Friday, March 30, 2007


Hi kids

New Words

I had originally done a little comedy skit about this, but having read it, I didn't make me laugh. (If you were curious it was a mock Listen with Mother thingy, but it didn't quite gel). So, you'll just have to put up with the straight (!!) version.

Personally, I find language (and accents) fascinating. A few years ago I remember chuckling when a friend said that his dad (from way Oop Neurth) said: "Aye, I got 'em borth from t'internet". T'internet or t'interweb. Those word seems to have done the rounds and you read / hear it in various places.

Anyhoo, one that seems to be doing the rounds at the mo - at least around our way - is the use of "tastic" as a suffix. Meat-tastic, transtastic, etc. How prevalent is this? Those of you who are 'down with the kids' - do you hear this regularly or is it just a midlander thing?

Fashions of yesteryear

Not content with ram raiding the 80s dressing up box, seems 70s bold prints are back this season. Personally, I'm not sure. I don't fancy the idea of a diaphanous sack - sorry, smock-style top - or a wrap dress with a print THAT busy. It's funny because sometimes there are some really nice clothes that come out and you think 'yes' or 'that is sooo me' - but not this time around. I've had a wander through the shops in the last few weeks and a look in magazines, but nothing jumps out at me. Still, saves the pennies doesn't it.

Talking of old fashions, I was flicking through the television the other night and I caught one of Jasper Carrott's old acts from the 70s. He had on a stripy rugby top, denim jacket and a big pare of flares. 'Wow, they're pretty groovy,' I thought. I stood up to flick the kettle on and looked down. Hmmm.... rugby top, bootleg jeans and black & green trainers. So, it's all just a little bit of history repeating right?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mr Ed

[Ed looks around] Has she gone? Aye, looks like it. Probably gone off to check her eyebrows and that summerglow body moisturiser or summat. Trannys eh? :) So who am I? The dark side to Lynn's oh-so witty self indulgence? Maybes. Humour with a serated edge. The lead pipe of self deprecation. It seems that I'm the internal - yet vocal - critic that pops up once in a while. Popping the tranny bubble when it all gets a little too much. But really, I'm just a mask. A comedy facade where she can put the jester's boot in because this blog has, just ever-so slightly, got it's tongue in it's cheek. Sometimes it works. Other times? Tumble-weed central.

I'm certainly not him, nor her - although, truth be told, there is no him/her: she is him and he is her. There's only one person behind this blog. Lynn is just a name*. One could argue that's a pseudonym that XXXX sits behind. Or you could say that when dressed up, the name George just doesn't feel right. :) Again, another mask.

So how many masks do you wear? Is there only one version of you? Do you self-edit and behave differently with customers, colleagues, friends, children or your lover? Silly question. Hell, there are truths that we don't like to admit to ourselves never mind other people.

Normal service will resume tomorrow... once I've hidden the tweezers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Big boys don't cry

After a hard day's logic, my brain seems to overheat on creativity. Well, in as much as blogging can be deemed to be creative. :) I was sat in an identi-kit chain pub earlier tonight, jotting down ideas on a paper napkin. [laughs] Is that what proper authors do? Or do they carry a notepad for such emergencies. Funny how the Muse struct me then and yet the laptop has been sat showing black screen for the last hour. A case of typing while the ideas are fresh perhaps?

I don't know what it is, but kids film seem to have perfect pitch when it comes to tugging my heart strings. I found myself blinking back a tear (Ed: she means she was blubbing like a softie) the other day when Wee Man and I were watching a DVD together. I wonder why this is?

Is it that childrens films deal with emotions (although that's not quite the right word) that we can all identify with? Death or loss of a friend / parent; wanting to belong, yet being the outsider or - and the one that gets me most of the time - noble sacrifice. Why the latter? Not sure.

Frequently the protagonist is a child and perhaps I sympathise too easily with that character. Hmmm. Not that I had a difficult childhood, far from it. Could it be that I don't want to see a child hurt? It's trite, yet maybe that's the root cause. Does anyone else get this? Is there a film or scene that 'gets you' every time? Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

2 4 6 8...

Howdy folks,

Sometimes writing a blog entry can be rather tricky. It's not that I deliberate over each and every word, or look for the right hook or gag to stick in. Moreover, sometimes there's so much going around my head that I struggle to focus on one particular image. Right now, I'm sat in a faceless hotel down south with the laptop on my knee (Ed: is that a song?) listening to Peter Kay. Now, there's a funny man. Very sharp.

