Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How time flies....

Almost Like Clockwork

Firstly, thanks for the kind words. My apologies for not making things crystal clearn. So much for the software author job eh? :-) I guess I better re do the make-up chapter in A Dummy's Guide to Crossdressing.

Right... Stage 4. Close your eyes and imagine there's a clock face over your right eye. The outside point (the bit closet to your ear) of the right eye will be 9 o'clock, the inner corner (near your nose) is 3 o'clock. When adding in the shading - wow, didn't that sound technical? - you want to colour in (!!) between 9 and 10.

When it comes to your left eye, this swaps around. Nine o'clock is your inner eye point (near your nose) and 3 o'clock is the outer point of your eye near (going towards your ear). Now you want to shadow between 1 and 2 o'clock.

Once. Twice. Just two times a Lady

Saturday at Leicester was a good laugh. A different group of people this time, as well as some familar faces (hi Amanda!). The Nottingham Massive made it down so I had a good chat with some of the girls (and real girls) from the local branch. There was talk of a beauty contest (stop that laughing at the back!), although strictly in a very light hearted manner. The idea of a swimsuit entry was thankfully mocked and abandoned. We had a group photo taken at the end of the night and hopefully I'll get my hands when the main web server is back on-line. H. loaned me her new boots (v. comfy), so Saturday's ensemble was black suede boots, diamond patterned opaques, a beige skirt and my old kitty kat top. Three liitle puss-cats from Debenhams. Old, but what the hell.

Thursday, well, I guess I'm spoilt this week as Nottingham is on too. Now, just what to wear? :-) I had the my new dress last time; pink skirt + white top at Leicester; faux shirt at the 1st Nottingham.... So.... New shirt and my charcoal skirt? GAH! It's so much easier at a man* I guess it depends on the weather. It's been chucking it down recently. Still, better that than a hose-pipe ban in about 3 months.

* Actually, that's a lie. It's easy for work. It's just suit and tie most of the time. As to going out. Well, then it takes a little bit longer. I guess you can take the skirt off a tranny, but not.... No, wait, that gag's not going to work is it. Bu**er :-)


  1. Wupps. Err, sorry Lynn, I wasn't being serious about stage 4 being confusing.

    Even with crossed eyes, its evident what you mean.

    Me slinks off to keep gob shut in future...

  2. Doh! :-)

    I'm glad you could follow it, Karol. I made a complete pig's ear last night and had to start over.

    Note to self, learn to pick up written irony and also, never rush your make-up.