Friday, February 29, 2008

"...but style is something versatile"

Hey there peeps,

Another week flies by eh? So what's been going on? I had a very nice evening out with the ladies at Chams the other night. I was a bit late turning up, but it was good to have a chat. I got to wear my new dress and the shoes I picked up from the shopping trip before last. Good times. I also - and this was a surprise - I got a cupboard key (hey, I must have an honest face!) and a proxy pressie* from Daphne. Both very gratefully received! (* One that's not directly for you, but nice to get). I also found out a couple of the regulars will be going to this year's Harmony. I hope it'll be good.

[ Oh, I'd like to interupt this diary-fest with a brief apology. If you've come here looking for deep insights into the transgender paradigm. Ummmm.... sorry, my head seems to be relatively level at the mo, so deep analysis is out of the window. It's nice to just be able to relax and enjoy life. ]

On Wednesday I had a good day / bad day experience. One of the projects I'd been slaving over was canned. I got the message after ringing the client while I was away on a conference. I'm a bit miffed because my co-workers really put their backs into it, but what can you do? With that little black cloud floating around, my heart just wasn't in to the dribble some of the sales folk where coming out with. So, I did what every tranny does when life gets you down...

I went shopping. :)

... and I was glad I did. Rather than brave a journey into the nearby city, I headed out to a retail park. It was a quiet afternoon and the previous black cloud began to drift away as I flicked through the wracks of clothes and checked out next season's shoes. One of the nice things about some of the high street shops is that on a retail park, the shop will save money by joining forces with their male brands. So, Next has it all under one roof, as does Dotty P's, TopShop and Burton. A long leisurely look around Dotty's / TopShop and then drop into Burton to pick up any one pair of jeans and hit the changing rooms. There's always shorter queues in the male shops too. :)

I found two items in the sale: a black dress (bit shorter than I normally like) that had a scarf-like tie to the neck and a black V necked jumper. Both reduced rather significantly and both of them went with things I already own / shouldn't date too much either.

Talking of fashion - well this is yet another tranny blog isn't it - I have been entertained slighty (Ed: some folk are easily pleased) by some of the women's magazines my wife gets passed on. H. and her friends will circulate a collection of magazines once they've finished reading them and some of the mags are a couple of months out of date. Maybe I'm a bit odd (Ed: only just 'a bit'?) but I enjoy flicking through the trends to see what did and didn't catch on. It's funny reading about next season's must haves when that season has been and gone and it didn't catch on. It's not that I enjoy the negativity of it, no far from it. It's more that we seem very difficult to predict in our tastes. Some outfits / styles catch the public's eye and they run for quite some time. Others, like flares, took a long time to come back in. Then there are the items that never seem to go away and remain classics.


[ Today's lyric: Senser - What's Going on. I suppose I could have gone for a quote from Mr Wilde if I'd give it a bit more thought :) ]

Friday, February 22, 2008

"I'll kick with my Jimmy Choos..."

Hey peeps,

Blimey, I'm glad it's warmed up a bit. It was (literally) freezing earlier this week (Ed: not that the British are obsessed with the weather). Not the type of weather to be stood about on a train station or waiting for a bus. Luckily, I didn't have to do either this week. :)

Things are ticking along quietly at the mo. Sometimes a bit of quiet is very, very welcome. Excitement? Yes, it's nice for a bit - like having friends round - but you don't want them all the time. It's good to be able to just sit back, have a nice cup of your favourite dried leaves/beans meets water + cow juice.

I'm feeling a bit of a lull in the Force. The TG Force that is, not the making robots-jump-about Force you see in the movies. However, I did get some new heels while I was out the other day. There was a sale on and after a quick stroll around the shop I found a nice pair of stillies I couldn't resist. I was miles from home, so finding a quiet spot at the back of the shop, shoes off, heels on. No-one cared and no-one gave me a second glance. Just what I wanted. I suppose most people think 'fancy dress' or 'stag do'. That's normally what I hear from my (straight) mates if they get up to anything like that. That or they're better liars than I am. :)