After a week with my family, I'm really missing them. Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of me time every now and again, but after the week we had together, I'm feeling rather lost without them. Funny, you can't please some folk eh? :-) I remember the midwife saying that worries are always worse when it turns dark. Once the sunlight kicks in again, maybe it won't seem so bad. Strange, for all our society and technology, have we really moved on from huddling around the camp fire while our fears stalk the darkness?

Let's move on to something a bit more jolly eh?


The holiday was excellent. Seven quality days with no mobile telephone, no Internet and very little telly. Just me, my lovely missues and our wee man. Days out to the coast, the odd museum here and there (strictly hands-on stuff, toddlers hate the stuffy ones) and the obiligatory soft-play areas. Still, with the latter if you can tune out the shouts of joy there's chance to read the paper and sip your (non-alcholic) beverage of choice. After about two hot chocolates, I'm so Cadbury'd up, I find my self racing the wee buggers up and down the slides. Still, you're only young twice eh?


Did any of you catch the programme on sex education last week? Out of interest, did you get any sex education while you were at school? First one to spin a line about practicals gets a slow hand-clap. :-)

Looking back, we did the obligatory 'how mammals reproduce' stuff in biology and other than that, the form teacher asked us about STDs (or STIs as they're called now) during a 20 minute form period. As it was the 80s, AIDS information was every where, so the condom message had got through to most of the lads in class. I'm not so sure that they were as glued to the set for Out on Tuesday as I was, but hey, you never know do you.

My mum buried her head in the sand over my sister and her boyfriend's relationship. Course, the invetiable happened. She got pregnant and that was that. The argument that if you tell kids how to do it, they'll do it more is - IMO - rubbish. They're going to do it anyway! I'm hopeful that at least if you pass on the knowledge, some of the kids might take better precautions than they do know.

A little bit more on sexual relationships - mainstream and otherwise - might not a bad thing either. Christ, people of the same sex can marry, why can't we discuss this in school? Hell, if it helps a few kids feel a little less alone about who they are, isn't that a good thing?

Friday, March 16, 2007

"You've got the power to know
You're indestructible."

Hello Little Misses and Mr Men,

The week is over! Let's rock!!

The Mumtrix has you

Did you catch the IT Crowd when it was on? I rather enjoyed it. I wonder if they'll be another series? Anyhoo, there's an episode where Roy picks up the phone, dumps it on a speaker and flicks on a tape. While the person on the other end prattles on, the tape repeats soothing noises (uh-huh, yeah, right, really?) before cluminating in suggesting a reboot.

So why am I sharing this little peak into the world of IT? (Ed: 'Cos your paid by the word?) Well, it's because telephone conversations with my Mum (God bless her) are very much like that. Take today for example, she rings up say hello and before I can ask her if she's okay and what she's been up to (caring son that I am), we're off into a stream of consciousness aural bombardment where she recounts what The Family have been up to for the past week. At one point I realise I've not said anything for about five minutes: no grunts, humming or 'yeahs'. So, up from the depth's of memory comes the IT Crowd tape sketch. After she's had her say, communication becomes a bit more bi-directional and we get to talk: which was nice.

Flat Out

I've been laid out in bed for most of this week. But, I'm back at work and I came back to an empty office. It was like a chainsaw consultant had been around and worked his magic. Spooky. It seems everyone's suffering with it.

I tell you what tho, boy does it feel good to be over it! It's great just to walk down the street and feel 'normal'; zoom through the traffic on my bike or be able to enjoy reading bed-time stories once again (complete with silly voices). It's a bit mad, but I enjoy that bit. I feel knackered when I come home, but once I get into the swing of it, it's rather good. The only problem is there are some books where keeping track of the voices is a bit of a challenge! :-) 

Inaccurate Telephonic Veracity?

In the news this week, ITV was under the spotlight over the premium rate telephone lines it had been running. Just out of curosity, have any of you, dear readers, entered one of these? Personally, I'm too cynical to believe I'd get picked and perhaps - and more accurately - I'm just plain tight. :-) I mean charging folk to enter the compy just seems a bit... what's the word here? Cheap. Cheap'll do. There are still some noteable exceptions - The Gadget Show springs to mind - but they are in the minority.

