Friday, October 26, 2007

"Guaranteed and bonafide,
a genuine white knuckle ride"

All aboard? :)

I'll skip the usual noise about 80 mph weeks - it's getting to be passe isn't it? :) I must confess I've had just a wee bit too much whisky this evening, so I would like to apologise for any inanity that may spring forth. Blimey, tipsy and in charge of a keyboard. Oh the shame of it! (Ed: Stay with us Lynn. Don't do an Amy on us).

Donald, where's your trousers?

Thursday I was out at Chams and it was great just to meet up with the girls for a bit of a chat. No disco lights or quiz of the week this time. Just good company and a chance to be a little bit more glamours that usual. I wore my new trousers - yes, trousers (so sue me) - new heels (New Look), plain white top and my favourite long blue wrap cardy. Okay, so while I did have black trousers on, they were bootleg velvet ones. Not exactly your typical bloke trooz. It's kinda fun experimenting with different looks. Despite charging the camera and putting it on the hall table, I forgot to put it in my bag. You'll just have to take my word for it that it did all happen. :-)


Talking of 'looks' I was in town on Thursday and I was surprised to see another key 'uniform' amongst young women. It made me smile for a few reasons. Firstly, the look is quite late 80s - short denim skirt, boots and black opaque tights. What made me smile is that as a teenage boy I really wanted that look. Now that they've come back in, I'm not bothered. I guess I focus more on what women my age wear.

It's not like I have a whole wodge of cash to blow on clothes, but I try to avoid anything too transient. It's not like I can shell out for new clothes just because the fashionistas say so. I think it's important not be too out of fashion, but some trends can be safely ignored as they just flash by.

The Smoke

I had a bit of a trip down memory lane the other week. I was sat in traffic with the window down watching the autumn leaves tumble through the sky. The soft scent of woodsmoke floated into the window, I think someone was having an early bonfire. I've blogged (is that a word?) about memory and smells before and as with that incident, the smell took me back to my childhood. Cold nights, a warm fire, cinder toffee and sparklers. Funny how just one scent can trigger so many memories.

Xmas XS!

Sandy was saying that the Chams Christmas do may need to be re-scheduled and I'm cool with that. I think that it's important to make sure that plenty of people can come along! If you're planning on visiting us, please do keep an eye on the Chameleons web site.

[ Today's lyric is Twenty four minutes from Tulse Hill by Carter, the Unstoppable Sex Machine. ]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"The time has come to make your break.."

A rare midweek post today. The other day I caught this little nugget in the paper: "...more kids who are cross-dressers and who, Penn says brightly, 'are triggering a large, new tolerance movement in schools and communities'."

It's from Microtrends by Mark Penn and I am rather curious as to where he gets the information for that. Subject to time - and perhaps a burst of sudden activity - I may have a flick through Penn's book on the subject. Sadly the on-line article doesn't give any more detail on the quote. However, in addition to Rachel's comments on a previous post - which you may be able to summarise into 'tranny good news' - I think this wee phrase fits into that category nicely.

So, not only do we - TG folk that is - have a growing on-line presence which I am hopeful gives people help and courage to find themselves a little sooner, but it also looks like the next generation are just getting out there are doing it. How cool is that? Go, go TG Rangers! :-D

[ Lyric: Swing Out Sister's Breakout ]

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Does it imitate us or do we imitate it?"

Hi folks,

Winter's drawing in eh? The nights are getting dark and blimey has it been cold in the mornings. Still, truth be told, I actually prefer the autumn. To start with it's not baking hot and if you're lucky, the weather's just right for a spot of walking (or biking). If you're cold you can always warm up with a good cup of tea, coffee or hot choccy. Then there's the whole run up to Xmas thing going on... and I don't just mean the party outfits either. :-)

Last weekend I caught a programme on Channel 4's upcoming 25th birthday. To be honest, it seems like C4 has pretty much always been there. I do remember the first broadcast and it was a bit of an event (I'm from the sticks, we'd only just stopped pointing at aircraft).

