Friday, September 19, 2008

"Back in black, but no heads are turning..."

Hello dear reader(s),

Funny when the the writing bug strikes you. I suppose I could say 'muse' but that would imply some divine inspiration to my pondering wouldn't it? Where was I? Oh yes. Of late I've been looking at the new autumn fashions that are out and about. Like Amy sings, we're back to black (again), but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I did so struggle with acid brights - especially the idea of brightly coloured tights. Maybe for Smurfs or clowns, sure, but with open toed shoes? No, thanks. I may be a simple tranny, but I have my limits.

B*lls. I'm off-topic again. [deep breath]

Like bears, Trannys have a hibernation time - although ours is over the summer. Mmm, reminds me of that cr*p joke:

Q. What's the difference between a tranny and a bear?
A. One has scary teeth, huge claws and is hairy all over. The other one's a bear.

But low grade gags aside, there is a tranny off-season....

(although I seem to have been bypassed this year and stayed at it. But them I am a bit odd)

... and it's about now that the situation, at least for some of us, begins to shift. Can it be that there's more evening wear in the shops? Is it that simple? Is it hormones again? Dark nights perhaps? I don't know, but I can tell you this. There are some fabby new dresses in the shops for this Christmas! :-) A shopping trip is most certainly in order at some point!

I notice that patterned tights are on models on the high street once again. I thought we'd done that? Does fashion loop so much more quickly now or now that the credit crunch has hit, are we re-imagining (I hate that word!) last year's fashion at an equally fast pace? Purple seems back on the cards too. Still, it'll be interesting to see what actually sells and what my female friends end up wearing.

Not that I'm obsessed.

Oh, okay. Maybe a bit. :-)

[ Today's lyric: The Dawning of Doom by Die Krupps ]


  1. Probably they are trying to figure out how much the market will bare...bear?

    No Freudian slip intended, of course!


  2. I saw a really nice Freudian slip in New Look the other day :)

    I think the fashion industry has become so creatively bankrupt and desperate it is feeding on last season's still-warm corpse for ideas, rather than last generation's.

  3. Pattened tights seem quite common, I don't mind coloured it can look great though it needs to be attempted with great care.

  4. I know when the time to dress, for me, comes is when I start to see boots in the store window displays!

  5. Alan > given the shortness of skirts* last time around, my first thoughts would be 'quite a lot'! :-)

    ( * for young ladies, not mid 30s trannys :-D )

    Pandora > LOL.

    Lucy > Maybe coloured tights are like short skirts: they suit some people but not everyone.

    Lisa > Hello! :-) Don't get me started on new boots! Biker boots this season apparantly. Perhaps a pair of skinny jeans will be a must?

  6. Is there a cure for the writing bug? I sure hope not...

    Once upon a time I wore odd socks; it was my "trademark", so to speak. Really bright, dayglo colors, and never a match in sight. :-) Oh, if we could wear stockings like that... :-D

    Carolyn Ann

  7. I hadn't heard that joke before - made me smile :)

  8. "( * for young ladies, not mid 30s trannys :-D )" Great! So it's OK for Trannies in their 50s? Too late, guilty as charged. I think there's a certain shamelessness that comes with age. :)

  9. Carolyn Ann > A cure? :) Tiredness? Stress? A view of the unwashed pots in the sink? I try to avoid all 3 if I can help it. :-D

    Jessica > Thanks. It's an oldie, but a goodie!

    Rachel > If you've got the legs, why not show them? :)