After queuing for ages I handed over the cash. The sales lady asked if I wanted any foot pads (no, not muggers) that shops have been flogging off. "Are they yours?" she asks slowly. "Yeah," I reply because really a) who cares, b) she won't remember me and c) I'm a long way from home. "Okay," she says brightening. "We get quite a few gents in here for ladies shoes" she adds. Cue a conversation about the perils of dancing in heels (her) and that her feet would ache at the end of the night. Sure, we blokes are heavier, but I wonder if our big feet are designed to take the weight more than a woman's dainty pinkies? Either that or we're just out in them less. :)

In other news, I got my tickets for the Harmony party later this year. I'm not overly fussed about going *right* now, but once the magic of Christmas / Autumn kicks in, I shall be looking forward to it. A dinner and a dance - sounds rather fun. I wonder who else will be along for the fun and.... not that I'm obsessed... what will be in fashion.... and will it be cold? :)

Here's to a relaxing weekend,

[ Lyric: The Sugababes with Red Dress ]

ps: Not that they were Jimmy Choos. I'm not that well off! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"The public gets the music that no public could deserve,"

Dear Miss Jones,

Re: Christmas Wishes

I write regarding your letter of 20th December 2007. I must confess that your request of 'please can we have fewer overblown talent competitions on the box' caught my eye. I have a couple of World Peace wishes in the sack, however I must report that what is on the television is quite outside my remit. I will, however, pass your comments on to the Chief Elf to see if he's able to pull any strings.

Yours sincerly,


ps: Thanks for the Jack Daniels the other night, it made a change from the Sherry.

[ Carter USM: Glam Rock Cops ]

Friday, February 08, 2008

"The kids are strappin' on their way to the classroom"

Reach for the sky! :-)

Do you get the feeling that you're misrepresented? Well, not personally, but where you live. Nottingham's been my adoptive home time since the turn of the 90s and I have a soft spot for it. It's not got the coolness of Manchester or bustle of London, but it has - at least to me - a certain charm. It's a very young city. The two large universities keep the 'yoof' element topped up and the effect on the city's nightlife, shopping and environment can't be ignored.

It also seems that you can't turn the page or switch on the TV without hearing the words "Nottingham" and "gun" - usually in the same breath. Given the portrial of the city in the media, you would think this is South Central LA!

"Kids going to school in Kevlar parkers kicking the empty crack vials and spent shells from last night's rumble in the urban jungle. Mum's packing two Nines while Dad rides point. Word! This is Nottingham where the modern day outlaws ride roughshod through our streets...."

As a famous armchair intellectual once said: My ar*e! :-)

Now I'm not saying that Nottingham doesn't have any crime, all major cities have their problems but it really isn't how the place is shown on TV. Sure, our local hero is a robber, but don't let that put you off :) Compared to the larger cities, like London and Manchester, crime rates here - per X number of people are lower. Plus for all this talk of shootings and drive-bys, I've never seen one and I've lived in some sh***y areas of the city.

I guess we're back to the old adage about a good story and the truth.

Stay safe,

[ The Offspring with Come out and play ]

Friday, February 01, 2008

"Time, time, time
See what's become of me"

Hey y'all,

This week's been rather busy. Consultants, conference calls and urgent meetings to resolve various issues. Today I stopped for a late lunch. Sometimes you just gotta step back and take stock, let your mind settle and give your brain time to cool off.

As I looked out of the window and out towards the greenery outside - well, as much as there can be on a cold winter's day (hence the song lyric) - and I was reminded of my late Grandad (a keen gardener). No, this isn't a death thing, if your mind's jumping that way. Moreover I was reminded what my Grandad did for a living when he was my age... and how it's pretty much been surpassed with the next wave of technology and so on.

I had a smile to myself thinking that for all the flapping and running around that I - and the team for that matter do - in years to come, it'll all be just history and if I'm honest, probably quite irrelevant in the big swing of things. I didn't find this a depressing thought, no far from it, I found the whole thing rather amusing. Here I am beaving away like no tomorrow when really, will tomorrow care? :)

Returning to the fray after the speed lunch (no, not a lunch of 'speed', that would be a bit dodgy at work [wink]) I found the whole mass panic easier to deal with. Sure, you do your best because that's what you're paid to do, but take it to heart? Nah, you don't pay me enough to lose sleep over it. :)

[ Today's lyric: Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon and Garfunkel... or The Bangles... or Bodyjar... whoever they are ;) ]