Friday, December 19, 2008

"Let's go round and round and round and round and r-o-u-nd"

Hey folks,

I've been pondering a clean up of the blog roll. Not so much a cull, although it feels a bit like that, but to take out the links to blogs that aren't being updated or I'm just not reading. There is only so much time in the day. It feels a bit like a snub, which is not what I intend, so that's put me off a bit. No doubt I'll rev up to it later in the month.

The whole 'quiet blog' thing got me thinking. I was going to ask: what keeps people blogging? But there's another side to that and that is: why do folk give up? Is it that it doesn't reward them in some way? Now, by reward, I mean emotional reward. I don't mean hit rate or comments but the act of feeling like you've done something. Could it be time? After all, is this a worthy investment of ones personal time? Do you have better things to do than empty your head on topics that have already been discussed? Maybe the blog acts as a record of a journey and once that's done, so the blog can be closed. Does fear come into it? What if you're spotted by someone? Gasp! Sure, the Internet is a big place but it's not *that* big. Maybe it's as the late Mr Williams supposedly said: "there's the element of the confessional." Maybes, but I'm not seeking forgiveness. If anything - and if I'm really, really honest - acceptance. That I think is most people want. But, hey, I could be wrong. ;-)

The truth of it is that I don't know for sure and can only speculate. I'm a curious person (Ed: a nice way of saying 'nosey cow') and I enjoy reading what other people have to say. When people stop writing, I do wonder where that takes them. What are they doing now?

Personally, my weekly output doesn't feel like a chore, more an indulgence. A bit of time to sit back and write about the good stuff that's happened. Equally, when I've felt a bit 'out of it' this blog has helped me. Perhaps more accurately, talking - if we can call this written medium that - about the issue du jour has helped. There's also the feedback I get. I get to hear people's experiences and a breadcrumb trail back to their blog.... to read what they want to talk about.

So that's me done for another action packed episode (Ed: ooo, the sarcasm). All I that remains is for me to wish you a very merry Christmas!

Take care

[ Today's lyric: Round Round by The Sugababes. ]

Friday, December 12, 2008

"All you need is some friends,
Won't be by yourself..."

Hey peeps,

Crikey the week's gone fast; almost faster than a politician's election promise. Christmas shopping. Christmas concerts and, of course, Christmas parties. My belly's full, my waist line is slowly expanding and my feet are tender. Not that I'd like it any other way. Let the good times roll! :-)

We, the Jones family, are in the chaos that is the Xmas party season. Still, nice to be popular though eh? I had the work do at the start of the week, the Chams do Thursday and we're off tonight for drinks and nibbles at a friend's house. I think we get Saturday off for good behaviour.

The Good

The do at Nottingham Chameleons was, if I may say so, very good indeed. I arrived earlier than usual with the hope of lending a hand, but when I got in most of it was done! The tables were out and decorated, the food table was already groaning, the cooker was blasting out tasty smells and the music centre was lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree.

So... a quick (!!) change upstairs and I was back in the thick of it. The group had suggested a Mama Mia / Abba theme for the night, so it wasn't the usual array of party frocks :-) After much running around town, I did manage to lay my hands on some white leggings (chactastic :-D ), so it was on with a long floaty blue top, white leggings, flower in my hair and knee boots for a TG tribute to Abba. Take a chance? Go on then :-)

BTW, I can thoroughly recommend Rimmel's fasting drying '60 Second' nail varnish. A quick neutral base coat to prep and then on with the colour. You have to be quick mind, but it does dry nicely. Also, Nailene do a varnish remover in a pot: just stick your finger in the tub, give it a spin and it's gone.... UK readers may wish to say "Bang! and it's gone" :-)

I brought a couple of items for the raffle and the winners seemed suitably chuffed. How much will be kept or re-gifted I can't say, but the group's coffers certainly did well out of it. After the food and the raffle, we cranked the music up and had a bit of a dance. The Abba mix seemed to go okay and I think mixing the tracks together will have to be the done thing from now one. I wonder if I can get my MP3 player to link with the stereo? Then again, Nine Inch Nails isn't that festive is it. :-)

The Bad

At Chams we get a fair flow of new people. Some become regulars, some occasional and some folk are once in a blue moon. Anyways, a husband and wife turned up to the Christmas do and Tracey went off to do the meetin' 'n greetin'. As she pointed out, both looked very nervous which is totally understandably. It's a hell of a jump for most people - perhaps doubly so for partners. What is this crazy world they've landed in?

A little while later I popped into the loo to reapply my lip gloss. I wasn't alone, I could hear quiet conversation and there was definitely gentle crying. I felt really bad for both of them. Partly through trespassing if you like (Ed: but not enough to not blog about it eh?) but also because I didn't want them to be afraid. I asked if everything was okay and I got a yes and then I left them to it. They didn't join the rest of us and I wish they had. I hope things work out for them, I really do.

Yes, finding your partner is TG is a shock, but there are wives at Chams who've been through that. Chams isn't just about dressing up and dancing about like a loon - it's about looking after each other.

A note of thanks

I don't know how many of you follow some of the links from the blogroll. Anyways, Vanessa recently asked for some positive TG stories from real life. Rather than leave her hanging, I dropped her a line and she was kind enough to make that available on her blog. If you've got a story you'd like to share with her and us - anonymously or otherwise - please visit her blog.

Take care

[ Today's lyric: Round Round by the Sugababes ]

Friday, December 05, 2008

"Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?
If you can't, then it doesn't matter anyway"

Howdy partners,


There are some days when the urge to write, or perhaps more accurately - to blog, are very strong. Equally, there are other times when your mind is empty; empty of the desire to get something off your chest. That may be a point of view, a confession or on occasion, a rant. This week has been a quiet week. I don't like drama, so life is good. May we all live in quiet times. :-)

So, on with the braindump :-)

Other stuff

The other day I was reading through Jo's Blog... which lead me to Diary of a Hope Fiend... which lead me to the Gender Analyser site. It's one of those word analyser thingies that let you pop a URL in and it goes away to tell you the gender of the person who's writing the web site.

Of course I put this in. :-) I am a blogger and blogs are all me-me-me right? :-) I can thing of the following reasons for the result:

1. The code's off a bit :-)
2. Somehow I'm screening my 'male' language.*
3. It's the comments that tipped the balance.

( * True 'cos my other site came up 95% bloke. Maybes trannys are only 1/3 male! That would explain why we can accessorize, walk in heels and still undo the lids of jars :-D ).

Anyway, it's not a p*ssing contest, just for fun:

We think is written by a woman (67%).

Our survey said? Eek-errrkkk! :-) If I was feeling particular macho (Ed: or a film nerd) I could have said: "Errk! Wrong answer Hans!" :-) A polite hand clap to the first person who can name the film.

Rats. Film quotes *and* music lyrics. My name is Lynn Jones and I am a wordaholic. :-)

Obligatory Tranny Stuff

Next week it's the Christmas Party for Nottingham Chameleons. This year has a theme. Quite possibly the wine was flowing rather well at the time suggestions were being made. We are, apparently, going for an Abba theme. While I couldn't get hold of a powder blue jump suit, my outfit is sorted.

I am, again, providing the tunes for the evening. I'm no DJ that's for sure although hopefully the home-brew Abba megamix will keep us on our toes when it's time to cut some rug.

Cult Stuff

For a wheeze I added Followers to my Blogger apps. I guess it's a bit more than the blogroll thingy that most of us do. But there's something that freaks me out a bit. It's the term follower... It makes me feel like some cult leader or something.

Now got into the world my friends.... and do nice things.... and look glamorous!


Take care

[ Today's lyric: Epic by Faith No More ]