Saturday, June 30, 2007

"You want it to freeze but you're weak in too deep..."

Hello honkytonks :)

The other day I caught sight of a headline regarding the death of Bernard Manning. That reminded me of 70s comedy in all it's non-ironic (Ed: or what it?) occasional non-PC gags. In the 70s there where only - brace yourself kids - just 3 channels back in the day (BBC 1, BBC 2 and ITV). Most of society thought that it wasn't alright to be gay and men had to be 100% male - anything less than that was just 'wrong' (because wearing a frock is gay right? Yeah right [rolls eyes]). However, there were a few performers who had an impact on my already confused growing up: John Inman, Dick Emery, and to some extent Larry Grayson. A trinity of non-vanilla lifestyles and comedy performance. :-)

It was all about performance and while I didn't make lifestyle choices based on Are You Being Served, the fact that you had characters that were content with their alternative lifestyle jumped out at me. Occasionally, they were the butt of the joke but so it was with the *ahem* normal folk in there too. With a child's naivety I looked to these characters, not as true role models, but thinking "if these guys are cool with who they are, is being different that bad?".

I now know that not everyone appreciated the Mr Humphrey's character, but I'd like to think he helped bring acceptance in rather than push a stereotype: the gay equivalent of an Uncle Tom if you will.

[ insert tea break here ]

I've come back to this post after a rather nice cup of hot choccy and it seems I'm contradicting a glib comment I made about looking to kids films for role models. Post in haste, regret at leisure :)

Is it better, I wonder, to have nice telly where the bad stuff - like the dark side of Manning's wit - is kept away or should it be all in the open so we can discuss this with our (grown up) children and say why we do or don't agree with it?

Many Happy Returns NottsChams!

Thursday was good fun. We had a packed house, or church hall to be accurate (oh yea merry sinners!! :) ) as it was the 25th anniversary of the group. I've never played in-door badminton in heels with a tea tray before and to be honest, I don't think it'll catch on! :)

[ The lyric is from Girls Aloud's Biology and if they ever made Tranny: The Musical, I'd put a pony on it (monster! monster!) in being in the show ]

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"On Echo Beach, I watch the sun go down"

Howdy partners,

Just as double Maths on a schoolday drags out time, so a good time passes in what seems a blink on an eye. Still, it's good to be back.... in the cold, the floods and to a (work) inbox that packed fuller than a Sparkle bound tranny suitcase. Still, work pays the bills which lets us go on these fancy jaunts.

So Sparkle? Did you go? Did you have fun? I missed it, although to be honest I had no intention of going. My tranny batteries are feeling a little flat at the mo. I think it's the summertime - although, it's not like I can blame the heat right? :)

It's funny because when I was away my imagination was bouncing ideas for blog posts like the lottery machine (Ed: 'Release the balls!') but now, faced with the time to actually put pen to paper - or more accurately, fingers to keyboard - I'm a bit bereft of content. Bugger. Ah well, I'll get back into my stride later in the week. It's been fun reading what the rest of you have been up to!

[ Today's lyric: Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach ]

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody's help in any way."

Hiya peeps,

Help, it's a funny thing. Some people want it, others can't abide it. But enough of the word wrangling. I must confess that I have a bit of a soft spot for some of these lifestyle help programmes that seem to populate the airwaves. Yes, some are downright pants but there are others (How to Look Good Naked) that jump out at you. I think with the latter is the presenter, Gok, who makes the show. He is so positive and sincere. It's lovely to see. It's so not about size 0, it's about real women and understanding that the magazines peddle a figure unobtainable by 90% of us. Coupled with the Dove campaign of recent years, I hope we're on the cusp of a return to normality when it comes to female models. A (t)girl can dream right? :-)

So, why the question about help? While some shining wits may say I need help (Ed: I think your beyond help now my girl) this isn't about me. I think it is one thing to admit you need help, yet it is quite another to put yourself out there on TV and be seen warts and all. Personally, I think it is very brave. I'm too much of a private person to do it. Ironic perhaps coming from a blogger! But then you, well most of you, don't know me in a social context, so my modesty is preserved.

But enough about me (phew!), is there more to this phenomenon than media 'show cloning'? Is it that we've lost our social networks that allow us to help others? Are we too polite to offer help for fear of offending or patronising? Or do we muddle along ourselves to the point that we do not feel we have anything to offer others? Maybe there's an element that we're too proud or too scared to ask our friends and family for help? Sure, the telly will mean you get your 15 minutes of fame (more like 2.35 these days) but unlike expressing your inner being to your friends, the exposure may be more fleeting.

[ Today's lyric (well, like duh!), The Beatles. BTW, did you enjoy the Sgt Pepper covers? ]

Friday, June 01, 2007

"If I only could, be running up that hill."

Hi kids,

How's you? Good I hope. After last week's downpour, it looks like summer's back.

No big a meaningful insights today I'm afraid. It is late and my creativity is ebbing as I flag from a full-on week. Excuses, excuses eh? Maybe the muse will come later on.

The Name Game

This is a silly thing that we do as a family. We watch out for streets or business that share the same name as friends and family. I hadn't seen a good one for ages and then the other day I drove past a truck for Nolan Transport. That made me smile! There's a shopfitters in Leeds which is almost my name - although as there are two partners in the business, it's not quite perfect. :)

So, open mic time again. Any firms that share your initials or surnames?


Once in a while a blog post comes along that opens your eyes.... or in this particular case, makes you stop and think.

As a teenager I loved walking (stay with me, we'll be back on the meaning of tranniness is a mo). Just put my headphones on, grab a bottle of water and go and stretch my legs. This one time - on holiday in the Peaks - I set off to see what was behind the cottage. After an hour of walking uphill, I still hadn't reached the top.

So it is with being TG (okay, maybe without the heavy metal soundtrack). It is a hill and when you first set off, it looks insurmountable. After a bit of climbing you'll have hit a few false summits, maybe you'll get into your stride.

Sometimes you'll walk alone or perhaps there's someone with you. Maybe you'll start in the dark: sprinting furtively in bursts because you make the most of the short time you have. It'll rain too; hard enough to make you fall down and cry, but when the sun comes out - you pick up your things and keep going.

If stop and you look back, you may be able to see where you've come from. If you want you can go back down. You can stay where you are and enjoy the scenery. For the curious or the brave, you can keep climbing...

I don't know what's at the top because I haven't got there. Maybe there's the perfect LBD, L Ron Hubbard or some type of tranny nirvana. I wish I knew.

When I stop, I can see other folk on their walks too. Sometimes our paths meet. Occasionally they cross, but in the main, we all seem to be heading somewhere.

[ This week's lyric: Kate Bush via Placebo ]