Friday, November 24, 2006

Flying visits

Hey kids! Say what time is it?

Well, call me Paris Hilton* because this and next week is going to be shopping and (with luck) dancing. Okay, more Paris CrossRoads Motel. So sue me. :-P


On Thursday, I had a happy jaunt around a local retail park with some of the girls from the Nottingham group. I spotted a nice skirt in Next (but I didn't try on) and some nice shoes in a store down the lanes. I'd forgottern how nice it is just to stroll about with out a care in the world. I wonder if I can wangle a day off work for some serious shopping?


Next week is the group's Xmas Do in Derby. That should be a blast. I'm really looking forward to it. I love a good dance. I just hope my feet don't want to kill me by the end of the evening.

Later peeps.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Is it all just chemistry?

Hi everyone,

Bit of a strange week this time around. Well, maybe not as strange as last week (!!) but odd none-the-less.


This week a work mate left for pastures new. We did the usual thing, had a whip round and went down the pub for a farewell drink. He's headed off back down south and, if I'm honest, I miss his company. It's odd, but sometimes as a guy you forge quite strong friendships with other men. I don't know about the rest of you, but it doesn't happen very often and when it does, it's not pleasant.


As a bit of break from my usual literary diet of fantasy / science fiction, I thought I'd give something factual a spin for a change. That's the joy of Librarys isn't it. You can afford to take a risk because if you don't like the book, it hasn't cost you anything. Not quite the same thing with Amazon though. :-)

Anyhoo, this book was a semi-serious book about the differences between men and women. It was a little more than Men are from Mars and the author's had gone down the route that it's our biochemistry that truly dictates our base personality. Sure, you can try all the equality ideals you want, but ultimately (say the authors), either sex is better at certain activies by design. It doesn't say that we can't fight our genetic programming, but it will take a long time for the changes to filter into the gene pool.

For a bit of fun, there's a quiz in the book which you can use to find where you sit on the male/female scale. There is a tranny test on-line that contains the answer "what's the girliest answer I can give?" [lol] That always springs to mind when these quick question thingies appear. So, I answered as honestly as I could. This isn't supposed to be a I'm-girlier-than-you p*ssing contest, after all how can a quiz of 20 questions read your whole personality?

According to the scale, I've got a "gay brain". My score puts me well into the female camp (heh - camp!) but I am male and I have typical male personality characteristics. I'm solution orientated; I can't read facial expression for love nor money and I keep a lid of my emotions. However, thinking a little more, I'm terrible at parallel parking (spacial awareness) and map reading is a nightmare.

Sorry, if this a little me-me-me, but stick with me and we'll get to the point in a little while. Oh yeah, I prattle on too. :-)

The authors went on to propose a rather fascinating, if simplistic, theory on the human mind and personality. Basically, they suggest that the bulk of human sexuality and personality is all dictated by hormones. Male babies who get a hefty dose of testosterone, become super-butch men; those that get a standard dose are your average joes. Some males who don't get quite the right amount can become gay because the sexual part of their brains keep the default female orientation. This type of man may remain straight but have certain female characteristics (high communication skills but low spacial awareness). A similar thing can happen to females. Doses of testosterone can lead to male personality characteristics: high spacial awareness, limited language abillity or in extremes, lesbianism, as the brain's sexual centres turn to the male perspective.

I was both drawn in and troubled by this suggestion. Is it really that simple? The right amount of a hormone and we're all vanillas? I'm not sure how I feel about this being an answer. In some ways it implies that I don't have any choice in the matter. After all, how many times have you thought about quitting the TG thing, yet it still comes back to you. If this theory is the truth and you cannot fight your nature, perhaps as Jenny suggested last week, the only way forward is self-acceptance.

Discuss. :-)

Another night down the Central

Maddie sent me a link to a clever music little video. A very catchy little tune, but I can't see the video being on TOTP2. :-)

And finally....

In a Trevour McDonut stylee, here's a bit of light humour (no, not fun with bulbs). Out of curosity, I wondered if anyone was linking back here. I think it's called an ego-search. Anyhoo, apart from the blog engines, it's all quite on the Western Front. All, that is, except for an appearance in Google Finance. They have a section where you can see if bloggers are talking about your products. The mind boggles! So, there I was on the Anne Summers page muttering on about magic knickers. I wonder just how many firms out there truly know their market? :-)

BTW, if any Anne Summers' executives are reading this, a) get some bloody work done and b) you need to stock tights for longer legs!

Take care and have fun.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Small world

Hey folks.

How's it going?

Sneer or cheer?

