Friday, August 29, 2008

"Soothe your temper, wash your eyes,
And give your lungs some exercise..."

Hey ppl,

A good week? I hope so. Mine - or should I say 'ours'? - was rather good. A very pleasant week spent in quaint rustic setting far away from the maddening crowds. It felt great to have some proper family time together and get away from the modern world... Well, okay, we did still have Freeview and a dishwasher, but then I don't do tents or 'roughing it'. If it ain't got 4 stars, I ain't going. You can pry my luxuries from my cold well manicured hand. :)

There was no timetable or the ever beeping mobile to distract; just leisurely strolls around woodland parks, the odd afternoon tea shoppe visit and the obligatory stop offs at adventure playgrounds to keep the nippers amused. Plus, with the latter, it keeps the Tubby Fairy at bay. You know how it works, you eat a large pie, enjoy a lot of beer and then the Tubby Fairy arrives at night and makes your waistline disappear. I think she may have been featured on Willow the Wisp, but I've been wrong before. :)

So there you go. Not much to report in a TG stylee at all, but it's nice to break the routine up!

[ Today's lyric: Let's Get Tattoos by Carter USM ]

Friday, August 22, 2008

"No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday."

Hi folks,

Friday rolls around again huh? You'll have to make do with a scheduled post from me this week as the Jones Crew are off on a summer holiday (Ed: cue Cliff!). I wonder if we're having a nice time? I hope so! :-D

Anyhoo, here's the music quiz from last week. It's not exactly high brow, but then what did you expect from a tranny blog that quotes pop songs week after week? :-) There's no prizes although if you want to add a bit of tension, I'm sure there's a WAV for Who Wants to Be A Millionaire on t'interweb you could use.
  1. Louis Armstrong's Wonderful World appeared in which famous film about Vietnam?
    A) Platoon B) Good Morning Vietnam C) Full Metal Jacket

  2. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend was featured in which 50s film?
    A) Some Like It Hot B) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes C) The Seven Year Itch

  3. Who didn't record 'Mrs Robinson'?
    A) Simon & Garfunkle B) The Lemonheads C) The Cars

  4. Abba's Mamma Mia. Who links the film of the same name with The Devil Wears Prada?
    A) Colin Firth B) Meryl Streep C) Julie Walters

  5. Who sang the original 'Car Wash'?
    A) Rose Royce B) Rose Tyler C) Rose Bud

  6. What is the name of Dolly Parton's theme park?
    No hints for this one! :-D

  7. Who sang 'Footloose'?
    A) Kenny Rogers B) Kenny Loggins C) Kenny Dalglish

  8. Which 90s 'creature feature' had a giant lizard destroying New York?
    A) Cloverfield B) My Kinda Town C) Godzilla

  9. Which famous 80s film had "I've Had the Time of My Life" in its soundtrack?
    A) FootlooseB) Back to the Future C) Dirty Dancing

  10. Girls Aloud said 'Jump!' but who did the original?
    A) Sister Sledge B) Pointer Sisters C) Sister Soulja

  11. Which 90s action movie featuring Nick Cage features the song 'Sweet Home Alabama'?
    A) Con Air B) Mach 1 C) Snakes on a Plane!

  12. Chris Penn was in Reservoir Dogs as Nice Guy Eddie. In which 80s film about dancing did he play a teenager who couldn't dance?
    A) Footloose B) Weird Science C) Back to the Future

  13. Video Killed the Radio star, but who sung the original?
    A) Muggles B) BugglesC) Cuddles

  14. Which computer animated film featured the track "I'm A Believer" during the karoke party?
    A) Shrek B) Tron C) Finding Nemo

  15. The Ramones cover of 'Wonderful World' was used in which Michael Moore movie?
    A) Bowling for Soup B) Bowling for Columbine C) Bowling for Columbia

  16. 'The Spy Who Loved Me' featured as the title track for a James Bond film. Who played Bond?
    A) Sean Connery B) Timothy Dalton C) Roger Moore
So that's your lot. Good luck and see you in 2 weeks!

[ Today's lyric: Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard ]

Friday, August 15, 2008

"We're gonna have a good time,
We' re gonna have a party..."

Hey y'all,

How's it going? All fab and groovy I hope!

After last week's kick in the spiritual nuts, this week's been a bit of a hoot. Thursday saw the annual 'Cream on the Green' at Nottingham Chameleons. Basically, it's an excuse to have a party, eat food that'll make your skirt tight (Ed: no, not like that!) and dance the night away in good company.

For a laugh, this year's do had a movie theme: so come along as your favourite movie star or character. Numerous ideas went through my head as this was suggested. I considering hiring an outfit, but I wanted something that went with the wigs I had in. I fancied the idea of going as Wonder Woman but - and because I'm a perfectionist, I didn't want to do black boots with the outfit. Yeah, I know that's a bit fan boy, but hey, I like to call them "standards" :-)

Thinking about what I had in: black trousers, dark hair (Ed: you mean wig don't you Lynn?) I couldn't help but think Pulp Fiction. A quick jaunt into town and I had a fitted white shirt but no time to road test the outfit.... Well, okay, what if that doesn't work? I had a short grey skirt. St Trinian's perhaps?

Perhaps this next bit'll strike you as odd, but as I drove to the venue, the idea about doing 'school girl' just felt... well... a bit odd. I was going to do the outfit with freckles, bunches and comedy Chav earrings (don't tell me you don't know the type), yet as I drove through town and thought about it, the less I fancied the idea. Is that nuts? I'm over-analysing a fancy dress outfit which frankly, isn't the whole idea to be a) silly and b) over-the-top? Yeah, I mean sure, there's an element of oddness in a guy going to a meeting to dress up in women's clothes, but I hope you catch my drift :-) Odd, but a few years ago (pre-going out to Chams) I would have been more than happy to have done so. Trannys eh? :-) Is it that it could be considered cliche? I just don't know. Anyway, I did a quick try-on in the changing room and my mind was made up: Mia Wallace is was. That or scary tranny waiter. It could be either depending on how you look at it! :-D (Ed: More wine? Sir? Madam?)

