Friday, January 27, 2006

I got all my sisters with me

What can I say? Thursday night at Nottingham Chameleons was just fantastic. I'd toyed with the idea of getting changed down the road, but I took the wrong route and decided to head straight for the venue instead.

Everyone was very welcoming (thanks girls!) and I met up with a few email friends - Maddie and Rachel. That was great to have a chinwag and talk shop (trans stuff) with like minded people.

The group are on the move soon, they switch to a new venue up in Nuthall. That'll be easier for me to get to.

Mrs J had waited up for me - bless her - and we had a talk about it. She said she'd been looking on the Internet about how other wives deal with their tranny husbands. Mrs J said that in one post a lady (GG, not t-girl) had said she was attracted to men who (and I quote) "were not macho chest-beaters". She said that this rang a bell and the poster went on to say that she found she had to accept that you don't normally get many straight men who love shopping, dislike sports and are happy to talk about clothes or Sex & the City..... or more to the point, not straight men who don't want to dress up.

I feel like we've cleared the air and it's great. I hope that this understanding between us (not the going out bit, although that's cool!) is a new strength in our relationship.

Monday, January 23, 2006

But while there's moonlight and music....

Yes, Cinders, you shall go to the ball. Looks like I'm on for a visit to "Notts Chams". Fingers crossed. God bless P. for letting me go. I'm *really* excited!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

There may be trouble ahead....

You can't beat a bit of Frank can you? Like the advert says "talk to Frank!" Maybe they didn't mean Old Blue Eyes.

So why the trouble? Well, I've been invited to tag along to a local tgirl event (not just for *local* people apparantly) but - now any closet trannies reading this are going to guess the next line - H. isn't keen on me going out 'dressed'. Of course, Little Miss Closet here is dying to go out. It's been weeks since I've dressed up and longer since I've been out in like minded company. Of course, I kind of already know the answer even if I can just get the balls* to ask P if I can go.

Dressing up is one thing, but going out and meeting other tranny folk is quite another. I wonder why it's such fun? Maybe, Freud is right and it's all sex & death. The sex bit? To quote a far funnier blog, 'I am my own porn'. Death? Well, these shoes are killing me. :-)

* Balls huh? There's an ironic term when most t-girls fuss over hiding them. :-)

Monday, January 09, 2006


The night I got to thinking* how many labels folk attach to themselves. My sister is religious with a capital R (you note I missed that off. Bu***r.) and my mate considers himself a biker. I wonder if they have a secret blog somewhere where they revell in their bikeriness or praise the virtues that faith can bring.

Most tranny blogs / web pages are pretty much sigular in their function....

[ aside: Well, maybe not completely singular: we do talk about dressing up, clothes *and* make-up. Jeez, it's not like we're obsessivly focused on one aspect of our personality or suchlike. :-) ]

... in showing pictures to the world. How many go on to discuss the other parts of their lives? I know I'm guilty of it. I have split my interests in that matter. I've got my TG interests (this place) and another web site on completely different topics to this. In fact, I think the other one doesn't have a me-me-me section at all. Honestly, I couldn't think of what to put on it that would be relevant to the other site! Ah well. I guess I can let me ego run unfetted here in peace. :-)

So what's this got to do with labels? I guess it comes down to what people are willing to share on-line and also face to face. How much to people put in oneupmanship and keeping up with the Joneses?

In conversations, people are happy to say "I'm a parent" or "I'm a car nut". I wonder how much we self censor and miss out the "I'm really in telesales" or "I'm a recovering alcoholic". Not that there's anything wrong with being a recovering alky.... but telesales. Shame on you. :-)

* thinking that maybe I shouldn't use a line from Claminity Jane, but never mind.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Stuff and nonsense

It's been rather heated on Roses' forum recently. It seems history is repeating in the TS vs TV debate. Not so much Celebrity Deathmatch, moreover a discussion over the differences between a transvestite* and a transexual.

In fairness to all parties, I don't think the whole thing was a troll, but passions run deep on forums. From one perspective, trannys are, well, shallow creatures that prance about Emily Howard style in 6" killer heels and bad lippy. From the other perspective, TS folk are holier-than-thou people who have a legitimate medical problem; they're not perves in a frock.

In truth, none of these stereotypes are true. I think that we're all on a sliding scale from the occasional cross dresser to those wanting to live completely as a women (with no... ummm.. dangly bits). To the outside world TS and TV folk are pretty much the same. But if you are TS/TV you know the differences. I like to think of it that we share a common path, but are destinations are different.

What I do wish would happen is that we could just move on. :-) I feel that fighting outselves does nothing to help. Help what? Well, if tempers get hot, people will say things they wouldn't normally say. You can then end up with a whispering campaign in the clubs, support groups and on-line. Really, we need to stick together. There are enough normal people out there with harsh words, we don't need it from each other.

Oooo... That was a bit right on wasn't it. :-)

I had another evening to myself this week and enjoyed every minute of it. Again, no snaps, as although I did get to dress up, I didn't have time to put my warpaint on. Instead, I was being dead rock & roll and putting the washing in and tidying. Of course, being a bloke (frock or not) the washing was a bit slap dash.

Actually, I'm wondering if all trannies could cut a deal with their wife/GF. Tell them to out out for the afternoon, you get to dress up and you'll do the housework as penance. It's a win-win situation.

In other news, I finally got around to posting my introduction to Roses - I've only been on their 18 months. I bit late I guess, but better than never.

Have a good weekend anyway.

* Yup, I'm doing my bit to GoogleBomb Transformation. I'd rather see a non-commerical resource get top ranking than a firm. Vested interest, anyone?