Friday, January 29, 2010

"The looking glass so shiny and new,
How quickly the glamor fades"


How's things with you? All good I hope. Dirty stop out that I am, I was out trannying once again! That's once a week for the last 3 weeks: I'm feeling rather spoilt. With all the fun and games of late, and to be honest, I was in two minds about going through the whole rigmarole of getting changed. With Little Miss dropped off at Granny's house, I wasn't far away from Chameleons, so off I went and got dressed up. The evening outfit was boots, sparkly cardy and the mini-skirt I got last month. Not my usual length, but I thought I'd give it a spin. :)

I'm glad I made the effort as the evening was one of pleasant surprises. Firstly, we had quite a few folk turning up. The familiar faces (mais oui! :D ) and it's nice to catch up with folk. I also had a chat with Sophie and Alison over Pink Punters - that was fun.

Later on two ladies from Hot Hair turned up and they'd brought a number of wigs with them . A few people tried them on and really, a good wig is well worth it. Nothing makes an outfit like fancy hair. I'd say 'syrup' but that may be a bit to gor blimey Mary Poppins :D (Ed: Syrup of Fig = wig for our overseas readers. See also 'irish jig'.)

Sarah tried a blonde one on and that was such a change in looks - she looked great and yes, she did buy it after some serious thought. Tracey had brought some of her home collection along with her and was given a trim. That did put some life back into the cut. We had some new visitors too. One lady was Maddy and she was understandably rather nervous (we had a little chat upstairs). But, bless her, she toughed it out and ended up leaving with a new wig and had her make-up done too. Not bad for a first time out eh? :)

We do get quite a few new people coming through the doors. I think the New Year and dark nights may have something to do with it. Maybe it's a Resolution thing, but people seem to push themeselves to get out around this time... I know I did :) Looking back, I've only been going for 5 years or so and I guess I don't really remember how nervous I was when I stepped out of the changing room back at Pond Hills (the old meeting place for the group). Maybe that's why I keep a blog, to look back and enjoy some of the past events.

No matter how many new faces I see, either with that person in male mode or otherwise, it never ceases to impress me that they've managed to overcome The Fear (tm) and make it through the door. I think it's one thing to dress up at home or even post piccies on-line, but, it's quite another to transform yourself and then go and talk with your peers. Sometimes fear is there for a reason, but if in this case, it's only there to hold you back - something to overcome and enjoy. :)

Come the end of the night, Val had brought along a few items - a sort of mini-bring and buy if you will. There was a pair of red patent 6" heels - good grief! Talk about tranny bait :D Steph grasped the nettle and proved she could walk in them. After much laughter of how dangerous they looked, I gave them a spin too. Geez, they were high! I'd don't wear shoes that steep and I felt like I was always falling foward. I quick stroll around the room didn't help dispel that and the height meant I had to take very small steps. Very odd :)

As Maddy had her make-up done, I asked and then borrowed a blonde bob. None of my family are blonde. Well, truth be told we often start off blonde - almost platinum - but then go darker as we get older. The colour change was a surprise and while it was fun to see what I'd look like blonde, I wasn't 100% over it. As Sophie said, the style wasn't really me either.

Time ticked by and it wasn't long before it was time to get changed. Glamour off, guy stuff back on :) All in all, a very good night out!

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine ]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"It's a crazy world but tonight's the right situation,
Let it take you there,"

Hi folks!

Two posts in a week? Gadzooks! :) I nearly said 'a double entry', but that would just be wrong wouldn't it. :D

Tonight was very much a contrast to the previous evening. Both nippers are bathed and the bedtime routine is almost done. Wee Man is curled up with the Ever Lovely Mrs Jones watching some Saturday night TV. Little Miss has had her bottle, a bedtime story and, of course, a cuddle before being tucked into bed. Those of you with a strong aversion to kids may throw up now :) All done? Let's move on... :D

Skip back 24 hours - or as they say on TV: previously on YATGB... :) - it was a very different story altogether. I was stepping out from a friend's house fully preened and presentable: well, near as damn it for a tranny. Dancing shoes, that pink party dress and my lace cardie from yesteryear. Our heels echoed off the narrow street as we go into the car and made our way to the Angel's 10th Anniversary do down in Milton Keynes.

Somehow the plans all came together (Ed: feel free to indulge in an A-team quote here if you wish) and despite making just the one wrong turn, Alison and I made it to the hotel opposite Pink Punters. The bar area was fairly busy with trans folk and we spotted Gayna (another member of the Chameleons Massive). Drinks in hand - water for the driver - we mingled a bit and said hello to a few new and a few familiar faces. Fellow bloggers included Clarissa and Helena - both in top outfits - and also a few people who's names have begun to blur. The faces (and smiles) are still in my memory, but the names are on the wane. :(

[ Update: Emma and Louise :) Emma has posted a few snaps of the evening. ]

On the way over to Pink Punters, I bumped into Lucy and given the rain - and that I had to move the car to another car park - offered her a lift. We all made into the nightclub and man, was it loud. I thought Rock City was loud, but I was glad of the earplugs I picked up at the entrance. (Ed: spot the ex-biker). We wandered around and - mais oui - I had a dance pretty much straight away. Downstairs was very smokey and seemed heavy techno; middle area more pop and upstairs a bar/chill out. How you have a chill out area with a roaring fire in it, I'm not so sure, but it was quiet enough to chat.

