Monday, October 24, 2005

I can't get no sleep...

Last night I had trouble sleeping. I'm not sure if it's the hour long nap I had in the afternoon, the idea that I'm visable (with a blog) or this month's big obsession is running my mind like a treadmill.

So what's this month's obsession? Well, it's not going out en femme (which is a rush all in itself and would be nice). I'm seriously thinking about a) waxing my legs or b) using my epilator on them.

I'm away on business for a week (as I start a new job soon) and the fun and games surrounding this is beginning to pile up. Part of me knows that cross dressing - at least for me - is a good way to let off steam (honestly, you straight blokes have no idea! ). I also know that doing it is going to rub my wife up the wrong way.

It's not a good situation. Interestingly the paper had an article about happiness. To paraphrase a section of it, it's what we don't have and lust after that makes up unhappy. I'm a fairly contented soul and I have a good life. So why is it that we always want something more?

Answers on a post card to.... :)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The first post isn't the deepest

So this is it eh? Welcome to the blogosphere. The giant swirling hive mind of the Internet. Pushing memes and new paradims through the datasea... Or, just a load of old tosh that's randomly updated by people who should know better. :)Well, the jury is out on that one I'm sure.

So, welcome to my little spot of the t'interweb - soon to be filled with occasional guff and nonsense. I'll be straight with you (heh - straight*) I'm curious as to how long I can keep this blog thing going. Will it disappear by the end of the year or take longer than that? Hmmm... we'll see.

[ * note to self, don't laugh at your own jokes - it's naff. ]