Friday, June 23, 2017

Tea power


Do you find that you talk yourself out of doing something? Okay, sometimes this is a good thing (do I really want that second pint at lunch?), but if you're anything like me - and you have my sympathy if you are! :-) - there are times when fortune favours the brave.

So it was yesterday. I had the good fortune to be working at home (Yay! No meetings!) and as I worked through my Do List, I wondered about Thursday night out. The weather was a lot cooler and yet, I wasn't quite in the right mood for it. Indeed, in many ways, I was revving myself up for just going along in Bob Mode. Summer can be - shall we said - a challenge to your average bloke in a dress, as shapewear, slap and a wig do not make the best for cooling down. :-)

Hence, this:

If you're British and faced with a shall I / shan't I dilemma, it's best to make a cup of tea and think it through.

The above was then followed by:

A cup of tea later, and I was painting my toes. I thought that even if I do go in Richard mode, at least I can enjoy having a pretty colour applied. It's not for display, it's for me. I've mentioned this before and as the varnish dried, I finished my tea and moved on to pack a bag.

I think tea is the reason the Brits had an empire. It's only when we switched to coffee and soft drinks that it all went squiffy. ;-) On the plus side, at least we're not invading places anymore. When the ice caps start to go, the tides rise and the planet is less than welcoming; make sure the Brits get extra tea. :-D

So, suitably energised I finished off my report, and before long, Little Miss and the Ever Lovely Mrs J returned home. Skip on a few hours and I was off early to Chameleons.

It was a quite evening, although enjoyable. We had some returning new folk - always good to see - and someone (Dani) visiting for the first time. Sometimes Chams can be quite a hubbub of conversation, so pretty much having a singular group chat (if that makes sense) is a change.

After much laughter, silly stories and occasional forays into more serious topics, it was time to tot up the books, pack up the tables & chairs, before the obligatory photo shoot. This time, Val and I were joined by Diane, Dani and Nicole.

The quieter nights mean there's fewer takings, but Summer is always a lean time for us, but Autumn won't be far away, and the fabulous and faithful will return.

Happy days!



  1. Fab top Mrs, I bailed out of a Rhiannon night this week due to the heat - just too much for my make up! Must get to a Chams night soon... x

    1. Thanks, Rhi. I don't blame you for cutting back, it's been far too warm for that kind of malarkey! :-)

      Be good to see you, although I think waiting for cooler weather may be wise. :-D

  2. I drink tea all the time, but it has yet to give me the urge to paint my toes. What am I doing wrong?

  3. I never talk myself out of anything, [Ed:] does that for me!
    [Ed: No I don't!]
    Yes you do!!
    [Ed: No - I - do - not!!]
    Oh yes you do! You end up turning the blarney full on so I forget what you talked me out off!
    [Ed: That be a lie that be! .. You'll have a cup in your hand?]
    Tea? I thought you'll never ask..
    [Ed: And what colour will madam be applying on her toes tonight?]
    The same colour as the lippy MrsA bought me last week..
    [Ed: Ok. If that wasn't a cliffhanger I don't know what is..]