There was a bit more dancing - Bronski Beat (I think), Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Technotronic (!), Black Box (!!) etc - and after more chat, I spotted Becky and stopped to say hello (and pass on congrats on family life). Jo was also passing through, so I said a quick hi and thanks. I think Justine was around too, but we were just about to leave, so no chance for a chat.

The journey home was pretty uneventful - although we did need to stop for a comfort break. I'm not sure the punters at Forest East were expecting two 6ft trannys to walk in bold as brass. One bloke looked agog. I couldn't resist: 'Evening' I rumbled at him and gave him a nod. He grinned, repeated the same and strolled on.

Finally back in Nottingham, I got changed and I crawled into bed some time after 2ish. Funny, in my early 20s, a weekend wouldn't be a weekend without seeing the wee hours of Saturday or Sunday morning. Now late 30s, I'm happy to see just the one version of 2 o'clock. :)

All in all, a great night out and a lot of fun. So nice to meet up with people and to show some face and support for the anniversary. I don't post much on Angels - well, any trans forums really - but I think it remains a hub and even a 'rock' in our little community. I remember visiting it back in the days of dial-up - pre 56k at that! - and reading the news, seeing piccies and reading articles from people. Geez, pre-Web 2.0 as well. How things change eh?

Ten years ago I wasn't out. I wasn't yet 30 something and with regards to my understanding of my own tranny-ness, I was very far from sorted. The thing is, sites like the Angels helped. They stop you feeling that there's just you and with forums / chat, you get to talk with people like yourself... and if you're lucky, made a few friends along the way.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Don't Stop Moving by S Club 7 ]

Friday, January 22, 2010

"I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night..."

Hi folks,

With apologies to the Blues Brothers:

It's 85 miles to Milton Keynes, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of mints, it's dark and we're wearing dresses.

Hit it.

:D Film quote damage aside - and what a film that is... Hell, I'm thinking about putting the packing to one side and starting up the DVD. Oh the dilemma! :)

*ahem* Where was I? Oh yes. It'll be a scheduled post tonight as - with a little luck - I shall be winging my way along the M1 towards the Angel's 10th Anniversary Bash. I sort of know where I'm going, although my map reading skills are not the best in the world. I think it's mostly south :D Logistically it's going to be a bit tricky, but maybe the Fates will smile and it will all go well.

My travel bag is packed and it seems to have been a long time since I've been out and about like this. Realistically, though, the last time was the Harmony do back in November 2008. Man, has it been that long since a Big Night Out? Jeez. How time flies eh? I guess that regular visits to Chams keep me sane (Ed: LOL!) and the parties we keep throwing are good for the soul... if not so much for the feet. :)

I really hope tonight is going to be a good night. Maybe I'll get to meet up with a few fellow bloggers. That would be cool.... oh, and there's a dance floor. Apparently :P

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas ]

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Through wind and rain we got here.."

Hello gentle reader,

Do you get that feeling where you want to make time for something - like writing a blog entry or email to a friend - and when you finally do, your brain just goes 'meh'? Because I'm getting that right now. Maybe if I keep bashing away at the keys it'll slowly rev back into life. :)

Thursday night has (obviously) been and gone (Ed: like, duh!) and the slight worry over the snow putting an end to an evening was unfounded. Yay! So, thanks to the hard work of the Centre managers and some winter sun, we were on for an evening of conversation, witty banter and beverages.

Sandi mentioned that the Centre may be putting up the rent and while that's a shame, I really don't mind chipping in a little more. Honestly, the group has given me a lot and I would hate to see it fold for the sake of a few more pennies in the pot each time. Even at 4 quid a time, it's still a cheap night out. I don't drink a lot, but if I go into town, I spend more than that on parking... and I have to dress down :)

This time around by sports bag was well and truly packed. You could say as well stuffed as a tranny's bra, but I won't. :) The thing is, I couldn't really decide what to wear. I'd even draped said items over the bed putting together a 'look'. Sad perhaps, but putting together new and old items brings me a little smile. Trannys eh? :)

So, the upshot of that is that I ended up taking two outfits... and 2 sets of shoes + boots... umm... and two cardys because, again, I couldn't make my mind up. :) But I was lucky enough to get in early, so I did manage a quick snap and to try on my both of my new skirts. Both were in the sale - one pre-Xmas, one afterwards (even though I said I didn't need anything :) ) The painting has been finished upstairs at the Centre and I think the dark green walls have thrown the image somewhat. I guess I'll have to find a new posing place :) Because of that I didn't take a snap of my other outfit and I think I'll be saving the shorter skirt (not in this piccy) for The Angel's 10th Birthday Party.

