Friday, December 28, 2007

"Time it goes so fast..."

A big festive hi!

I hope you're enjoying the holiday season. The last few days have gone by in a blur of visits to friends and family punctuated by too much yummy food and the obligatory gift exchange.


I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions; really, if it's that important, just do it (Ed: today's sage advice is sponsored by Nike). That said, I think I need to start back on doing a bit more exercise and (maybe) cut down on the mountain of chocolate we got for Xmas.

Talking of getting things for Xmas - wow, was that seamless or what? - what did you get? I got some cool things. A couple of nice ties (clearly a Dad thing), some DVDs, music, etc. Oddly I did get 2 CDs filled with the names and addresses of most of the adult UK population. Not sure what to do with those. Maybe I'll eBay them. :-) H. was very chuffed with the clothes and posh make-up I got her (one of the advantages of having a tranny husband). The jewellery seemed to go down well too. Phew! Wee Man was over the moon with his toys- luckily I managed to find one particular toy at the very last minute - well, okay 3.58 on Christmas Eve. He was over the moon. Both of their reactions made the whole shopping slog and wrapping rush well worth it.


I see that the sales are on and that certain portions of the media - or Big Media to use the supposed blogging technospeak - have been 'bigging' these up. I dunno about the Winter Sales. I mean sure I love a bargain as much as the next girl (Ed: ummm - geezer?) but given the sack-like tops that were doing the rounds earlier in the year and the metallic / sequined dresses that were 'frock du jour', won't they all date terribly? Maybe it's a tranny thing, but I like my (female) clothes fitted. I need all the help I can get in getting way from the straight up and down boxy bloke shape I have - I really don't want to mask what (artificial) curves I have. Maybe I've been brainwashed by Gok - who can say? :-)

I wonder if the fashion bubble is in danger of getting pricked? I remember reading a fashionista's column the other month about the young lady's holiday and subsequent return to the UK. She said that she missed a number of key trends. She went on to say that 'missed' as in they came and went, not she mourned their passing. How can a trend be over in a month? That's one hell of a short shelf life. Funny the difference between men's and women's fashion! The piece certainly rang a few bells, as like most folk with two wardrobes to maintain, you only have a set amount of money available. It's picking the clothes that you'll get a couple of 'wears' out of that's the trick.


This'll probably be it until the New Year kicks in, so I hope you all have a good one - whatever you are up to - and that the new year is kind to you.


[ Lyric: The Bangles with Manic Monday ]

Friday, December 21, 2007

"It's Christmas at ground zero"


All sorted for the big event then? Here at Jones Towers we're pretty much done - except the fun that is the wrapping up.  :) However I have booked off pretty much all of the festive period on leave (Ed: "which was nice"), so this year it hasn't been much of a chore. Actually I better remind myself of that when I've got sellotape stuck to my fingers and I've just snagged the last bit of paper. Honestly, how many trees - ney, forests - must we got through as a nation? Good job we have a recycling bin for all the bits and bobs.

We've put a limit on the family stuff this year. Mainly because there's so many of us and also because - and let's face it - if you don't have it by now when you're an earning adult, do you really need it? I'm pretty much sorted for socks and pants and I really don't want a jumper (unless it's that little black shrug number from M & S. Unlikely :) ).

Is there anything you'd really like for Xmas? I'll skip on the World Peace gag (doh!) although....
  • A diary that lists the appointments that you shouldn't miss (birthdays, parties) and the ones you should (tedious meetings where you offer nothing and learn nothing).
  • A sat-nav that a) actually works and b) can find you a quick route away from the traffic.
  • The perfect (i.e.: flattering) pair of black trousers (hint: not bloke ones!)
  • Lippy that only wears off when you want it to... and not on the first wine glass you drink from.
  • Supportwear that doesn't cripple you and gives you a smooth physique. (Gok are you listening?)
  • A clock that does give you an extra hour in the day.
Joking aside, there's one thing - no, two things - I'd like for Christmas. One is to have a really good time with my family and the second is for you all to have the same. Thanks to all you people who took the time to read this blog over the year(s) and a 'big yourself up' to those that made this fun by posting your views and comments. I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a good New Year!

See you in 2008!

Good luck!

