Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Enemy Within?

The tranny forums - as regular readers will know all about - are alive with talk about Sparkle. To those of you - if there are any *cough* straight readers reading - who aren't in the know, Sparkle is one of the big tranny events in the summer. Judging by the posts, it was a big success and those who attended had a blast. Good stuff and pats on the back to the organisers and sponsors who gave their time.

In fact, while we're at it, here's a round of applause to those out there who organise events and socials during the rest of the year. Am I a kiss-ass? Maybe, but consider this, without these folk, most of us would be sat at home counting down the hours until we're alone or the kids have gone to bed. Not everyone wants to totter down the high street, drinking in Yates' or Weatherspoons. These folk don't have to do it, and I'm sure there are times when it's a chore rather than a pleasure...

But, back to my original train of thought. Apparantly of the 5000 folk who drifted through Canal Street, 1000 or so were TG. So, just how many of us - TV, TS, TG, pick your label - are out there earning a crust in schools, offices, government or factories? Serving your food, delivering your mail or teaching your kids? Do you really know what the guy (or girl) sat next to you was doing last weekend? It's a thought isn't it. So while you may be laughing at the antics of the Bounty ads or possibly wondering Why Do Men Wear Frocks (a la Mr Perry), stop and have a think about your co-workers and your mates. You never know..... :-)

Monday, June 26, 2006

You run for cover in the temple of love

Hi folks,

Good weekend? I hope so. I know I did... at least what I can remember (and that's without any alcohol being consumed). We spent most of Saturday at my sister's house or down the park entertaining her kids. How does she cope as a single mum?

Thursday went without any major hitches. Little Man was off to be early due to a lack of a nap at Nursery and (when I went/came back) H. and I didn't have any fireworks. This can only be a good thing! Perhaps I should travel in bloke mode more often. I guess a lot of life is about compromise, but compromise (on both sides) is better than conflict.

The night at Chams was rather fun and it was a bit of a change to be wearing jeans rather than my usual outfits. I'd painted my toes - okay, my toenails to be specific, painted toes would be a bit too performance art - for the first time and I rather liked the look. Don't ask me to explain, but somehow we all ended up playing Rounders. Yeah, go figure. :-)

In other news there's been a bit of a flap between the two social groups: Derby and Nottingham. The crux of it is that both events run on opposite Thursdays. However, one has - so I'm told - switched to weekly events. I guess the good folk at Nottingham are concerned that everyone will travel down to Derby (after all, many folk travel up from their for the Nottingham meetings). I really hope that there's enough room for us all. Social groups are few and far between - we're quite lucky in this neck of the woods with Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leicester all hosting something at various parts of the month. Fingers crossed eh?

I don't know if you've noticed it, but some odd has happened to the TV (I mean television). There seems be nothing much on but 22 men kicking around a pig's bladder. I must confess that I find it all rather confusing. I know some folk are "mad for it" (and not just the Gallagers) but really it leaves me cold. So much for possible male bonding through team sports. Rats. Foiled again. Anyhoo - if you are watching it, have fun.... and to those not watching it, I hope you're not bored stiff by the lunch time analysis. :-D

Monday, June 12, 2006

Breaking the dry spell

Tuesday the whim caught me and for the first time in weeks, I decided to dress up. Nothing too fancy, just bootleg jeans, a strappy top and wedge sandals. Makes a change from the usual office bird gear and, the change, I found rather refreshing.

I don't know if any of you out there do this to, but when you've got dressed, do you find the need to do something other than just pose about by the mirror and take it all off again? No, not *that* something - honestly, minds like drains some folk - I was thinking along the lines of something useful: a bit of tidying up, hoovering or sorting out the kitchen. Well, maybe it's just me who's an oddball, but it's kinda fun to run the hoover around and tidy up while feeling rather non-drab. Perhaps I should go see a specialist. :-)

This week is going to be a bit of a rush, I've got a couple of work meetings out of town; including one near London on Thursday. Hopefully that one won't drag* on and I'll be back in time for wee man's story-time AND with a little luck, going out too.

