a little out of it at the mo. With luck, a good night's kip will set me right. But, it is Friday and Friday night is blogging night. I suppose in some odd way, I have my own personal deadline and if I break it, I wonder if I'll get out of the habit of regular writing. Well, lets see where this week's stream of consciousness takes us then eh? :-)

Health - or perhaps more accurately, head-wise - I've been pretty good. I think the malaise over the last day or so is just tiredness. Nothing to panic about and really, would panicking help? Probably not :-) I was going to write a post this afternoon, but instead I ended up finishing off a short story. Considering this is YATGB, I suppose you'd expect it to be all very standard trans stuff. Magic wands, genie in a bottle, a cursed pair of killer heels. But honestly, not a sniff of any of that. In fact, I don't think I've written any tranny style fiction for years. I'm not dissing it, I'm just not.... writing it. Maybe now I've got release (and the love from the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones), it's not something I feel I need. Go figure.

Talking of writing (Ed: another seamless link m'dear) I got a note through the contact form. It was from Circus magazine - sorry Circus Bookazine. Seems they've been trawling the interwebs and looking for blog articles and ideas to put in it. I'm not crowing here, I'm sure a lot of other people have had one of these too. I did a bit of research and it seemed on the level. I suppose you put feelers out and see who replies and take it from there. In terms of little old me submitting something, I'm not sure where I'd come into it. I mean, this is a fashion edition and... please note I'm not fishing for compliments here... I'd describe my fashion sense as pure high street, certainly not cutting edge. Ah well, I'll re-re-read the email and see if I can think of anything.

In other news, and following the theme of springing from one meme to the next, I had an unexpected email from a friend I hadn't seen in a while. I'll spare her blushes unless she cares to out herself. Anyhoo, I ended up driving through the driving rain through Nottingham to meet up at her house for a chat and nibbles. I think I might have done a lot of the chatting - and for that I'm sorry - but it was a fab visit with good company. If you're curious, no I didn't go en femme - although the offer was made - and if anything, and perhaps ironically, that added to the evening. I mean, I didn't have to go through that whole fab to drab routine that a lot of us dread. Instead, a cheery wave goodbye and off into the night again. Fantastic stuff to be honest.

This week has also been the release of the A Level results. I find the whole thing very muddled and rather complicated. On one hand, you've got the media: no, that's not fair - let's go with certain portions of the media baying about how exams have got easier, fall of standards, blah blah blah. On the other, education folk saying the opposite. Perhaps, and as ever, the truth lies somewhere between those statements.

One thing that does worry me though, is the chances for kids to go to uuniversity. I did go, although it was poly back in those days and no, I didn't pass. I didn't do so well and I quit to get a job. Now on the radio, I heard one young lad saying he was going to forgo uuniversity and go for the work experience angle instead. A good idea I guess, although I do know that some employers are very keen on you having a degree. Sure, some should require it, but when it's any degree, how relevant is that? How do you weigh up an applicant with lots of... life skills?... versus someone who's been in the classroom. Tough choices.

How about you good people? Did you go or not go? If you did, has it helped and if you didn't, do you think that's held you back?

Oh and it's Chams next week. Yay! Here's to a good weekend!

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Weather with You by Crowded House ]

PS: To those of who you who I owe and email to, I'm sorry and I am working on it. Honest!

Friday, August 13, 2010

"This is my church,
This is where I heal my hurt."


It doesn't seem long since I was here a few days ago, typing stuff away into the blogger input form. I suppose the rush of time - or to use the technical term: 'whoosh' - goes that much quicker when you have time off. I've had most of this week away to look after Wee Man. He is, of course, on summer holiday and there are only so many summer camps a lad can go to. So it was time for some father/son time. Building Lego, walks in the countryside, a trip to the local park, video games and a few choice films. All in all I had a great time and I hope he did too. The English Monsoon arrived towards the end and there was a total downpour t'other day. Luckily Wee Man and I were still in the car at that point. When the path started to look more like a stream than river it was next to, we headed for home. Apart from that, all went well. :-)

In other news, I bought a new mobile phone - or smart phone, as they're called these days. I may work in IT, but when it comes to home gadgets, I'm a bit behind the curve. I guess that's a combination of being careful with my money and not always trusting what a vendor says about a product. After the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones's mobile carked it and to be fair, it was five years old, we both ended up with new handsets. Monthly contracts - which I'm fine with - and the unit runs that new fangled Android thingy. Sure, I've read about what this OS can do, but I was surprised just how feature rich the system was. It really is like having a tiny laptop with you. But gadget aside, I find the best bit is that it's easier to keep in touch with people. What about you? Have you *ahem* invested, or aren't you bothered? Part of me is amazed and what it can do, while another part looks to the future and wonders what'll replace it. Technology eh? ;-)