For the first time in a long time I watched the Pride of Britain Awards. Normally, that kinda thing doesn't pique my interest, but somehow I ended up watching it (tissues at the ready). To be honest, I found it really quite refreshing to see everyday folk be rewarded for their bravery or hard work. To often, it's easy to snub these type of events and write them off as total cheese-fests. The thing is, it wasn't an award show for The Best Soap or another golden gong for some Hollywood bigshot; these were everyday folk doing extraordinary things. The man who risked his life to save a mum and her child from a burning car; the teenagers who swam out to save three swimmers.

Do you dream of doing something heroic? Doing something to make a difference to other people's lives? When it's crunch time, how many of us would take that path and act with no regard for our safety? How many more of us would simply stop and watch? Hmmm....

Dancing Queen

The tickets for the Chams Xmas Do were handed out (top marks Sandi) on Thursday. I had one with my name on it! How special did I feel? (clue: 10/10). Karoke and a disco. I do *love* a disco and I've never been dancing en femme. Shopping, yes. Walking in fear down the highstreet that I'd bump into my mum, yes. But dancing no?

On Tuesday I had the good fortune to have a little time to myself and get dressed up. Firstly I tried on a more day-time outfit for the shopping trip (see below) and also practiced dancing in my heeled boots. Well, I won't be winning any prizes for the best waltz (toxic waltz or not), but I can at least stay upright to Jump by Girl's Aloud. Ahhh.... Tranny anthems. Can you feel it? :-)

Small World

Thursday at NottsChams was very interesting (no, really!!). I'm terrible with dates (and names for that matter) and I'd got it into my head that a group of us would be popping out for a shopping trip. This was not to be as it wasn't late night opening this week. Ah well. Tracey tells me there may be one later in the month, so fingers crossed for that one. BTW, a big thanks to Tracey and Sandi for giving me the keromask tester. I'll give it a whirl later in the week.

That's incidental, what actually made my night was a little closer to home. There I was queuing up for a nice cup of tea (as provided by the ever glamourous tea-lady, AnneLouise), I spy a new girl come to see us (lovely coat and fab boots). As the nights have drawn in, so have a few new faces and it's always good to meet new folk.

Sandi introduced me to Jenny (hi! if you're reading this) and as she spoke, my spidersense started to go off. Surely not, my mind was saying, did I know this person? And if I did, would they want to know that I knew? Ahh, be hung for a sheep as a lamb, I had to ask.....

L. Excuse me, but do you mind if I ask....?

J. The answer's yes. Hello.

Jenny had clocked me straight away when I walked in and she took the question rather well. Well, small world eh? I have to be honest, I never suspected Jenny's male equivalent at any time. So much for tranny-radar. Mine must be dud.

Well, we had a right old natter about this surprise revelation and we caught up about what the old firm was up to. Good fun indeed. As she left I sat there thinking it's funny how life throws you a curveball like that. A few years ago I think that would have been my worst nightmare: knowing that someone I know socially, knows my big secret. And now? Truth be told, it was nice to catch up with an friend from work.

BTW, if there are any first-timers out there put off by this, please don't be. Oh, and don't have nightmares. :-)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hello Autumn

Hello folks.

Urban Walks

Today I had the luxury of a walk between our two main offices. A pleasant jaunt through a semi-urbanised environment. Twenty minutes away from e-mail and the telephone ringing. Just me, the autumn sun and a gentle breeze.

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life. ~P.D. James

Comedy News Programmes

Not so much Have I Got News For You, but ITV's persistance at turning itself into an episode of Brass Eye. While flicking through the TV channels tonight, I stumbled across the Tonight programme where they were discussing the new Borat movie. Is it racist? Is it comedy? Well, comedy, like beauty, is subjective. Is Bernard Manning a racist, or is he, like Jerry Sadowich - allowed to say that if you target all, no one is a victim. If everyone is a target, can you be accused of singling anyone out? Mind you, I wouldn't fancy sitting in the front row en femme to prove that point. :-)


Next week sees a trip out shopping with the girls from the social group. I must confess I'm quite excited as it'll be fun to go for a stroll en masse and see what delights are on offer. As the night's draw in, I'm wondering if I can pick up a coat. Wrap cardigans and long sleeved tops are okay, but they don't keep the wind chill out. Maybe the Patron Saint of Bargains will smile upon us.


At work the other day, the topic of relaxtion cropped up in office conversation. S. said he liked to go jogging while J. professed her love of hoovering to destress. What about you? I was asked. What do you do? Luckily, I didn't have a thought bubble appear above my head as various past-times zipped through my mind. While my mind's eye was busy recounting getting ready to visit Chams; or flicking through the latest clothing mag to drop through the door; I gave a more typical answer. Mainly, I said lying, I like to read or surf the Net. You know, geek stuff.

Is this what it's like being a superhero? Secret identity, things you can't talk about with normal* folk and meeting up with people you wouldn't recognise out of 'costume'. If any superheroes are reading this, please let me know.

Well, that's me done. Have a good one and take care.

PS: This week's homework: define 'normal'. :-D