Older readers - actually do I have any young readers? :) - will remember there was just 3 TV channels back then. Seems kinda crazy with the wall to wall TV that we have now. Not to mention the Internet, time shift' PVRs that some of us now have and the sheer number of DVD rental companies on the go.

But I'm drifting off-topic. C4 ran programmes that the other side (Ed: she means 'channels') wouldn't run. Saturday Night Live, The Comic Strip Presents, Coming Next, etc: lots of the new Alternative Comedy movement that seemed to burst on to our screens. Ironically, the old guard of Alternative Comedy are now the cosy 50 somethings of mainstream telly. But there you go. (NB: Beeb 2 had The Young Ones, Alexi Sayle's Stuff and a few others. However, it seemed C4 was first... but I've been wrong before).

Damn... drifted off again. I will really get to the point this time. Promise :) In my pre-teens and obviously in my early teens, my tranny genes switched on. It was about that time that C4 started to show 'Out on Tuesday'. For those of you who never caught it, it was a gay magazine programme - cunningly shown on a Tuesday - and it, at least from my sheltered middle-class rural whiteboy upbringing, reported on gay news, issues gay folk faced and also their lifestyle.

To be honest, part of the reason I watched it was in the hope that maybe they'd be something on trannys too, and once in a while there would be the odd bit here and there. As the majority of trannys are straight (Ed: shock! horror! probe...) they didn't feature that heavily in a programme for gay folk. But each time they'd be something on TG folk, I felt a little less isolated.

But it was only part of the reason, I found the whole thing rather fascinating. My schoolmate's gags about 'poofs' had never sat easily with me. I mean, really, there are more important things to worry about than if your best mate likes blokes. I wonder if the programme seemed strangely exotic: the places where far away from my sheltered rural life and perhaps it was the confidence that a lot of those folk had in who they were that I found appealing. Who can say. It was a long time ago.

What I'll close on, if I may, is that I'm thankful to C4 for showing this programme and to the people brave enough to take part. They didn't have to show it but in it's hay-day it did make a difference.

Take care,

[ Today's lyric: Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprsy's Television, The Drug of a Nation. ]

Friday, October 12, 2007

"I got a reason for the devil inside you know"


Hooray, it's the weekend. Blimey, it doesn't seem five minutes since I was last at this keyboard emptying my head into Blogger.

It's been a strange old week. Firstly, I've been out and about (through work, sadly not socially) which in some ways was great. I got out of the office and got to stretch my legs. The downside was there was a bit of travel involved which meant a few long days. Still, as I said, it's good to get out.

I got a spot of shopping done too. I managed to find a nice coat seeing as the nights are drawing in. I had a choice between a red double breasted number and a longer greenish more fitted number with the traditional row of buttons. I went for the latter. With a bit of luck, maybe I'll be able to throw an outfit together for a test run.

Oh, I also tried some stick on nails from Kiss (available from Boots for about 6 quid). They go on and come off quite nicely. While they do stand out - but not in a Wolverene kinda way - a quick bit of filing would help.


Through some bad double booking on my part, I didn't manage to get to NottsChams this week (boo-hiss!). With the 'tranny want' waxing and waning, I was surprised to find myself so - what's the word? - disappointed. I think that's the closest I can get to it. It's really odd and while I wasn't really 'mad for it' (so to speak) I did feel very let down that I had to stay in.

Now, this is one of the things I find very strange about being a tranny. Some folk say that it's all about sex. To be honest with you, I struggle with this one. It's not that some parts of the TG lifestyle aren't a bit of a turn on, but I'd be lying to you if I said I - and excuse the frank language - had the horn each time I looked at skirt or put on an item of female clothing.

So why is it that I felt like I did? Surely it must go deeper than that? Is it all just about sex and I was narked because I missed my thrill? Are we, humans that is, that shallow? I'd like to think not.

