Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"No more stillness, more sunlight,
Everything's gonna be alright"

Howdy folks,

How's things? Things have improved here on Planet Jones. The Big Project - so big it gets to have caps at the front of it - is settling down and therefore, I can relax a little. Various elements are dropping into place and the once impossible task, is looking more and more likely. Fingers crossed eh? :) The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is happier too - despite being ill again (bless her) - so really, nothing to complain about. Yay. Note to Fates: that's not a reason to send me anything! :)

It's only midweek as I write this and other than the above, I've two other reasons to be thankful. Firstly, Mrs J and I ordered some shoes (Ladies shoes in 8 and upwards.... ) which arrived today. The pink satin peep toe ones will have to go back, which while they are gorge, my toes tip out of the end. Not a good look really. As to the others, well, north face of the Eiger meets Jimmy Choo, but at 4 quid - yes, 4 quid in the sale - you can't go wrong really. You could spend half of that just parking in town. Photos will follow once I get a chance to put an outfit together.

How things change eh? A few years ago - and this'll sound a bit odd - I'd look in catalogues or on-line and think I'd never be able to order stuff for home. Mrs J also joked: "If I hear a thump from upstairs, I'll call you a doctor." :)

The other thing was Stace - she of Musings of an (I)Tgirl fame - was kind enough to bestow the Beautiful Blogger Award. Shucks, thanks Mrs! This was most unexpected and really did put a spring in my step. Luckily I wasn't wearing the new heels at the time, otherwise I may have been typing this from our local surgery :)

Anyways, other than a posh badge to pop in your post, there are some rules attached to this. There's always a catch eh? :) Apparently, you have to list 7 things about yourself. Crikey, after flogging the keyboard over the last few years, I'm wondering if there's anything left :) Okay... ponder, ponder, ponder... Rats, 7 interesting things. That's going to push the envelope. :)

  1. I used to be a biker, but after Wee Man started school, it just wasn't practical. Sometimes I miss the feeling of the wind against me, but with the snow & rain of late, I've rather enjoyed having a car. There's more queuing, but I'm warmer and I find it easier to listen to music.

  2. Talking of which, I love music. Strangely, I don't go to concerts much. There's a cliche of 'the soundtrack to your life' but there's an element of truth to that. I find lyrics get into my head and I often find myself wondering what the writer was trying to get across.

  3. I completed the NaNoWriMo challenge last year. This was to write a novella of 50,000 words in a month. While it wasn't quality literature, I think the point of it was to show yourself it can be done. Will I write a book one day? Who can say. 50k words would be a short novel, but I think it shows that it is doable.

  4. I like baking cookies. Not so good for the waistline, but good for the soul.

  5. The name Lynn comes from an old on-line name of 'Lin'. The latter I used... blimey... probably 15 years ago. I picked it as it was short and here-nor-there from a male/female point of view. No, it doesn't mean 'line in' or other suck geekery :)

  6. Ahh... geekery :) A few years ago, there was a rush of Open Source products prefixed with 'Yet Another...'. This was at the time I was starting to think about blogging. Ironically, I don't have a lot to do with Open Source (although to me, software's software. If it works well, that's fine by me). Did I think this little blog would amount to much? No, not really and I don't say that with any false modesty. It's a blog, sometimes it's about just me, sometimes it's about others, but it is, yet another t-girl blog. There are lots of us out there and I think that's a good thing. I hope that it makes trans-whatever seem less unusual.

  7. I enjoy old architecture - particular old buildings, bridges or suchlike. I think its looking at how they've changed through time, or indeed, how things have changed around them. I think that's one of the greatest things about the London Underground; the small gems of past that pop through the modern. This also spills over into Urban Ex, but I'm very armchair in that regard.

So there's 7 factettes. Now it's on to the roll call! I guess it would be the Magnificent Seven, but a few folk have already been given the JPEG of honour :) That rules out Jess, Stace and Petra right off the bat.

Right, in alphabetical order - (Ed: you may perform a drum roll if you like. :)

  • Becky - gone but not forgotten. Back in the day, reading her and Jo's sites helped me.

  • Emma - a lovely local girl who's blog of her life is very interesting.

  • Gabrielle - a good friend and someone who puts others first.

  • Helena - her photos of London & nights out are fascinating. The tranny ones are good too :)

  • 'J' - fellow blogger and all round top chap.

  • Justine - We've yet to talk, but I do like her blog. Big up the trans pod-cast massive! :)

  • Lucy - We met at the Angel's Bash and she writes well.

  • Sam - Yes, that's 8 but I like breaking the rules. ;0)

Seven lucky people. Now I feel bad for not linking to the other good people off my blog roll. Many of the above are on there because we talk off-line and that there blogs are updated relatively frequently. I can't nominate Sophie either, 'cos she doesn't have a blog. Hint hint :P

Righto. That's me done for another week. I hope things go well and see you next time!

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Stronger by the Sugababes ]


  1. Congrats on the award Lynn, I do enjoy your blog, as you well know. Thanks for including me in your magnificent 7 or 8, gold star for you x x x

  2. One more thing Lynn. What's the postcode to the place where the chams meet? I may beable to use public transport to pop over.

  3. Hi Lynn, thanks for linking to Gabrielle's that was one of the other ones I wanted to link to. And I know have another 7 new blogs to read through...

    Your blog has a special place in my blog roll - it was one of the first that I found that a) was updated in the last 3 years and b) wasn't full of 'interesting' photos :)


  4. Emma: Ooo, gold star. Does that mean I get extra pocket money? LOL. Thanks for the - umm- thanks and the postcode for Chams is on the web site (along with directions). I'll email some if you get stuck.

    Stace: Ta for the tag and the props. It was completely unexpected but a pleasant surprise.

    No, I don't do *ahem* interesting photos, just ones you can use to keep the kids away from the fire or pond. :)

  5. and there was me thinking you were using my photo's to scare the kids. :oD
    I keep thinking about a blog, but never know what to write. Mind keeps going...........err...blank. Yes thats it. Blank. :oD

  6. Sophie: I rotate the piccies - best not let them get used to the horror. :D

  7. Hi Lynn,

    It's great news about your much-deserved award - congratulations! I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  8. Paula: Hi there. Many thanks for the kind words.

  9. Congrats on the award. Thanks for my inclusion on the list among the other great choices.
    Lucy x

  10. Lucy: Thanks and congrats to you too ;)