Friday, October 24, 2008

"You're in the mood for a dance,
And when you get the chance..."

Hey good people,

I hope you've had a good week.

Last night we - the Nottingham Chameleons' regulars - got together for our Autumn party. There's a flurry of birthdays in Sept/Oct, so we have one bash to wrap them all together. Congratulations to Sandy, Val B, Tina and - ummm - me. :-)

We had a fuddle: a word which may not mean something to some of you. Apparently it's a midlander term, or so I read in the local paper. I guess you'd say it was a buffet where people bring food with them. Not being organised, I bought a box of chocolates. :-) Besides, we always have enough (well done to the caterers!) and it was a very tasty late tea.

After dishing out the raffle prizes and having a bit of a chin-wag, we cranked the stereo and had a bit of a dance. I don't know about the rest of the ladies (girls?) there, but I had a great time. Good company, good food, good music equals good times.

The only question now is: boots or heels for next week's do up in Matlock? The boots were easier to dance in but I'm not sure the skinny jeans* will be smart enough for the evening meal. Still, be a change for a tranny to be under-dressed wouldn't it! :-)

[ * I've heard it said you shouldn't wear a trend you wore last time. F*** that, since when have we trannys listened to fashion advice? :-) ]

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Abba's Dancing Queen. ]


  1. Probably the weather but my opinion leans toward boots.

    Enjoy the do next week :)

  2. I vote in favor of warm feet as well...

    Takes them forever to get warm these days!


  3. The boots may win it... if they go with the red dress. I know red... but I'm out of LBDs. :) Maybe I should take both - just in case :D

    Lucy : Thanks! I hope to.

    Alan : I think keeping cool (there's a disco apparently) may be more of an issue.

  4. Wear something twice??? Are you MAD woman?