Friday, October 31, 2008

"Creatures crawl in search of blood..."

Hey peeps,

I'm rapidly running out of different ways to say "hello" aren't I? :-)

This week I ave mostly bin watchin Dead Set (apologies to the Fast Show) For those of you outside the UK, it's a nightly zombie horror series on TV. The twist is that your usual list of ragtag survivors are people trapped in the Big Brother house.

There's some dark humour in there (not surprising given the writer - who's a true wit IMO) and for television, it doesn't pull any punches. We Brits do like our dramas dark don't we? It seems that American programmes (and not to knock them) are on the whole - like the Californian weather - bright, cheerful, etc. British programming, other than comedy obviously... no, wait: that can be pretty dark too... is like our climate: changeable, moody, etc. It might be sunny now, but the black storm clouds are gathering. Are we Brits a depressing bunch? I know one of our racial stereotypes is for complaining, but most of the people I know are fairly upbeat, happy-go-lucky souls.

But I digress (as ever - Ed.) on what I was going to talk about. Have you had one of those conversations with your mates (no, not *that* one) over what you'd do if there was a zombie outbreak? The rise of the zombie game / film / TV series is interesting in itself. Why zombies again? Because they're unstoppable? Because you could be turned? Because they're cheap special effects? Answers on a postcard to the usual address. :)

Take care and... don't have nightmares :-)

[ Lyric: Thriller by (of course) Michael Jackson ]

Friday, October 24, 2008

"You're in the mood for a dance,
And when you get the chance..."

Hey good people,

I hope you've had a good week.

Last night we - the Nottingham Chameleons' regulars - got together for our Autumn party. There's a flurry of birthdays in Sept/Oct, so we have one bash to wrap them all together. Congratulations to Sandy, Val B, Tina and - ummm - me. :-)

We had a fuddle: a word which may not mean something to some of you. Apparently it's a midlander term, or so I read in the local paper. I guess you'd say it was a buffet where people bring food with them. Not being organised, I bought a box of chocolates. :-) Besides, we always have enough (well done to the caterers!) and it was a very tasty late tea.

After dishing out the raffle prizes and having a bit of a chin-wag, we cranked the stereo and had a bit of a dance. I don't know about the rest of the ladies (girls?) there, but I had a great time. Good company, good food, good music equals good times.

The only question now is: boots or heels for next week's do up in Matlock? The boots were easier to dance in but I'm not sure the skinny jeans* will be smart enough for the evening meal. Still, be a change for a tranny to be under-dressed wouldn't it! :-)

[ * I've heard it said you shouldn't wear a trend you wore last time. F*** that, since when have we trannys listened to fashion advice? :-) ]

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Abba's Dancing Queen. ]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Whatever may come, the world keeps revolving.."

Hi everyone,

Four years. YATGB has been ticking over for four years. I'm somehow surprised that this little blog of mine has managed a whole 4 years. It's a combination of things. One, that I've kept at it when other hobbys have fallen by the way side and two, that so much has changed. The world, me, my family and many of you too.

Talking of you: there's that magic third factor: you.

You good people keep coming back and adding your wit and wisdom to this blog. Without that, it would I feel be far poorer. Just me howling into the void. You make me think. You make me laugh. You let me connect and for that I'm grateful.

So.... Thank you and here's to a few years more.


[ Today's lyric: A Little Bit of History Repeating by the Propellerheads and Dame Shirely Bassey ]

Friday, October 17, 2008

"I wind up in a rusted world with eyes shut so tight,
that it blurs into the world of pretend"


Mid-October already huh? How time flies. Pumpkins are in the shops and there's a whiff of woodsmoke in the air. It won't be long before Little Miss is a whole year old (bless!). She's crawling at quite a rate and she's not doing bad at trying to pull herself up either. Full of smiles too. Funny how kids are so different, even as babies. Still, enough with the doting dad eh? Aren't we supposed to be talking about the unbearable burden of being a tranny? [/irony] or this season's shoes....? :-)

The other day I was reading Alice's blog and she was talking about writing. As I was reading that I was reminded of how I got lost in the paper the other day. Okay, not physically lost: it wasn't that big, but cr*p jokes aside, I do have the useful ability to switch off when reading. An article piques my interest and the rest of the world fades away...

I don't read as many books as a used to, quite a lot less in fact. It's not that my TV viewing has gone up, indeed that's dropped right back. I seem to spend the bulk of my 'me time' on the computer. A bit of surfing perhaps and some on-line gaming, but really either reading (blogs, pages, news) or writing.

By writing I mean more than just this blog. They say everyone's good at least one good book in them, I've yet to find mine. :-) I find creative writing a great way to switch off. For the record, I did do a TG story years ago, but even though I'd like to do a part II, I just can't bring the effort up. :-)

Personally I love losing yourself in the process of imaging what's going on and somehow getting that down on screen. Well, I say writing, but realistically it's typing. My own handwriting is terrible so it's a good job keyboards were invented! I don't know about you, but I also have this mental block on what computer program I use to type things up.

Blogger's front end is fine as is Notepad et al, but there's something so very corporate about a word processor. As soon as I see that interface, my imagination seems to run and hide. It's almost as if I fall back into work mode. Weird huh?

Next week it's party night at NC. There's been a couple of birthdays (many happy returns!) of late and we roll them all up into one. Yeah, it's an excuse for a party, but there you go. It's not all bad news is it? :-) I'll have to start thinking about what to wear. Maybe it'll be skinny jeans this time around? (Yeah, I *finally* got my hands on a suitable pair. So boots + jeans and a fancy top?. Although this time hopefully my tranny powers won't fail me and I won't end up going in Bob mode. Still, it is easier to dance in trainers :-)

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Frgt/10 by Linkin Park (feat. Alchemist, Chali 2na) ]

Friday, October 10, 2008

"The North wind blows so cold,
Chilling the warmth of my desire"

Hey unbelievers,

Pull down another page from the calendar, another week goes by.