Wake up Neo

Those of you with no interest in computers may wish to skip this next bit. :)

Regular readers may recall that my computer gave up the ghost the other week. Anyhoo, some new shiny bits arrived the other day and after an hour or two of reading the fine manual (RTFM!) and staring at the gubbins, I realised the reason why it wouldn't start up. I'd missed the power connectors. Doh! Once connected fully, the system leapt into life and off we go again. The new system is nice and quiet. The last one was too noisy. Seemingly a common problem for PCs these days. 

Nothing out of the ordinary so far though eh? Well, I've pretty much been a Windows user since Win 3.x (although I missed 98 and went to NT, but that's another story). Okay, I use Linux at work, but that's all headless server stuff. With the main computer only just back online, I've been using the test machine on which I'd slapped Linux on earlier. No special reason other than I wanted to see what's new and groovy with it. What's odd is that now I've put Windows on the main system and... I kinda miss Linux. It was quite easy to use and although I had a few teething problems with it, it just worked. "Which was nice" :)

Now, where did I put the partitioning software?

Take care,

[ Today's lyrical donor; the mighty PWEI. ]

Friday, October 05, 2007

"It's astounding, time is fleeting,
Madness takes its toll"

Howdy partners,

Good week? I hope so.

It's been another frantic week. Still, everyone's alive and we're all in good nick. I had a little windfall the other day. A vendor (no names) sent me some vouchers after I'd completed a couple of their on-line questionnaires. A couple of quids worth of vouchers to spend on the high street can't be bad. Something for Mrs Jones and something for me. Good stuff.

Apologies to those of you who like their Jones Diary in small chunks because I'm back to the Friday night braindump. Sheesh. Time: family, work and hobbies. Discuss. :)

A moment of clarity?

The other day I was out of town - again on business (shucks) - and I was wandering from another faceless city car park to the meeting. I had one of those 'moments'. I slowed my pace and just stood taking the whole scene in. It's been a while, but the bird within (no, I hadn't eaten a sparrow) surfaced and I was struck by the compulsion to come back for a day of girlie shopping. Girlie? Lady? Well, tranny shopping to be more accurate, but you get my drift. I think the push at work means I want more 'Lynn time' if that makes any sense at all. Still, inner goddess (/irony) in check, I headed off for Death by Powerpoint.

On the way back I stopped for a quick look around. While I was there I spotted that Debenhams had in Clinique's concealer for men. What's this? Make-up for men? Pssft. Men in make-up. It's not right you know. :) Intrigued, I went and tried some. Now truth be told, I did need some new concealer as my old one is running low. I tried both, the lady's and the men's version and if I'm honest, the men's one wasn't half bad. Strangely, it was considerably cheaper and the coverage was pretty good. Okay, so it's not YSL, but I was impressed. The lady behind the counter was also very helpful. Whoever's training these folk in Debenhams is doing a damned fine job with us TG customers.

Warp factor 9

Over at Jessica's blog, Jessica was saying how tired she seems to be these days. I don't know about you guys, but frequently I'm not physically tired, just mentally spent. What is it with the modern lifestyle? Why do we seem to be rushing from one activity to the next? Is it technology that's done this or have we done it to ourselves?

Just after the ice retreated, people started using typewriters. Any mistakes on those beauties and you had to repeat it or reach for the correction fluid. If you wanted copies, well, yup: another re-type if you forgot the carbon paper. At some point, some bright spark invented the photocopier and a bit later, the word processor and printers. So, if we can churn out X number of documents in faborama DTP-tastic format in such a short amount of time, how come we don't get more time off? I mean you don't even have to wait for the post do you (mind you, it is on strike); e-mail sends things in a jiffy.

I wonder how much more accelerated we'll become. I've read that people have been working on drugs (no, not like that) that'll let you carry on with very little sleep. Crikey. I wonder what that'll do to society. Best not dwell on that one. Work. It's the British disease. :)

Take care

[ Oh yes. One more thing - as Columbo would say - today's lyric is (of course) from The Timewarp. ]