Talking of which, The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones is okay with me going and I know Gayna and Alison are up for it too. Gayna's making her own way down, so if I can get the planning right, Alison and I should be winging our way down the M1 sometime next Friday. I do hope so, it'll be good to get out, have a boogie and maybe meet a few people I've chatted to on-line but never met in person. Fingers crossed it'll all get sorted out, although the logistics of putting the nippers to bed, getting changed and ensuring I don't get lost in town looking for Ali's house. Should be interesting!

So that's pretty much me for this week.

Take care

[ Today's lyric: Untouchable by Girls Aloud ]

Friday, January 08, 2010

"Sometimes, yeah, I still pretend"

Hi there,

In true Brit fashion, I can't stop myself from mentioning the weather. We've had a lot of snow... for Britain, I should add. Those of you from more Northerly climes will no doubt be muttering lightweight and chuckling. :)

To be accurate, *some* parts of the UK have had a lot, but by some small stroke of meteorological luck, our neck of the woods got off lightly. (Ed: don't speak too soon!). Sure, the roads have been a bit scary in places, but in the main, it's not been so bad.

Ummm... Not too much to report this time around... heh: now I've said that, maybe the Muse will strike and I'll be off on some lengthy post - you never know :)

So far I've missed the sales. That may be good for the wallet, but not so much for the wardrobe. A few days ago I was in town with a (male) work colleague and I did pine a bit when we had to walk by the sale rails to go to the meeting. :) There are a few party dresses and some cute shoes about, but I don't need another party frock and shoes... I'm sorted for heels right now. Maybe I should risk something brightly colour and kitsch for the summer. Sparkly red or blue for a change? :)

While in town, I spotted one young lady - although perhaps for different reasons than my friend - as the lady in question had on heels and a short skirt that would make a tranny blush. "I know what you're thinking," XXXXXXX said. I doubt it. I was thinking: how did you make it down the icy hill in those shoes, and, aren't you cold love? :)

On the upside, The Ever Lovely Mrs Jones treated me to a very cute wrap cardie in the sale (Bless her!). Let's hear it for Mrs J and on-line shopping eh? Hopefully that'll arrive in a few days and I can pass the time in the car thinking what I can team it up with. Talking of on-line I saw a very cute pink jumper dress in New Look, but as I've got a few items I've yet to wear, I didn't invest.

I've been catching up with more walks at lunchtime and although it's been cold and snowy, I feel better for it. My legs were aching yesterday from the exercise, but I'm feeling a bit trimmer and - conversely - less tired than when I loaf around.

Talking of loafing around, I'd popped around to visit my parents towards the end of the holidays. Mrs Jones had taken Wee Man to a friend's house, so Little Miss and I went to visit Granny. LM had scratched my eyebrow when I picked her up, not maliciously, just one of those things. Of course, Mum noticed it and then asked: "Have you been plucking your eyebrows?"

"No," I lied and laughed: "This wee monster just caught me." Nothing more was said about it, but - obviously - the worry rattled around my head for a bit. The truth of it is yes, of course and I've been doing so for quite a while. I'm a tranny remember. Why do you think I took my sister shopping this month? I've never had thick brows and a bit of careful shaping goes a long way. I just need to remember not to over do it.

There was just Mum and myself - Little Miss may be chattering, but lets face it - she's not going to understand some conversations :) As I sipped my tea, I thought about telling the truth - as way of a change :D But.... either cowardice... or perhaps more honestly, respect for my Mum's right not to have to know, won out.

You see - and as I've mentioned on this blog before - I did tell her way back at the end of the 80s. Skip on a few years and after my one and only purge / attempt to 'go straight', a handful of years later, I told her I'd thrown it all away and stopped. Thing is, and rather obviously from this blog, I'm very far down the cross-dresser path.... it's like the road to enlightenment, only there are more shoe shops, larger closets and there's more glittery stuff. :)

Where was I? Oh yes, walking another path. I am much happier this way. The odd trip out, a loving/understanding wife, tranny friends, wardrobe space, and, yes, this blog too, are all positive elements. On the subject of being married - to this day, I'm sure my Mum (bless her) confused being trans with liking chaps (go figure). To tell her again? My Mum being my mum, she'd only worry and really, I don't think her life would be any richer in knowing the truth. For that reason alone, I decided not to say anything and instead we watched Little Miss build a block tower and cackle madly as she tipped it over.

Hopefully what snow is left - although more is due this weekend - will melt in time for Chameleons next week. Crikey, it's been a month since I last met up with everyone. Now, what to wear? :)

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Every Day is Exactly the Same by Nine Inch Nails.* ]

PS: Well, it was that or something to do with snow :)