Saturday, February 16, 2008

"The public gets the music that no public could deserve,"

Dear Miss Jones,

Re: Christmas Wishes

I write regarding your letter of 20th December 2007. I must confess that your request of 'please can we have fewer overblown talent competitions on the box' caught my eye. I have a couple of World Peace wishes in the sack, however I must report that what is on the television is quite outside my remit. I will, however, pass your comments on to the Chief Elf to see if he's able to pull any strings.

Yours sincerly,


ps: Thanks for the Jack Daniels the other night, it made a change from the Sherry.

[ Carter USM: Glam Rock Cops ]


  1. Perhaps that's why most of what I listen to is at least as old as I am...


    Just a thought!


  2. :) Well, not all new stuff is rubbish, just as not all old stuff is great. It's all personal preference.