[ Lyric: Weird Al's Christmas At Ground Zero. Let's put it this way, when the Outlaws - sorry, in-laws turn up - and the Jones crew assembles.... it's interesting. In that Chinese curse kinda way. Earplugs. Check. Asprin. Check. :) ]

Friday, December 14, 2007

"And these few precious days I'll spend with you..."

Hi there,

As per the English custom I feel I should first comment on the weather: blimey it's freezing. No, literally, it is zero degrees at the mo. Sure, we've a way to go until the UK reaches some of the scarier lower temperatures that the US and other northern climes do... but I was glad of my thermal leggings today :-)

More tea?

But enough about the weather eh? I was going to go for the lyric "no cure for the itch" (answers on a postcard if you know the track) which normally would be the case with dark nights and wanting to dress up. It's funny - and also quite useful - that I'm not feeling that 'itch' right now.

Sure, I still look at clothes while pushing the buggy about and I did feel a slight twinge as H. got ready for a night out with the girl's earlier in the week. Still, it's nice to step away from the whole dressing up thing once in a while. I've had my fun (Xmas party) and I've been out most of the year too.  

It's good just to pop out with the girls (so to speak) for a cup of tea and a chat (complete with perhaps the youngest person to visit the group [wink]). No need to get fully dolled up and all the fun and games that involves. Sometimes it is enough just to be with like minded friends.

I do wonder if it - the going out - will get less as the kid's get older. Who can say and really, should I worry? Worrying about it isn't going to stop it happening and so far so good.

The Press

Talking of opportunities, Sandi posted a message from the media who were looking for TG folk to interview for a 'positive view' on transgenderism. Out of curiosity, I replied. Hell, it's only an email and I was interested to find out more.

You do get the odd TG focused article in magazines / the papers and some are better than others. I offered my story - such that it is - because maybe TG folk out there struggling a little may find that it's not all bad news.

It's not about fame and fortune, it's about getting a message out there that being a tranny is not always bad. Bad for the individual or their partner. Sure, there are difficult moments, but that's life. It wouldn't be 'good' if it wasn't 'bad' from time to time. Blimey, sage wisdom eh? Guess I've had too many fortune cookies this week. :)

So armchair pop wisdom aside. the gig is off. The deal says the journo is this: no photo, no story. Uh-uh. Nope. Family privacy. That's my deal... and as the Transporter says: Rule #1. Never change the deal. :-) 

Best be off, Little Miss wants a bottle.... of milk before you wags make a gag about 'gin' :-)

Take care,

[ Lyric: September Song by The Young Gods ]

Friday, December 07, 2007

"Look at you now, look at you then, see how you will be"


Hi everyone out there in t'interweb land. All sorted for Xmas yet? I braved the shops the other day (with assistance from Little Miss - who slept through it - bless!) and got a few more gifts for all and sundry. I was amused to hear Radiohead's No Alarms being played in one of the shopping malls. It's a great track and makes a change from the usual Xmas numbers they wheel out every year. Clearly, if you want to retire in a good Rock & Roll home, right a popular Christmas track!

With our new arrival I do find myself thinking more about the future. Or rather, the kids' future. What will the world be like when they grow up? What's the 'next big thing' after the Internet? Are we - humanity - at the height of our game (as some suggest) or can we go further? What will they be like? Sometimes I have fleeting daydreams of the kids grown up - well, in teenage dirtbag / goth-esq mode anyhoo. I also wonder if they may want kids? Who can say. I just hope we're around to find out.

"Dad! We're not goths - that sooo 19th cen!! Can I have three euros for the bus...? Please!!" :-)

From a me-me-me point of view I never imagined I'd be where I am now. Married? Possibly although I doubted anyone would want a gent with *ahem* certain a hobby. Luckily, I've been proven wrong and things are going great. Job-wise I kinda blundered into what I do professionally but I could have done a lot worse. For all the occasional moaning I may do, I quite like my job and the people I work with are a good bunch. Socially, I get out to see friends and I still have 'me time' despite family commitments. Hell, I still manage the odd trip out in tranny mode...

BTW, 'en femme'. Some folk like the term, some hate it. Do you think the French say: "la semaine dernière je suis sorti 'like a bird'"? :-) PS: blame BabelFish for the translation - my French is terrible!

Have a good weekend!

[ Lyric: The Devil You Know by Jesus Jones ]