The 'Do' itself went well - even though I supplied the music :-) - and we had a treat of home made curry in addition to the usual nibbles. The movie music quiz seem to go down well and then it was on to the raffle. I didn't win, but really that's not the point. We got quite a few quid in and that'll help boost the group's funds nicely. After that we turned the music up and had a dance... only three songs later I found myself dancing on my own. Still, I love to dance even if it was on my tod. I wonder if that's how Bez feels :-)

After that it was time to get changed and help folk tidy up. I felt a twinge of guilt as a few folk had gathered by the door. I don't know if that's because they wanted peace & quiet or if they want to chat with the smokers. Who can tell! There's always the off button. :-)

All in all, I had a grand time.

Later alligators,

[ Today's lyric: Loaded by Primal Scream ]

ps: The observant amongst you will have noticed a contact form on the bottom right hand side of the screen. So, if you've anything to say you don't want to say in public - for whatever reason - there you go.

pps: A bit of late news... and following on from an earlier post about the 'gay gene' theory. There's an interesting story on NewScientist that looks at the theory from another view point.

Friday, August 08, 2008

"They just use your mind,
And they never give you credit.."

Hi peeps,

What to write about today eh? Truth be told my mind's been in such a spin today that I feel blank. The thing is I want to write something. I enjoy writing even if it is this old dribble. :-) Writing this blog is part of my weekend. It's something I look forward to and when I miss a Friday - ironic considering I'm generally sh** at deadlines - I feel that in some way I've missed the mark.

So today? What can I say. It wasn't a bad day, not compared to some of the bad sh** people have to wade through. Y'know one of those days where it's got capitals and a bold font to drive the (hollow) point home. I think it was a build up of last few weeks of being absolutely red-line flat out at work and the feeling that it's a continual struggle to just get stuff done. Sometimes it all starts to feel a bit Brazil, if you get my meaning. For those who like their myths: Sisyphean if you like. :-) Still, enough with the negative. Maybe my ego's out of joint and I'm tired. Tiredness - as I've said before - seems to drive my mood more than anything else.

How about some good news? Okay. Chams is on Thursdays and every second and forth Thursday at that. Because of the way the calendar falls, every now and then there's a gap... like this week. Luckily, I checked this time around to prevent a wasted journey.

This coming week there's Cream on the Green although given the weather, it's more likely to be an inside job: Dance in yer Pants, Impress in a Dress, Rock in a Frock, Jig in a Wig or Squeal in yer Heels (Ed: FFS!! Enough with the puns!). For a hoot, we've made it a movie theme, so it's come along as a movie star or character. I did consider Wonder Woman but I couldn't find any red boots :-) I won't tell you who I'm going as, I'll save that bit of news for next time.

I was going somewhere with this... Oh yes I remember now. The extra time gave me chance to put a few movie related tunes on CD and a multi-guess quiz for those who don't want to cut any rug. Once everyone has done the latter, I could post that here if you fancy a challenge. :-)

Well... considering my mind felt blank earlier, I seem to have waffled on quite enough for one sitting. Have a good weekend... and to those of you who are working... enjoy your time off when we're all stuck at work ;-D

[ Today's lyric (and at next weeks' party), 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton ]

PS: If trannys had a patron saint, do you think it would be Dolly? :-) And if not, who else?

PPS: I also noticed that today is 8/8/8. Nice if you like palindromes or you are Bel-Shamharoth. Not so good if you're a Discworld wizard. :-D

Friday, August 01, 2008

When these doors were open-ended.."


Roads are empty, parks are full and shop centres heave with teenagers. The school holidays are upon us once again. How time flies eh?

Just last week I was with my son at his mate's birthday party. The young guests were certainly enjoying themselves and the weather kept things perfect. One of those childhood summers where the fun never runs out and the sun is shining.

There seemed - at least to me - a certain amount of magic in the air that afternoon. Perhaps it was just my parental knowledge of knowing that the school holidays were well underway and maybe the happy recollections of my own childhood. With the sun shining and the kids all laughing, I felt a buzz of excitement: as if we were on the cusp of something. It felt like they were all about to embark on a big adventure, ride out into the sun-set on mini Magnificent Seven vibe.

I don't know if you do this or not, but there are certain days or times of the year that have this feeling of magic to them. Christmas is one of those - or it is now I have kids. In my working life it all seemed a blur of work parties and shopping trips to get things for people. Don't get me wrong, I like shopping and I like giving presents... just maybe not having to do it all when everyone else is would help :) Now we've got kids, things have settled down to a family affair and - as most parents will say - the look on their faces is what makes it all worthwhile.

Another time is Saturday - especially Saturday morning - as this gives me the feeling that I felt at the party. You have the whole weekend in front of you. Two days to do what you like - well almost what you like - with no ties to deadlines or work guff to get in the way. There's the will it / won't it roller coaster of the British climate and understandably the affect that has one where you can go and what you want to do.

Opposite of Saturday is Sunday which to me always feels like Saturday's slower and ploddier sibling. The thrill of the weekend is waning and indeed if the TV can be used a barometer of our mood, then Sunday is the quiet walk in the park compared to the glitzkreig rave that Saturday's TV is. Ironically, I don't watch much TV during these periods. Indeed, apart from a few regular shows, TV use seems to be waning in our house. The Internet seems far more interesting.

So... umm... enjoy the weekend! :-)

[ Today's lyric: Saturday by Fall Out Boy ]