Friday, February 24, 2006


Cr*p Blog Titles

I was going to make some weak pun on Straight Outta Nuthall (by Trannies With Attitude) but I decided against it at the last minute. Maybe I'll save the alternative lyrics for a slow news day..... Quiet at the back! :-)

It's been a good week (so far). I managed to get through the whole week without anything bad happening to myself or my family. I guess you should always be thankful for the these things.

Thursday Social

Nottingham's TG group rolled around (not literally) this week and it was at the new venue in Nuthall. Thursday's trip was a little different as having read that the changing facilities weren't up to much, I got changed at home. H and I had an agreement that I wouldn't leave the house all dolled up. Well, next door was away on holiday, so she said, sure, go for it - I just don't want to see you like that.

Now that comment may read a little harsh, but it wasn't said like that. I have no problem in her not seeing me in.... tranny mode... would that be the right term? It'll have to do I guess. To be quiet honest, I've a lot of respect for tgirls and their partners who do see each other. I'd be far to embarrassed if I'm honest.

So, I got my face on, did my hair (translation: put my wig on) but to keep the noise down, I popped my slippers on rather than my heels. How very Hilda Ogden*

[ * BTW, that's not going to mean anything to you unless you're from the UK. My apologies. Let's just say, it's very Northern. ;-D ]

I get into the car, put my proper shoes on and realise that driving in flat shoes is so much easier than heels. Of course, being a tranny, I carry on regardless. :-)

The venue was easy to find and there were lots of folk there. I read that there was a karate group before us (kids too), so I was glad that I missed them. Not that I didn't want to be seen, moreover I didn't want the kids to see me. Growing up is hard enough and they don't need to see tranny folk wandering around and I didn't want to upset their parents. Besides, I make it a rule of thumb never to cross a ninja. :-)

I spent most of the evening stood up chin wagging with Rachel, Hannah and a girl whose name, I am ashamed to admit, I cannot remember! Honestly, I'm fine with faces, but names I have to mentally repeat again and again. Otherwise...pffft. Gone.

One thing I have discovered about going out - other than it's fanbloodytastic and you really do get to meet a wide variety of people - is that 1) not having pockets makes me fumble where to put my hands ("leave it!" - Ed) and 2) women's clothes aren't made for warmth.

Hats off to Daphne, Sandi and Jayne for organising the event. The room we were in didn't quite have the same charm as Arnold, but it is easier to get to and just maybe, we'll get to use the bar next time. Now we're talking. :-)

My thigh muscles are also quite tight at the mo. Does anyone get this after standing about in heels all day? Just curious.

What's in a quiz?

Jo has an entry about a book by Kate Bornstein. I must confess that I've not read it, although it sounds very interesting. I'm still thinking about My Husband Betty - whose title still makes me laugh - as I hear it has some uncomfortable truths in it. Sometimes meeting your demons head on is a good thing. Well, unless you're Gandalf that is. :-)

[ Caution - you are now entering a stream of consciousness!

"I am Gandalf The Gender Enhanced. Check out the heels on these boots your furry footed midgets. Pippin, ditch the cape, it's sooo last year."

"He's back. And this time he's gray. Gandalf II - The Crackdown."

Ah well, only two years too late on those. :-)


[ahem] Where were we? Oh yes, quizzes. Funny things Internet quizzes. I do do them, but strictly for a laugh if I'm honest. I don't think they give any deep meaningful insight into your psyche than Psychology magazine does.

If you fancy a go, the link is here. I got 86 which falls into:

Gender Outlaw

Honey, you're too far gone to make the climb back up to 'real' man or 'real' woman, working not only on your own gender, but the subject of gender itself for quite some time, huh? I'm willing to bet things are still a bit scary and a bit serious for you in your life. Your next step would be to let yourself explore some of the place that really thrill you, no matter the social taboos. Just be kind and compassionate when you are doing it.

Is that a clever way of saying: honey, your gender is f***ed? :-)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Test Run

Unlike the Boomtown Rats, I don't mind Mondays. Everyone goes out of the house like a bullet from a gun. Lazy so-and-so that I am, I lig about a bit, get up, have a shower, etc.

A bath on an evening is lovely - especially to just lay in and soak your cares away - but a shower on a morning, is, well, a different type of good. Envigorating yet relaxing and you come out clean. What's not to like? :-) Plus, I always seem to get a better shave in the shower. Must be the heat.

Afterwards, I have some breakfast and think about leaving the house -

Woah, now is it me or is this post turning into Parklife by Blur? :-)

- unless of course, I happen to be out later in the week. Sometimes, Monday morning is for test runs. Pick out what outfit I might wear and see what goes together. Dress or skirt and top? Shoes or boots? That type of thing.

Well, now I'm sorted for what to wear to Nottingham on Thursday. New wrap dress (from New Look), heels (natch) and barely black tights. I thought I'd have a break from the patterned / fishnets ones.

Ideally, I need to trim my nails as they're getting a little long. However, I'm hoping to keep them as they are and try a little polish that night. Oddly, I find nail varnish more of a pain than make-up. Actually, let me explain. Getting make-up off can be a little tricky, but compared to nail varnish, it's a breeze. Maybe I'm missing a trick. :-)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Internet Activity


Finally, the mystery of denial to Rosesforum has been solved. After a couple of posts to the forum - via a very slow public proxy - Sarah W came to my rescue and suggested that I may have been blacklisted for surfing the forum too much.... and she was right.

Social Calendar

Next week sees Nottingham Chameleons at a new venue and I'm looking forward to going. On Saturday there's another gig - so to speak - this time in Leicester. I'll see what P. has anything planned.

Of course, the downside with going out is that you have to plan what to wear! Still, it's not like that's a chore when you're TG is it. You can while away the time stuck in traffic putting outfits together in your head. :-)

NB: Not that trannys are obsessed or anything. [wink]

Monday, February 13, 2006

Routing & Shopping

It's been a good news / bad news kind of day today.

Good News

The good news is that I found some very nice tops in George @ Asda. Personally, I find Asda's clothing a little hit and miss sometimes. Sometimes they have some really nice clothing in and other times there's nothing that catches your eye.

Today I got a new fitted shirt and a stretchy top. I tried a denim skirt on, but it just wasn't me. I guess I'm too much of an office bird. :-)

I also had a look at a new bra. It's not that there's anything wrong with what I've got now. I've just got the one - hey, it's not like I need it daily [wink] - but one with a little more 'oomph' would be nice.

Bad News

For some reason I can't get on to Roses Forum at all. It's very frustrating! >:-
The forum is up and working because I can visit from one of those anonymiser proxy things. From a NTL machine, I can PING it and TRACERT too. However, from my home DSL connection - no joy. I logged a call with my ISP who said the connection is painfully slow. I've fired off a help request to one of the moderators who kindly told me that nothing is offline. Hmmm.... my next stop is to see if anyone else is having problems and after that? Not sure really. The fact that I can't PING the web host (and I have been able to previously) is not a good sign.

If anyone's got any suggestions, please let me know.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday night in....

Ego search and links

Earlier on I was fumbling though the blogs I like to read when I hit Technorati. On a whim, out of pure curiosity (re: truth be told, sheer vanity!) I wondered if one man is an island.

A quick search reveals that Odyssey of a Twisted Mind and Stephanie's Pillowbook have links back to here. So... I am no longer alone. I guess I better start making more sense. :-)

So, a big hello to Stephanie and Pattie!