I witnessed two some-what odd events this week: one involving yours truly and the other not. Shall we start with the not-me?

I can't believe it's not punk

Put your mind back to the 70s (or any music countdown programme in the last 10 years) with a snarling, sneering young gent paying homage (!) to the Queen. The group that did and didn't make it to number one. Umpteen years later, Mr Rotten Esq is now advertising butter.

Eh? Come again?

I'm not sure I can make the connection. A bastion of yoof culture and DIY music, now flogging solid cow juice? What next? Henry Rollins and Andrex? Jello Biafra + Mr Kipling? Marilyn Manson* and Boots No. 7? (Ed: actually, that could work...).

(* yeah, not, punk. So sue me. :-p )

Music and advertising seem - at least to me - a somewhat uneasy alliance. "It's selling out" I hear from many people. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Some manage to hang on to their street cred while others plummet. Does it work if it's a comedy turn: as with Lemmy and Kit Kat? Or Motorhead and Clarks kid shoes. Actually, that *really* worked. :-)

Occasionally the artist gets more from the ad than the product shown. Babylon Zoo, Stiltskin, etc. But then I have to ask. Why shouldn't an artist do it? Who is using who?

Am I now more likely to go and buy that brand of butter / marg? Actually, truth be told, I can't remember the brand. An array of suspects for you judgement await here.

Funny old world.

(Not) In the mood...

Earlier this week I was pondering where I could get my hands on a pair of skinnys (not two Hollow-wood, sorry, Hollywood lollipops) and if the new evening dresses had hit the high street yet. Nothing was doing and when Thursday rolled around... I was just not in the mood for dressing up. Hell, I'd planned my outfit last week (boots are back on the cards) but when push came to shove, my heart just wasn't in it. Odd considering it should be - or maybe even is - Tranny Season.

Still, I did have a very pleasant evening talking with the good people at Nuthall and if I'm honest, it was a rather refreshing change from the rush to get changed and cleaned up. I also bumped into a lady I met at Leicester Chameleons: Amy. It was nice to catch up, although I don't think she recognised me in Bob mode. :-)

Tea and a chat eh? Where did I put my slippers? :-)

(ps: It's Harmony soon-ish. I'm just going along for the dinner + disco. I hope it's not going to be Mary McScary. Is anyone going along?)

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Four Winds by The Levellers. ]

Friday, October 03, 2008

"Here she comes - the great Leveller..."

Yo, what's happenin'? :-)

Ironic use of 'street' aside, hello peeps. I hope you're well.

An old friend of my mum's passed away recently leaving two (now grown up sons in their 40s) and her husband. I was leafing through the cards in the shop, looking for one that felt right. We're not overly close, but still, you don't want to see the people you like get put through Life's mangle do you?

So back to the card selection. It was a rather odd experience in that how can a card with a simple verse help? I've been on the receiving end of grief - as no doubt you good people have too - and as someone who's not grieving, it feels... cheap. No, that's not the right word; more a hollow gesture. Like shouting in to the void. Equally, you don't want to be over-the-top nor in-their-face. Some people want to talk about it, some don't. You just don't know do you. But negativity aside, I remember seeing all the cards sent after my sister's death. The person you love may not be there, but I hope it shows that other people cared for them and also for the people left behind. I hope they draw some comfort from it.

F***. This is cheery isn't it? Okay. Let's talk about shoes or something vapid before I well up! :-)

Ahhh... Balls. I'd written a paragraph below about social networking (see Groundswell if you like) but it was dry and my heart just wasn't in it. I don't know about you, but sometimes I stall on what I want to write. I talk around the topic (like now) rather than just coming out with it. I wonder if it's my subconscious getting the idea straight before I get to write about it.

Deep breath, Lynn.


Earlier tonight the ever lovely Mrs Jones set off for a night out with the girls. She looked fab - and I told her. New trousers, groovy top and foxy shoes. See, shoes don't just do it for trannys. Anyway, as I kissed her goodbye before putting the nippers to bed, I wondered if this line is true: "women dress more for each other than for men."

I remember reading this many a moon ago and it's one of those lines that sticks in my mind. I think we all want to dress nicely if we want to seem attractive. I don't just mean sexually attractive, but socially attractive too. Do you want to hang around someone who dresses *really* badly or who hasn't had their yearly bath? Shallow yes, very much so, but we make all sorts of judgements about a person who appears a certain way. When we're not so shallow, we look passed the outside and deal with that person as an individual.

Heh. Somewhat amusing, here I am - your typical cross-dresser - crowing about treating people on how they dress. Mind you, you do get to experience the extremes the above as a tranny. :-)

Anyhoo, the article went on to explain itself a bit further but as I read I began to disagree. Not all men notice, but some men do. I'd wager that most trannys do. We're wired to take in a women's appearance, perhaps more so that your average Joe. Of course, we're looking with an eye of 'that looks nice' as much as 'Sue looks smart today', but there you go. :-)

Talking as a guy, I don't have the confidence, and perhaps this is a good thing, to say to female colleagues / acquaintances 'you look nice today' when they do. Not everyday stuff, but the biggies like a new look: hair, clothes, jewellery, etc. I guess it's the fear that they'll think I'm hitting on them in some way, so instead I say hello and move on. The funny thing is: sometimes I'd like to. Doesn't everyone like a genuine and deserved compliment?

That's enough waffle from me.

Take care!

[ Today's lyric: Too Real by The Levellers ]