Blog Surfing

I couple of things this week have caught my eye out there in blogland. Jo did a bit about personality types and let's be honest, who doesn't (secretly or otherwise) love this kinda sh*t? :) Have a shufti here if that's your bag.

Trannys and Flickr - it's a strange arrangement (I won't repeat Stephanie's fine words). In some instances it's basically like a bigger version of Roses' photo gallery, but there are a few folk who do do more with a camera than take pictures of themselves. Hell, there are some folk on their who should be out doing photo shoots.

One stream - is that the lingo? - that caught my eye was Helena's pictures of London. It's funny how you can stumble into these things really, but I did spend a bit of time going through each of the pictures. They're mostly street scenes or of monuments, but because you're in the thick of it, they're quite involving.

Outta Here

Business and pleasure for the next fornight, so the blogosphere will just have to beat it's own drum while I'm gone. Some how, I know you'll cope.

Take care and catch you later

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

“Comedy is an escape, not from truth but from despair..."

Hello peeps,

No lyrical tie-in today - it's a quote instead. You can search for the source if you're really that bothered (bovvered?). Half day at the office. Ahhh... bliss. Wait a mo? Shouldn't I be getting glammed up. Isn't that what trannys do? Bummer. Failed again. :-)


Humour is a strange beast. In some ways, it's a bit like being cool - or at least I imagine so. Try too hard for it and it is impossible to achieve. Some appear to have it in spades, others never will. It has the power to bring us from the depths of dispair, unite us in joy or, in the case of satire, make us question and challenge what our Dear Leaders tell us.

Comedy can also hurt. You can use it to dehumanise a target into a stereotype. Once someone becomes an object - they don't have feelings; they're just cannon fodder for mockery. It can hurt in other ways too. The jump from laughs to agony isn't far. Remember the end of Blackadder Goes Forth?

Why this fascination with humour? Two things really. One was one of those rather pleasant shared jokes (below) where everyone was in on the gag and the other is Tranny and TV. For those of you who don't go to Becky's site, it's a two character panel strip featuring a television and a radio (it may or may not be DAB). Yes, this doesn't do it justice (still, at least I didn't say 2 characters a la Little & Large) - it's a bit like saying a comic is someone who stands up on stage and says things. Go and read it (metatag here).  Some of you may notice that tranny has a very limited number of poses.... which is clearly unlike the TG community :-D

What amuses me about T & TV is - other than they're both complete twits - is that I can relate to what they're doing. As with (mainstream) comedy, when it rings your bell (Ed: Not like that you dirty bird) it's funnier because you don't have to make a imaginative leap to be able to empathise / relate with the performer. You see the insanity of the situation because you - or someone you know - has been there. Course, you don't have to be TG to see joke, but it helps. While I don't like being laughed at, I don't mind laughing at myself. Why does that work? Honestly, I'm not sure. Control? Recognition? One of life's little ironies perhaps? I feel that you have to be able to laugh at yourself once in a while. Without trying to sound overly dramatic - sometimes all you can do is laugh. When my mate's Dad died, she went outside, lit up and completely deadpan said: "I guess Dad'll be smoking again tomorrow."

Of course, the thing with comedy is (Ed: stay focused Lynn. She's going to go into a Swiss Tony gag if we let her...) is that occasionally the gag will fall flat on it's face (see below) or worse, you'll upset someone. Does this mean that you should stay away from anything risky? IMO, no, because comedy, like music, needs teeth. Not those wind up ones from the joke shop, but bite. Real comedy comes from the heart: when it's personal, when the person is passionate about what they believe in.

Of course, I could be wrong. You know where the comments box is.

Shared Jokes and Stereotypes

Hopefully this hasn't had so much of a build-up that they'll be some tumbleweed blowing past as it dies on its feet. :) Sh** I feel like no writing about it now. :)

At the last meeting, we were having a chit-chat about the usual fluff and nonsense when someone mentioned a reality show on C4. That's background; the key point to it was that the 13 year old daughter was 'out of control' and was 'overly made-up and prancing around like an 18 year old'. I looked over to Val and we exchanged that look: "That never happens here doesn it?" Cue minor smiles and a short laugh.

For those of you who would like to make wind noises and imagine the tumbleweed going past, you may do so now  :-)

So, am I disrespecting my fellow member's dress sense and saying that they're overly made up? Nope, it's just the stereotype I'm knocking.