Thursday was Chams time again. I started to pack a few things on the Wednesday but I could not get my head around a look. In the end I packed two pairs of shoes and three outfits. I was late setting off on Thursday and when I got there, my head was still all over the place. Do you get that? You take a few favourite items and yet you look on them unable to put together something that feels right? Anyways, what I'd got - which I normally like - just didn't click. Maybe it was because the tops were both too fitted? I'm still not sure, but so it goes some days. It was a case of on again, off again, on again, off again. After asking for a second opinion, I settled on the A line mini and a pink top. Indecision, coupled with a late arrival, meant I was late coming down and two friends popped up to make sure I was okay (thanks girls!). That was touching and it was nice to have a chat away from the hubbub of the main group. When I finally got myself ready, I headed downstairs and somehow ended up in the kitchen chatting. Maybe it's like parties?

Again, time flew by - talk about last time's meal out from those who went (it went well), some comedy stories - and then half ten was soon upon me. There was time for a quick photo session and Sandi was good enough to get us all together for a group shot. In other news, I've started to fish out the contact details for Boots and Sandi mentioned that we may be getting a visit from a jewellery seller next time around. Sounds good!

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: God is a DJ by Faithless ]

Friday, August 06, 2010

"No more stillness, more sunlight,
Everything's gonna be alright"

Hey folks,

How's things with you? Shall I get the good news out of the way? That's not to belittle it. The week before last - if I've got my dates right - was my last dip. For the last week or so, I've felt... normal. I don't feel under a cloud, just the normal (re: minor) ups and downs you get as part of living. I must say, it's very welcome. Yay indeed.

On Thursday gone, a number of the Chams folks headed off to Derby for a meal out. I've not had the gossip on what went on, but I'm hopefuly it all went well (update: according to the forum, yes). The reason I didn't go is that as the kids were with their grandparents (Wee Man, mine; Little Miss, Mrs J's) so we had an evening of freedom. The Ever Lovely Mrs J glammed up and off we headed for a very nice meal. I'm still feeling a bit stuffed now. :-)

Channel 4 are running a series called 'Our Drug War' and it's about the effects of recreational drugs and British society. I find that type of thing fascinating, which may seem a bit odd as I'm not actually interested in taking them. Is it a case of forbidden fruit? I'm not sure. One element that surprised me was the shift towards mass production and that once one 'legal high' is banned, another crops up almost instantly to replace it. I suppose I expected to hear the standard line of 'Substance A must be banned' from those featured in the programme, yet conversely, it was the opposite.

A leading charity was saying that people will continue to take recreational drugs regardless of their legality. They also had a retired policeman asking why we continued on the path of zero tolerance towards users. I'm not going to argue the case that we should drop all laws and let folk take what they want, nor the opposite. If our drug laws are antiquated, would giving them an overhaul help and how would it affect our society now?

I think it was about a year or so ago... hold on, let's try Google. Nope, it was 2005. Blimey, how time flies. Where was I? Oh yes, the BBC ran a programme called If... Each programme started with a basic statement and then rolled forward on drama, rather than scientific fact (Ed: it being a work of fiction and all, Lynn). Anyhow they did one called If... drugs were legal and from a drama point of view, I found it quite interesting, but again, even if various substances were legal, I don't think I'd like to fell wiped out in the morning. I mean, the pills I'm on now (for depression) mean I can't drink, but when I could, I rarely got drunk because it made me feel so lously the next day. The BBC's website for the programme is still up. I might have a wander through that later on. But what about you dear reader? Not that I mean to pry, but I am curious. There's always the anonymous option if you wish.

One last thing, this week The Times ran a theme in their Eureka magazine - it's a science thing in case you've not seen it. Anyway, this week was all about sex, and of course, sexuality. Lots of very interesting articles, including research about genetic and being intersex. One thing that struck me as I read it, I like women, but I also dress as one (on occasion). I have a few feminine characteristics (no good with maps, poor spacial awareness), so where does that put me? Where does being CD/TS/TV (pick your lable) fit into any of this?

On that note, toodle pip and I hope the week's good to you.

Take care,

[ Stronger by The Sugababes ]