Thursday, December 15, 2005

Walking, talking and (of course) shopping

Today's been very interesting. I had the day off to go fix the car - that's very rock and roll isn't it? Well, if I'd driven it into a swimming pool, yes, I guess it would be. However, this time, it was merely a service.  But that did mean I had the day off :)

So what did I get up to? Firstly I got a fantastic new skirt from Matalan - a bargain at only 10 quid. I'm very pleased with that. I also got some earrings which - in a Blue Peter stylee - I've tweaked to fit to my small clip-on hoops. After that it was off home to try on my purchases and get dolled up. You can't let an afternoon go to waste can you?

All in all, a very good day.


  1. What's the skirt from Matalan like hon? Though for £ can' go wrong ;-)

  2. I was pleased with it. There's a photo on Roses somewhere if you did hard enough.

    It's slightly flared (fluted?) and is a green / brown fleck. It's got a bit of a fishtail back and I'm very pleased with it.

    As you say: 10 quid - what's not to like? :)