Repeat Offenders

I've been digging through the Google stats again. Honestly, it's strangely addictive. Not so much the numbers, but where folk are from and who they might be. Nottingham (I can think who'll be in there); Ilkeston (Hello 'S') and Great Hampden. Hold on, back it up. Who's that I wonder?

BTW in case I'm scaring anyone off here - no, it doesn't list your IP details and even if it did, I'd be keeping them under wraps.

Now.... lie on the sofa and read a book or put my stillies on....? Right, book it is.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Panic on the streets of London....

Yesterday's blog post didn't do it for me. It's not how I feel. Something seemed to be missing. Structure? Flow? I can't put my finger on it. Right now I feel I've just fell out the end of a whirlwind. A twister of confusion and frustration. Maybe I'm over-reacting about the recent events at Chams (Ed: a blogger over react? Shurely shome mishtake) and it'll all come out the wash. Well, provided someone doesn't put a red sock in with the whites. Then everyone will be fighting over who gets to wear the pink shirt. :)

Still, it is now the weekend and you can put those thoughts aside. Today's a day of going down the park, grocery shopping and relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered. Heh. Dr Jones. :)

"Indiana Jones as you've never seen him before... and would probably never want to again."

Have fun kids!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Because life, Mrs. Brown
It's just one big knees up

Hey folks,

Hope you had a good week.

The FBI and Wookies

I was down the pub - lunchtime drinking, it's great - and talk somehow got on to surveillance (as you do). Someone mentioned every ones favourite cross dressing FBI director (or so the rumour mill says). After the talk about how many files he'd kept on celebs of the day, conversation swung around to his (alleged) hobbies. "Oh, he batted for the other side didn't he?" one of the new lads piped up.

Ahhh... fave tranny misconception number 1. You're wearing a frock, so clearly you're a friend of Dorothy. This doesn't offend me, it's a common misconception. Does it work the other way I wonder? Are you only a 'proper' gay man if you've done drag? :-) Knickers does it. I wanted to point this out, but hey, you don't want to draw undue attention to yourself do you? :-) It's the little things: attitudes, topics of conversation or not checking you got all of last night's nail varnish off your rather shapely nails properly. DOH! :)

The office air con system is all over the place at the mo and a number of men have been wearing short sleeved shirts. I could not believe how hairy there forearms were! I guess I must be lucky. Okay, so I have some arm hair, but I'm bald as a coot compared to these Chewie wannabes. (Laugh it up, fuzzball). Ahhh. The luck of genetics eh? Shame my legs aren't the same, but you can't have everything can you. :-)

"A night on the town...."

Last night's visit to Chams was good fun: an evening of highs and lows (see later). I was late setting off as I had to change my outfit. I was going to wear my wrap dress and knee boots again (a favourite) but the right hand side of my chest was doing a very good impersonation of the surface of Mars (Okay, I didn't have a Viking lander on it but it was red and bumpy). That's the downside with epilators. I epilated on Monday, but sometimes you get a flare-up days afterwards. Normally, it's okay, but not this week. Ah well! A quick swap around and it was on to black skirt, fancy cardie and biscuit coloured top (hmmm... biscuits). One of these days I will master coloured nail polish.

Daphne had brought along some carpet boules, so her and a few folk busied themselves rolling miniature boules (??) up and down the main room. Cue much laughter and cackling from the next room. We had a new visitor (Beth - hello if you're reading) which is always good. I was again, great fun to sit back, enjoy a nice cup of tea and just chat. I caught up with Rebecca over her weekend away - that was interesting (that would be great in the newsletter, Rebecca. No pressure tho!).

"More like a teacup in a storm"

Towards the end of the evening my spider sense went off. Then a few folk went off to talk in private. What you didn't know trannys have superpowers? Superman: big red pants, blue tights and boots. Batman - body armour? Corset more like. Wonder Woman: need I say any more? :-)

Where were we? Yes, spider sense. That high pitched whistling that I'd heard earlier was indeed the 20 kiloton sh*tstorm bomb that was about to airburst. [sighs] That culminated in an emergency meeting of the group regulars (those that sort out the bills, events, catering, paperwork, hardware, website and forum) before we had a big chat with everyone in the main room over the future of the group. Personally, I have no issues with the way the group is run. Decisions are inclusive, we get up to various activities (no, nothing kinky) and last year's Xmas party was - to use the language of poets - "a f***ing beaut". Apart from the social the group gets up to, there is the website / forum / helpline which is used by girls in the closet. These folk are the next wave and if they need help - even just someone to talk to - who are we to refuse that? It's a chance to give back. Hell, we all know what we had to go through to get where we are today. If you can make the journey easier for the next generation, can this only be a good thing?

