Saturday, November 19, 2005

Coffee and toast and I'm back from the dead.

Yeh gads it's cold in dear old Blighty. I've got my leggings (transtastic!) on under my jeans. Jeans are too cold to wear this time of year otherwise :-)

Talking of jeans, how did folk managed to pull off the idea that skinny jeans are this season's must have? I must say I'm quite confused. For *years* - and maybe that's why - I've read/been told that bootleg cut trousers are more flatting for women. So... what's being flogged like no tommorrow? Drainpipe jeans that you have to pour yourself into. What's the line: "If you're old enough to have worn them the first time around, you're too old to can't wear them again" :)

Weather-wise I've been spoilt recently as I've come back from a work do abroad in Spain. Maybe my views aren't accurate because I stayed in a posh-ish hotel near the sea. :) On the way to one of the meetings I passed a shopping centre. I was amused to see a Zara and H&M amongst the range of shops. It's funny, but I was expecting fashion to be more localised for some reason, but do the high-street chains really dictate what we like? After all, getting something that's not in fashion is hell's delight. Female fashion makes me smile because men's fashion moves glacially compared to the cat-like attention span of the media+ high-street.

On another note entirely, I had some time on my own last weekend - all night in fact - so I had a good old fashioned dressing up session. I got a few pictures taken (now on Roses) like all good t-girls do. I'm still struggling with eyeliner though. How do women do it? :)

Sadly a local TG meeting was off (wrong Saturday) so I missed the chance for some socialising. I don't get out much (really? - Ed) - hence this blog - so I jump at the chance to get glammed up and pop around for a chin-wag  Looking on the bright side I did get all evening to try on as many outfits as I could.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Somehow today just didn't get started properly. On the plus side I did manage a bit of dressing up while I did some housework. The hoovering and the washing gets sorted, and I get an hour en femme. Seems like a fair trade.

Talking of luck, sometimes fortune shines on you doesn't it. P. will be out on a girls day & night out later this month. As the saying goes, "while the cat's away..." So, time to take your time putting your face on and trying on a few outfits.

With regards to the leg waxing dilema: I chickened out. To wax or not to wax? In the end I opted for family peace as I think it would freak P. out - and that's just not on really.

I don't know about the rest of you people in trannyland but I find my urge to crossdress increases with my stress levels. I'd like to hope that I'm a fairly calm and unstressed person, but the recent holidays and changes on the work front have brought this type of thing to the fore.

But enough navel gazing for a little while... they'll be nothing to write next week. :)

So on to: Fashion. I must say that I'm a little perplexed by it sometimes. Take this season for example. Various sections of the media are telling us (girls and t-girls - not fellas ) that it's round or chiselled shaped shoes/boots and a wide heel. Really?

Not that I'm one to doubt the fashionistas - I am but a part time girlie with a shoe obsession. However, I find wry amusment in the difference between what's were *supposed* to be wearing and what is actually worn by the woman in the street. Okay, so in some towns that's baseball cap visor and a tracky - but my point remains. :)

Most women I've seen this last week (while xmas shopping) are skirts and pointey boots or bootlegs and stilettos. Possibily not every woman wants what's fashionable and goes for what they like... Or perhaps like blokes, they buy a good pair of shoes/boots and stick with them for a stint.

Oddly enough, my old knee boots (2002?) in the cupboard are square heeled with a rounded snubbed front. They'd probably be alright for this season.

Then there's there was this whole "it's all going to be black suits" vibe going on. I look around and this month most mags seem to have gone for the russian look - whatever that is!

Being a bloke is so much easier. :) You get paid more and 99.99% of the time being in clean clothes and not smelling is all you need to do. Remind me why I cross dress? :)

Monday, November 07, 2005

Down time

Not much girly stuff happening this week. I tried out some new make-up but as every rechargeable battery in the house was flat, taking a snap was a little tricky. :-)

I was hoping to half and half picture of my face. One side made up, one not. Sure, it's a cliche, but why fight it? I already own high heels and a skirt of questionable length :-)

P. (wife) bought some new make-up this week. She'd been deliberating for a while and needed a helpful push to part with the cash. Did I have an agenda? Truthfully? No, it's been *ages* since P. had any new stuff as she considers it a really luxury item. So, thanks to QVC some powder, pre-base and an anti-redness powder arrived. Of course, we couldn't find our old QVC card, so I had to log on for it. I wonder if QVC send a lot of make-up out to addresses with men's names? :)

There's a FlickR project to get pictures of the tranny community together for an art expo. Some of the photos are just excellent. The lighting and subjects just right.

I've got a cold too and don't colds just make you want to crash out in bed with hot tea and a big blanket? This is proof that I'm not a women in a man's body. :-) If I was a woman I'd just get on with life. Being a man, I'm had to stop myself from whinging about flu. :-D

There's a new wig shop in town. I've had a peak at their website and a visit is a must.

[ * Yup, I do need to get my head around posting HTML. I'll need to upgrade my browser to do so. Something for the weekend I feel. ]

Sunday, November 06, 2005

There's F in fireworks

Not much happening on the TG front this week. I've been away with my family for a very enjoyable holiday oop North.

P. got some new boots while we were away. She said she was after some flat heeled knee boots in a biker style. Eventually we found some that were a) a bit biker-esq and b) not too tight / too loose on her calves.

What made me laugh was once she'd found them she didn't like them. She then clapped eyes on some round toed boots with a dainty heel and small platform. They were gorge! So... she left the store a very happy bunny.

S. found himself some high heels to try on while Mummy pulled her boots on. Being TV. It doesn't run in the genes does it? :)