Talking of wee-man, we had a father and son day last Wednesday due to a mix up about childcare. We had a fantastic time in the park where the sun beamed down and a cool wind kept us...uhhh... cool. A quick sprint around the shops (fruit, salad and some things for Mum) followed by a picnic under a shady tree. It was one of those times that reminds me of those perfect childhood memories where the sun always shone and skies where a cloudless blue. As I sat in the sandpit, while Little Man burried my feet, I thought, it can't get any better than this.

Thunder... thunder... thunderstorms (??)

Thor was well and truly in a blinder of a mood today. Real big-assed wrath-of-the-gods thunder. Impressive stuff. Oh and there was a much needed rainstorm. Welcome to the British monsoon season.

Which brings me nicely - ooo, good link eh? - to shopping the other day. P. and I had gone shopping and for the first time in ages, we went into Monsoon. "That's a nice skirt," she says holding up this gorge pale green patterned silk number. I nod and fumble with the price ticket. ****ing hell, I think, and it's not designer. :-) Funny that in some shops you can get an outfit for that price! :-) After much too-ing and fro-ing, we did get an outfit together. So, she's now sorted for the do the week after next. Boots had an offer on, but neither of us needed anything, so that passed by too.

In Jo's blog she mentioned that dilema you have when you meet someone who has a fantastic lippy / top / skirt / outfit and you're dying to know where they go it. Yeah, I know that feeling too. Can you, as a guy, say to a woman "nice hair" and really just mean that? Perhaps if you're Carson from Queer Eye, but I don't think I could pull it off. :-)

Brokeback Mountain popped through the post yesterday and I enjoyed watching that. Great performances by Ledger et al and I'm a little miffed that it lost out on an Oscar to Crash. I saw Crash earlier in the year, and I don't think I've seen a film where the characters were so vile. Out of a dozen, there was perhaps one non-vile person. Maybe I'm missing the point - not for the first time - but mostly I watch a film because I want to be entertained, educated or be lost in the moment. Crash was dirty and unplesant, not challenging nor educational. The cynic in me wonders if the Oscar board could find more in common with the bigots/misanthropes than the love story of two cowboys. Perhaps I'm being too right-on. Ah well, they'll be first against the wall when the revolution comes. :-)

I must try and make an effort to attend the next meeting. I know the summer funds drop as membership wanes. I *almost* made it last time (in bloke mode no less) but by the time I'd got into Nottingham, it was half nine. Instead, I nipped into Asda and got the shopping in. That's rock & roll eh? :-)

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Summertime for trans folk is a strange time. You would think it's all floaty dresses, smooth pins and fancy wedges. What could be more transtastic than all that? Hmmm. Well, summertime is an odd time. It's a time when The Urge - to use a highly technical term - just seems to fade away. It doesn't go completely - hell, I still double take when walking past Dotty P's summer collection - but it does seem to abate.

Last week P. asked if I was going out to Notts, but truthfully, I wasn't really interested. This weekend is also the monthly meeting of the girls at Leicester, and to tell you the truth in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself. Just call me Dirty Harriet. :-)

I must confess as I find this more than a little odd. During the winter months I was counting down the days (well, almost) to the next meeting and planning what to wear. Now it seems, I'm thinking about how fabby the weather is, when the wee-man*, P and I can go to the park, etc.

So, following a highly scientific logic pattern, if summertime (and sunshine) means a reduction in your tranny powers, perhaps it means that places like the Carribean are cross dresser free. Meanwhile, less sunnier climes (Scotland? Finland?) are packed with skirt-wearing heathens or men with long hair, make-up and big guitars. (Well, at least if the Eurovision was anything to go by. :-) They got my vote!!)

This pattern tends to repeat each year and trannyness begins to pick up as the clocks turn back. Blogs come to a halt, shoes go unsold and tranny clubs are quiet. I hope that most of them have enough reserves to pay the venues. Maybe a visit en homme is required! That'll be a first.

Take care,

* BTW, "wee-man" - that's not a euphenism for your John Thomas. Talking about taking your wee-man "out in the park" is a bit too al-fresco. Honestly, you'd think I was some kind of perv with talk like that. Oh no, wait.... damn. :-)