I'm don't know exactly what was said, the context or the place. To be honest, I don't give a monkey's. I'm not interested in finger pointing or seeking apologies. What's done is done. It's sad but I've got into Proj Mgr mode: if it's broke, let's fix it. If it's not broke - leave it alone.

On a more serious note, I think that what may have happened is that there's been a misinterpretation of what someone said. This has caused deep offence amongst those who put themselves out doing running that keeps the group going (bills, catering, prepping the venue, web forum, PR, etc). The thing is that once you've been offended, you can't switch that reaction off just because someone suggests that it may have been accidental. God only knows the amount of times I've said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I feel that many feathers have been ruffled and we all need a little time to take a step back and take a few deep breaths. When the something (or someone) you care about is threatened you go on the defensive - it's human nature. Fingers crossed for the future tho eh?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear"

Hey y'all,

Sick Note

Bit of a strange day today. I woke up feeling rougher than a badger's behind. BTW, does anyone know the origin of that oh-so polite phrase? Can badgers really sand down a table with their bums? :) More importanly, how do folk know? Maybe it's a Vet thing. ("Pass the long gloves, son - oh, and hold my watch would you.")

Anyway, a rang in sick and slept just about all day. Seriously, I'm beginning to think that I'm not a tranny but actually a cat trapped in a man's body. I can sleep just about anywhere and I was chased by dogs last week. :) Fingers crossed that I'll be better for Notts Chams tomorrow night. Hmmm... what to wear?

Stone the crows Mary Poppins!

Earlier in the week, Wee Man and I were (again) down the park. This time we left the paint ball sniper rifle in the car* ("Run you fools! Run!" [splat]), bringing a kite along instead. I was in town the other day and there is was. Fabby colours, long tail string (with bows) and enough string to put it in near-earth orbit. I was sold. Five minutes later - and five quid later too - I was the proud owner of a kite. Ahhh.... Kids in the park. Jumpers as goalposts. 

Now, our local park is out in the sticks and there's pretty much a breeze 90% of the year. This time around I was glad we'd packed some hats. After a stint on the swings and the slides, I managed to persuade Young Mr Jones (note: he's not called Indiana, that would be insane) to try a bit of kite flying. The thing was, the wind was so strong and the kite so big, I had a brief worry that he might go up with it! Luckily, that didn't happen. We had about 15 minutes of letting the kite swoop and soar through the air before he got bored. Kids eh? :) Hell, I was made up.

Monday, March 05, 2007

"Here she comes - the great leveller"

Hello peeps.

Good weekend? Mine was cool thanks. More on that later in the week.

Excuses 1 to X

I was late because....
  • I'd rather sit and enjoy my breakfast than face the rush hour.
  • the hoovering seemed more important than the project.
  • I could be.
  • five minutes in heels is heaven.
  • I'm going out this week and I wanted to try on a couple of outfits.
Personally, I like to combine 2 and 4. I get what I want and a little bit of housework gets done too.

Blogs outside the Trannisphere

I don't know about the rest of you, but I do tend to find myself surfing through the same web sites. There's nothing wrong with a few favourites is there. From a non-TG point of view I'll read tech blogs as part of my work, but while technically interesting, they're not about people or events - just gadgets (yawn).  So, in light of this I've been wandering through other peoples blogrolls. 

I've been enjoying the warm up to the wedding (and other things) on Jane's Slothblog.  The joke collection blog made me laugh and it's a good idea (how many times have you lost the punchline at the wrong time?). I haven't quite plucked up the courage (silly tart) to post comments because I've got this daft idea that it'll make me more visible. Hell, I'm on the damned Internet, how non-stealth is that? Ahh, egg shell peacock mentality - every tranny's dilema. To be included, but not outed.

On another note, Minerva's blog puts many things I ponder about into perspective. If you've not read any of it - and I urge you to do so - the blog is about her fight against cancer. If Jane'sblog will make you laugh, Minerva's will make you cry. The last post - about friends and contact - reminded me of grief. More accurately, some of your friends cannot be there for you when you lose someone. I don't know about you, but I find it socially awkward to talk about that for the fear of prying or upsetting someone (Ed: like the latter worries you when you're oh-so witty). Equally tho, when it happened to me, I was glad to just talk about things. Silly things to the big navel gazing stuff that death makes you think about. ("Why are we here?", "Is their really an afterlife?" "Why should work worry me when life is so short?", "Who will look after the children?").

When a co-worker's Dad died, I fought the urge to hide away and avoid sensible coversation. "How's it going? Considering..." I asked. I think we stood there and talked in the coffee room for about an hour, looking out at the traffic queue and drift by. Just talking about this that and the other. Hell, if he wanted to talk to someone - anyone indeed - I was willing to listen. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

F***. I'm welling up and it's been five years. I miss her. Perhaps, as someone once said to me, you never get over it, you just get used to it. Cheerful thoughts eh? Quick say something about shoes or make-up, this is supposed to be yet another t-girl blog. :-D

Friday, March 02, 2007

But there's still tomorrow
Forget the sorrow
And I can be on the last train home

Hey hey pussycats,

Good week? I do hope so. 

Shell Shock

It's been an 'interesting' week this time around: project meetings, exams, more meetings and not enough tea + cake. I'm feeling like a rabbit who's just caught the glimpse of Clarkson's mower fronted 4x4... only to find some b*stard's put glue under my fury white ass. I'm really glad it's the weekend, so I can just switch off and do normal stuff like go to the park and make giant Lego towers. With luck, Wee Man'll join in too. :)

Walk This Way

Take an old rock song from the 80s - although I still love the Run DMC version - and chuck in 8 tranny icons and a loop the guitar. The result: Comic Relief's new single by the Sugababes and Girls Aloud. It's beginning to grow on me, although I somehow wish it was slightly heavier and a little faster. Still, it wouldn't be pop then would it. :-)

Y'know, this is the time when it's great to be a tranny*. Going back to last week's "it ticks all my boxes"; let's break it down (homie):

- Classic rock riff - tick.
- Foxy young ladies looking fine - tick.
- Over-the-top clothes and eyeliner to die for - tick.

Would I dress like it? Not in a million. Would I if I was still 22? No comment :-)

[ * Other good times are the Xmas party season because the frocks are sooooo gorge. ]

Travel broadens the mind, but thins the wallet

In the next few months it looks like I'm going to be away on business. As a kid it sounded so exciting: travelling to far off places - London, Manchester, Paris, New York (no chance of the last two). Staying away while the company picks up the tab for your meals, the room and - if the hotel's got one - time in the pool. Funny that reality is a little way away from the dream. :-) Now, don't get me wrong; I don't mind a bit of travel here and there. Like everything else in life, it's all about balance. Too much travel and you start to miss home and your family. Sure, it's nice to chill out in a hotel once in a while, but there's only so much to do before you slowly begin to mad.

I hear that the Devil makes work for idle hands. I also hear that he has all the best tunes. So, why not combine the two? At some point this year I'll be heading down south and staying not too far away from a tranny friendly club. I wonder if it's worth going to? Sure, I've got to get from the hotel to the venue but that's not insurmountable. Choices, choices eh? Is it true that it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't? I'd like to go but at the same time feels wrong. No doubt morality will take the lead over fantasy. Still, that's not necessarily a bad thing is it.

Under the Radar

The other day I was looking at my Blogger control panel and I spotted "You have 11 comments that require moderation." Ooo. Do I? How did that happen? I guess that would explain why some folk couldn't log comments when I started this merry jaunt into the Blogosphere. Well, after backing up my blog (Ed: she means cut and paste) I managed to get the comments merged with the rest and a few names popped out. So, my apologies to Jo, Becky, Lizz and Jessica for not replying earlier.

So what dropped under the radar? A question about a skirt from Matalan (wow, was that a long time ago); hello from Mexico and a tranny 'how to' document. The latter made me think again. There are lots of sites with diaries or photos, although there are few that go into the how you do it kinda thing. Roses has recently struck up a wiki where folk can share their hints and suggestions. Hopefully it will grow with time and there are some excellent links to make-up, body shaping and creating quality boobage

Glamour and clothes aside, I think the one thing you really need to learn is self-acceptance. Sort that, and everything else will fall into place. Thus endeth this lesson. :-)

Under a Blood Red Button Moon

Don't forget the eclipse tonight! Auntie Beeb report that it's supposed to be a good one. That's as maybe although it's slating it where I live. Still, New Scientist report that they'll be another one on 28 August 2007.